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Nickelodeon Universe (MOA) Discussion Thread

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I would so do this but the problem is, I dont even get that radio station here in Florida, so I already can't qualify. But seriously, if I did qualify, I would do it, I have the money to afford a plane ticket (I've been saving up for something big for ages.) This would be an awesome thing to do. And even if I started to feel sick, I'd force myself to ride it. One question though, what happens if you have to go to the bathroom? Anyone know...?

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I seriously went to the page with the intent of signing up. I mean, they are giving away a cruise, and if there is anything that Elissa and I like to do as much as a theme park trip, it's a cruise.


I could EASILY do this. No problem at all...


But then I saw the very first rule....


Contestants must be 18 years of age or older, reside in the KDWB TSA listening area and have a valid MN or WI ID.



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DAMNIT! I was all ready to listen at 5 in the morning to get my chance but NO. Crap this sucks I know I could've done this. Oh well. I guess I'll have to convince PR at Valleyfair to resurrect Survive it and drive it (Marathon Wild Thing) I'm trying to convince my brother to do this

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Yeah this is typical KDWB. In the past, they would do something of the same type with Wild Thing at VF. But instead of a cruise, you would get a car (either a Toyota or Scion, I can't remember well). I'd sign up in a heartbeat, but I'm a hair too young. Maybe next year...

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Here is an update to the Ride the Tide Challenge from what I saw on the news live...


Of out of ten participants, five dropped out from the first hour and a half. I laughed when that happened because when they did the Survive it and Drive it, It lasted two weeks. I'll give them one week tops.

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As of 6:30PM local time, news reports are there are only 3 riders remaining at this time.


Historically the KDWB contests are less about riding the coaster and more about putting up with the challenges given after the first day. This includes trivia contests, voting off the coaster, food challenges and other tasks.


I have not tortured my ears listening to the station this year.


No I did not attempt to enter.



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As of around noon today, there were only three riders left. I guess they all dropped like flies. I'm actually at the mall tonight so I am keeping an eye on them...they still look like they are having a good time (oh and I am the one who gets to deliver the $1000 cash prize to the winner if there is one tonight...lucky me).

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Well it's all over and done. A 40 year old guy named Jim won.



AGE: 40

OCCUPATION: High School Special Education Teacher

FUN FACT: Has stood on the equator in Kenya

WHAT’S YOUR HOOK?: The Goofball


IF YOU WIN, WHO WILL YOU TAKE WITH YOU ON THE CRUISE: His son, brother-in-law, and nephew


He may have been afraid to be the first one off but he ended up last. Congratulations.


This contest was much shorter that 2005's Survive and Drive It on Wild Thing. That one took around two weeks.

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I went on it when it was Paul Bunyan in 1993, 1996, & 1999. It's been a long time so I can't really remember it. I have the ride picture from 1993 & 1996. Anyone else have a ride picture from when it was the Paul Bunyan theme?


The ride has had the Paul Bunyan theme since the ride opened in 1992 and still had it a week ago. The ride just shortened the name of the ride from "Xcel Energy Presents Paul Bunyan's Log Chute" to simply "Log Chute" when the park reopened last spring. Now it will have a Back to the Barnyard theme.


Some Pictures of the ride in its former glory:





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R.I.P. Park at MoA


Seriously, this was the last good ride at the park that was not trashed with Nickelodeon theming. I rode Log Chute last year, and there was a sign above the entrance that said it would become a "Back at the Barn Yard" themed ride. The original Paul Bunyan's Log Chute was pretty much a smaller, newer version of Knott's Timber Mountain Log Ride. Now imagine if Knott's did something like this to their flume too... Big mistake, Mall of America.

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