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Nickelodeon Universe (MOA) Discussion Thread

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In the last picture, it looks like park guests might fill their own sodas from the soda fountains. I guess that might mean free refills which is always nice to see at a park.


That area had self serve refill stations before...About the only place in the mall too, but that's not new.

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News article on the skyrocketed season pass prices, just in time for their grand opening.


I think it's good the StarTrib is getting the message out there because (as far as I know up until this point) everything on the web site, on their phone recording and all over the park still advertises the old rates and doesn't even mention a price increase. I could forsee someone quickly referencing one of these places, showing up on Saturday and being really upset at the price difference.

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The price for an annual pass is crazy! You do need to remember that the park is open 364 days a year though compared to VF which is only open 4-5 months a year (i don't think the article mentioned that). If you are planning on going 8+ times a year, then I suppose it would be a good deal. The article said that one of the reasons for the hike in annual pass prices was because of the significant cost of the whole transformation....that is true, but the bigger reason, however, is because the park doesn't make any money off of the passes. Again, the park is open 364 days a year and they would much rather take your $30 every time you come. They aren't expecting to sell many annual passes. The increase in price is more of a discouragement than an encouragement.

Camp Snoopy & The Park at MOA always had coupons out there for like $5-8 off of a wristband...I'm not sure how many coupon promotions NU will have.

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