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  1. facebook page states they are open for business! They are selling both standby and timed tickets on there website http://www.flyover-america.com/ for this weekend for sure.. Jerry
  2. A smaller single rider in a zipper tub can turn sideways and come out from under the bar. Now most adult sized riders can not Many years ago a local show had a policy of 2 kids per tub or if you occupied more than 1/2 of seat you could ride single. At one spot several of us kept riding the zipper repeatedly until the guys running it gathered us up and said one more ride for you guys. What followed was the 20 min ride with care given to load for effect and a operator that knew how to make each tub spin. Our group walked over to the starship 2000 where that guy was trying to finish us
  3. They where testing it on Monday morning. Zip line will take riders from the top of the ropes course to the east almost to the front of the arcade to a second platform. Then transition to a second zip line back to the ropes course.
  4. Zip line is confirmed.. http://www.twincities.com/entertainment/ci_25661100/tired-shopping-try-ziplining-across-mall-america Tired of shopping? Try ziplining across Mall of America By Tom Webb twebb@pioneerpress.com Posted: 04/29/2014 If shopping doesn't thrill you, how about riding a zipline through Mall of America? The Bloomington megamall next month will begin installing two ziplines stretching high above the walkways of its centerpiece Nickelodeon Universe theme park. Nathan Klutz, the mall's director of construction, said Tuesday that when the ziplines open this s
  5. Discount admission coupons can be obtained from local Subway restaurants. MoA subway does not have them, There is also a ClubTPR discount if your a member via the NickU online ticketing system Park can get busy on the weekends, as long as there is no special events you should be able to get the majors done in 3-4 hours with no problems including some re-rides. Get to the park early at opening.. Jerry
  6. Some quick comments This morning Nick U as part of there Summer of Turtles had free rides on Shell Shock from 10AM to 1PM for everyone. Also occurring was "Shell Shock Challenge" where the rider who spins the most would win a annual pass and T Shirt. 9 second place winners would receive 2 wristbands and T shirt. There where 2 very experienced riders that managed 58 spins each! They each received a annual pass.. I was present with the intent to watch and take advantage of some free rides. Once I took a couple of rides as a public rider I signed up and encountered a rule th
  7. I just signed up for Valleyfair this morning after the company's GM said he would support me! After last summer being lost due to moving and other activities, this will make a great comeback and my visit to VF on Saturday made my decision easy to participate! This should be a fun event!
  8. Noticed a new billboard on my way home tonight for the "Timber Flyer Zip Line" in Duluth MN Investigating the name it lead to Spirit Mountain recreation area http://www.spiritmt.com/adventure-park/index.html The term Zip Line is abit misleading as you ride on a car attached to the cable. The manufacturer is Soaring Eagle Zip Lines founded by Stan Checketts, there is a link to a newspaper article on the rides page. This is the home of the Timber Terror Alpine coaster so they are aiming to become more of a year round facility with a planned mini golf course in the near futur
  9. A home made strain gauge/load cell?
  10. When Valleyfair got its skycoaster I avoided it all summer long. then in September I decided that it was time. Going up 180' hanging by a harness for the first time solo is a experence! No one to talk to, just you and the sound of the wind or park background noise. Then you have to pull. I have taken other people for there first flights more than a few times now.. Safety in numbers is defiantly true there, I have had my arm squeezed hard by them! If you have never done one, defiantly go for it!
  11. It is indeed a pin for a high security lock cylinder. This one is for a Medeco Biaxial lock where the key must not only lift but rotate the pin to the correct position. Normally there are 5 or 6 of them of different lengths and angles in a lock.
  12. Another hint... It is part of something that attaches to a door.
  13. This part is machined out of stainless steel. It is not the bolt or strike of a lock. This photo was done attempting to do a macro image with a lens that does not like to do macro. So it is small
  14. A 1930's vintage tuning eye tube.. aka magic eye also used on some old reel to reel tape recorders as a level indicator.
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