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Photo TR : Rage @ Adventure Island, Southend : February

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Back in February, a couple of weeks after Rage opened, I took a trip over to Southend to check it out! It was quite a fun little ride, with a couple of brief pops of air both on the drop and on the descent down from the vertical loop. The elements kind of felt a bit too close together, although they certainly managed to cram a lot in to a small space... Not really all that intense - but it did make me a bit dizzy... I think all of these coasters over the years have broken my body!


I took along my trusty Olympus XA2 and Lomo LC-A film cameras loaded with slide film which I then had processed in normal negative film chemicals (this is called 'cross processing') for some totally mashed-up colours and contrast! Sorry for the delay in posting these - I only just got one of the films back. Enjoy!




Thanks for looking at these slightly disturbing photos!


Southend pier








Super-tight layout


Cresting the lift


97 degrees!!!


Adventure Island from afar.


Multiple exposure of my journey by train to Southend plus Rage's super-tight twisty track.

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Your pictures have a kind of Mario Bava/Dario Argento vibe to them--they look like Italian horror movies from the 1960s and 1970s (and I mean that in a good way),

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Really like the first pic!


vvvv thats not true at all what you dont like is regular automatic digital cameras! You can do that with a manual setting digital camera but much easier on film!

This is why I don't like digital cameras - you can't do the things film cameras can!
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After being FLUNG around on two of these (shudder) "rides of mental destruction" during the TPR UK Tour back in June (and you know who you are)... your dark shaded photo of 'it' certainly sparked irksome, spinny memoriesssss......




Excellent, effective photo tour(s).


I see............. insane ride ops! Take it away, take it away pleeeeeeeeeeeese!

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