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PTR: SFDK 3/25/07

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After seeing Sean's great pics of the media preview, decided to go check out all the newness at SFDK for myself last Sunday. Since Sean did a great job showing off the new signage and everything, this is more of a regular TR than duplicating what Sean already covered in his report.


First off, just wanted to share some NorCal springtime pics. When time allows, love to cruise the bay area backroads on my way up to Vallejo. My favorite route takes me through the East Bay foothills, through little dusty towns, over and along the Sacramento River delta, past ginormous turbines, and finally drops into Solano County, home of SFDK.


Mt. Diablo in the horizon


Sacramento delta


Last of 3 bridges I cross before heading east


Good thing they put in a stop sign, otherwise you'd never know you just drove through downtown Birds Landing


"Where the grass, the dirt and the gravel all meet . . . "


Sounded like a Stevie Nicks concert out here


Big arse turbines






Finally make it to SFDK


Beautiful new entrance sign


All that remains in the infamous Swartzkopf graveyard



The lakeside setting makes a nice backdrop for the park


Just had to get some close shots of the new sign, really is striking




The old Zonga pad is now being used for valet parking


About this point I noticed something quite different. Suddenly the air was filled with this Lion King-esq music and rhythyms, along with bird sound effects all around. Didn't get a pic, but throughout the entire entrance area and all around the park, they've installed hundreds of new huge booming speakers that crank out ambiance, sorta reminded me of Adventureland at DL with the piped in jungle noises.


First new critter to greet you at the remodeled new entrance


This is the first example of something I noticed throughout the day. Notice the "SF" missing from this major new entrance signage? In other cases, the "SF" is so small or nearly transparent, almost as if DK wanted to somewhat downplay their association with the tarnished SF brand name. Or perhaps to allow the park to have it's own identity once again rather than being lumped in as just another SF ride park.


Band-Aid to hide Medusas parking lot setting. Looks better than before, just hoping next years investment addresses this problem with something more permanent


The new entrance plaza looks amazing now


Shouka spewing Intamin track


V2's new colors are really spectacular, looks much better in person


Entry gate



New Explorer Outpost thing, not sure what's it all about, but nice to have the lone park aquarium open for free again (had been converted to a buffet place where you had to buy the dinner in order to see the fish tanks)


Few shots of the interior retheme





Say hi to Patrick







Really do love the new colors of SFDK



Even the trashcans are park/section specific, and again, with no reference to SF


stores even received an extreme makeover along with all new merchandise




It's interesing to note that the main gift shops have been stripped of any coaster related merchandise. The typical generic SF souvenier offerings have mostly been scaled back and replaced by unique, park specific animal items and higher end merchandise, such as these vases that run for $370.00 each


These new posters show how the park has returned it's focus back to it's original roots, highlighting only the parks animal offerings. No coaster references in sight, and the subdued SF again



Gotta love the new family friendly focus


obligatory big cock shot


for some odd reason, the shark is already missing from the new signage


one PO'd looking gorilla


a few flats were out that day, but these purple things smelt so purdy!


True sign of quality machinery, a broken down Boomerang


This is one of those park sections that are quickly disappearing from today's parks. An entire side of the park runs along this tranquil quiet lakeside trail in the back where no one hardly goes. No rides in this area, and will never be, so most people don't even make it out here. Which makes for a nice quiet escape from the insanity. New banners have been added along the way highlighting facts and info on the parks renewed star attractions again, the animals



Also located in the back is the Butterfly Habitat, another great place to escape






Koi pond and waterfall


Backside of the falls



Even the plain bland walls leading to the picnic areas received some love


Poor flipper wanted to play



Here's one of the more recent additions to the park, the Carribean themed Ocean Discovery




Line for Roar, park was actually pretty busy, normally opening weekend is a ghost town and walk on for all rides




Cobra, now being touted as the "largest family coaster in Northern California". Obviously they forgot about Quicksilver Express




Stage that replaced the Medusa Plaza fountain. I normally love fountains, but that thing was so hideous, seriously looked like it was made of feces molded into crude animal shapes, with water spewing forth. So glad they got rid of that eyesore!


Random Medusa shots





Kong with it's new entrance and slogan, "you'll never escape it". Must be talking about the ear boxing you get


new Kong entrance now in Medusa Plaza


Foliage around Medusa's station has really filled in nicely over the years


Medusa is also being marketing for the first time as the tallest, fasted and longest coaster in NorCal, even though it's always been since it opened




Can sorta make out the new train paint scheme here


A few last shots of the beautiful new V2 paintjob, thanks for reading



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Ok so the park looks good, they did a great job with their sings. I dont like V2's paint job..ill get used to it but i still dont think those colors look good together. and Im upset about the upcoming thomas Town and its location, i think theyre making a mistake with that.


However, other then that, they did a great job with their new signs and the entry plaza looks great! glad they covered up the old chain link Fence that showed Medusa's parking lot. Oh..and the Vallet parking this is retarded.

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Nice pictures! I've always thought Marine World wasn't that bad of a park, but I was a bit skeptical of the themed lands. I think we can all agree Six Flags isn't particularly known for their extraordinary theming. But I'm very impressed with the improvements.


I for one am also looking forward to the new Thomas area and am happy to see a continued focus on families.


I'm sort of starting to regret our decision to not renew our season passes this year.

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WOW! This transformation is amazing! I never thought a Six Flags park could look so good. I cannot believe how well they did with all of the theming. Great pictures! Let's just hope that all the parks can get this kind of love.

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Im upset about the upcoming thomas Town and its location, i think theyre making a mistake with that.


Yea, That new Thomas Town is going right in the middle of a big walkway there. Thats not good thing, plus the Looney Tunes section will be right next to it.


Im also curious as when V2 is going to open. Anyone know?

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Yea I went there on opening weekend too and they did a great job. I can't wait for next big announcement, I heard that it will be either a new coaster or thrill ride. Also, I'm glad that they'd rather be DISCOVERY KINGDOM rather than SIX FLAGS discovery kingdom. It is like that in most SF park titles, Six Flags is in these huge letters while the parks name are in these small letters you can hardly see.

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The more I look at SFDK and it's new signage, it's beginning to amaze me with how something simple can change it up a lot. I sure do hope they ditch the parking lot theme instead of masking it...maybe fill it up with that tanbark stuff or lava rocks like Kong...Shoot...even grass & foliage would be amazing but yet costly. I do hope the sky theme area won't be forgotten...Anyway, great photos. (My favorite was probably your Roar shot taken at that unusual angle, worthy of becoming one of my drawings some day.

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Great Photos!


This park has turned around even better than I thought. I hope that all the parks get unique themes to this extent.


It really looks like for once, a Six Flags park is being made individual rather than made to be like the rest of the parks in the chain.

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This place could easily be passed as a Disney, Herchend park in my opinion. Its amazing what some new signs, remodeled stores, and personal touches can do

Um not really, but it is your opinion. Maybe a Herchend park, but Disney is still so far out of SFDK's league.

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Thanks guys, really appreciate all the great comments. I'll admit I was selective in my photos, the park is far from anything close to a Disney or even Busch park. Still LOTS of major work that needs to be done to bring the park up to the level of even SFFT or SFOT, but it's a great start and absolutely a major step in the right direction. Shapiro has promised this is only year 1 of a major multi-year multi-million investment into SFDK, so this is only just the very beginning, seems as though they're definitely on the right track.


Honestly, although they look spectacular, the themed sections are currently a little bizarre. For example, they have Thrilla Gorilla marked as in the "Sky" section, but right next door is the Butterfly Habitat, which is marked as being in the "Land" section. On the other side of the park immediately beyond the "Land" entrance shown in my pics is the Dolphin Stadium, which is marked as being in the "Sea" section. So these so-called lands may actually be more like concepts, with the various attractions scattered throughout the park fitting into either the Land, Sea or Sky idea for the park's theme. At least until the entire complete transformation and reconfiguration years down the road is completed, this is the best I can figure out how they're sectioning up the park.


Nice pictures! Those giant turbine things were so cool looking.


Pics don't do them any justice, these suckers are GINORMOUS in person. And these are the smaller ones, check out this video of the even bigger ones installed last year, the largest in the U.S., gives you a better idea of the size of these things:



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Im upset about the upcoming thomas Town and its location, i think theyre making a mistake with that.


Yea, That new Thomas Town is going right in the middle of a big walkway there. Thats not good thing, plus the Looney Tunes section will be right next to it.


Im also curious as when V2 is going to open. Anyone know?


Have you been to the park this season and actually seen in person where Thomas Town is going? It's not going to change or alter the pathway leading to lakeside & Shark at all. With Round The World and the Ski show gone it will bring some life to that side of the park. (It could also boost LTSP popularity as well because of how close it's located.)


V2 is also slated to be up this weekend to welcome the spring break crowds.




GREAT trip report. I've been a bit under the weather this weekend/week so your PTR pretty much covers what I wanted to post about my second visit on Saturday. (I had an allergic reaction to allergy medicine...sweet huh!) It's been nice to see so many different perspectives of the park, and you did a great job showing how you afternoon went. Your photos are great looking!




Sean "Anyone hitting GA this weekend??" Menefee

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