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The NHL Discussion Thread

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Here are a few photos from the Kings victory parade.


This is the first victory parade I have ever been to.



The Crowd




Local news was out in full force




as were the police















Dry Island





The Cup and Johnathan F**cking Quick!
















Foxy, you know hes loving this!



Sutter doing his fist pump





Time to head inside for the fan rally. Tickets for this event were free and was sold out within 5mins of being made available. Unfortunately, quite a few ticket brokers took full advantage. Some people I heard payed up to $400 for a ticket to this event. I was one of the lucky one to get a ticket for free.


line to get into Staples



Rally Towel




The View from my seat



The Clarence Campbell Bowl



The Conn Smythe



The Cup









Time to make room for two more!




It was a very fun event. The most memorable part for me was seeing the Stanley Cup for the first time in person and Quicks drunk speech were he said "fu*K" three times on live TV.






Who knows when this will happen again!


Go KIngs Go!

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From the Flyer's Facebook page:


OFFICIAL: Flyers acquire the 45th & 117th overall picks in this year's Draft and a 4th round pick in the 2013 Draft from the Columbus Blue Jackets in exchange for goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky.


not a huge loss imo

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Probably for the best with 14m free and possibly more trades on the way. There are rumors swirling that they might even go after Suter also, and if he isn't available, possibly Dan Boyle and/or Keith Yandle.


Some other rumors:


-Luongo to possibly Florida, Toronto, or Chicago.

-Jagr to Oilers.

-Bouwmeester to Bruins.

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Staal wasn't going to re-sign to stay a 3rd line center.

Agreed. Staal landed in an unfortunate (for him) situation in that Malkin and Crosby are hugely paid superstars and he happens to also be a center. Is Jordan going to be the second line center in Carolina, or do you guys think they may try to stick him on a wing alongside his brother?

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The Caps I think were the winners of the draft. We got Forsberg who was an absolute steal, we got Ribeiro for Eakin and a 2nd rounder, and we also got Tom Wilson who will definitely add some much needed size and strength to our offense. With Ovechkin, Ribeiro, and Hendricks aka "The Paralyzer", and Holtby at the other end we are loaded on shootouts. I'm looking forward to next season very much.

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Just got back from Pittsburgh; my step-dad took me to the draft as a late birthday gift.

Got to meet a few interesting people at a bar after the draft including the owner of the Hamilton Bulldogs (also part owner of the Montreal Canadiens) and a few TSN personalities.

So happy for Cody Ceci getting drafted to the Senators; born and raised in Ottawa, played for the Ottawa 67s, and now a chance to play for the Sens. I'm pretty sure I was one of three people in attendance wearing a Sens jersey. I was really hoping to get my picture with the Cup in my Sens jersey but they closed the line early on the first night and the line was massive on the second day.

Only thing I didn't like was the Pittsburgh fans booing the kids getting drafted to the Flyers. I understand booing the team because of the rivalry, but after the kid's name is called the only sound should be applause for getting picked.


I'll post some pictures later once my internet speeds up a bit.

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For all the time it took, Howson didn't do very well with this. I'll cut him a bit of slack since Nash tied his hands, but the deal should have included at least one of Kreider, Stepan or Del Zotto for Columbus to get reasonable value. Sather successfully took advantage of the situation.

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Bettman gets too much of the blame. He is simply the messanger for 30 other people.


This is true. However, Bettman is the comissioner of the NHL, not the NHL "owners association". He should be looking after the best interests of both sides or there should at least be an impartial mediator. This is just freaking ridiculous. Interesting tweet I read last night "The current CBA worked perfectly fine when this was a $2Billion Business..but the NHL is now a $3B biz. So it's our fault for EVERYTHING "

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I feel like this Lockout will last a few months at least. Definitely disappointed and sad as of right now, not having any NHL games to look forward to.


However, the Hershey Bears are one of my favorite AHL teams as well as the Albany Devils (Big NJ Devils Fan) and they play in Hershey on October 27th and HersheyPark is still open. So as of right now I'm trying to convince my parents to drive out to Hershey for the weekend. That is the only positive side of the lockout at the moment for me.

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However, Bettman is the comissioner of the NHL, not the NHL "owners association". He should be looking after the best interests of both sides or there should at least be an impartial mediator.


Sadly, that is not his job. The owners are his boss. The NHL "owners association" (board of governors) employ him. When he is doing anything "in the best interests of the game," he's doing it to protect the owners. He doesn't give a damn about the players or them, to them they are just the owners expensive investments he has to protect.

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I'm going to be honest, I blame the players the most for this.


Yes, the owners are greedy, but they should be. They are the ones putting up all the $$ and the risk. The players, despite what they think, are simply employees of their respective teams. Nothing more, nothing less. Period.


A lot of fans are supporting the players on one hand while complaining about ticket prices, concession prices, parking prices, merchandise prices ... it all goes hand-in-hand. The more the players get paid, the more we are going to get paid. Period.

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