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The NHL Discussion Thread

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Possible Realignment, what do you think? I think this would probably be ok. The article has some info about the wild card format, etc.




Pacific Division




Los Angeles


San Jose



Mid-West Division






St. Louis



Central Division







Tampa Bay



Atlantic Division



New Jersey

New York Islanders

New York Rangers




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Interesting article about Holtby proving his value through the first 4 seasons of his career through all kinds of challenges and personal distractions. It's pretty long so there's just a link. I had no idea that in these past 4 years he's lived in about 8 different houses and apartments before finally settling down in VA.



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I don't understand why they don't swap Detroit and Nashville so it preserves the Wings Hawks rivalry.


Detroit has been pushing to get moved to the eastern conference.


Some think that re-alignment plans like this are partly to honor their request.

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Devils have been playing terrible lately with Marty out. Hedberg finally got pulled tonight and Kinkaid made his NHL debut. I think the pressure got to Moose and his confidence level went down. Hopefully the Devils learn how to shoot before their next game.


In other news Steven Oleksy was recalled to the Capitals from Hershey! He was one of my favorite Hershey Bears players and I am happy to see him in the NHL. He is a great D-man and will be a great addition to the Capitals.

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That Fehr OT winner was sick! Great comeback Caps.


Edit: ^ The Devs are really going to miss Brodeur. He's my favorite goalie in the league and arguably the best of all time. For the Devils and league's sake I hope he gets better, the NHL isn't the same without him playing IMO.

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With the trade deadline coming up, there's been some outrageous rumors that the Caps are looking to trade Ribeiro. That's not even a possibility. He's been our best player this year and has stated that he wants to stay in Washington. If we are going to be sellers, get rid of Poti and Schultz so we can keep Orlov and Oleksy in the lineup full-time. The reason our defense has been so much better these last few games is because Schultz hasn't been in.

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^I haven't been to a Caps game in years because the tickets cost too much, but I remember coming home from the games with my ears ringing. Caps games are awesome; it's so loud in Verizon Center and the energy in there is electric. A group of kids I know went to the Caps/Red Wings game last year when they beat them 7-1 and sat in the 3rd row, I was so jealous of them.


Edit: Alex Ovechkin first star of the week with 8 points (5G, 3A) in 4 games. I missed seeing him on this list.

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I think McPhee may have made his last mistake in the NHL. He traded the best prospect since Toews, Filip Forsberg, for a past his prime 3rd line forward, Martin Erat. Forsberg was the steal of the draft last year, he's tearing up the Swedish Elite League, he was supposed to be playing with us by the end of the season, and he trades him without even giving him a chance. There is nothing McPhee can say to justify this decision. This is just the latest in a long line of bad decisions from him. If we end up missing the playoffs this year he will be out, guaranteed.

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Went to my 2nd Kings game of the year last night, fun game. 3-0 Kings. So glad they at least scored this time. LOL


Regehr is a beast. Even during warm ups it looked like he was ready to hit somebody. He's going to fit in quite nicely I think. Hopefully going to get to at least 1 more game before the end of the season.

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^Hopefully Robin won't be quite as lazy as he was in B-Lo, although he wasn't the bulk of the problem....almost ALL of the players skated lazily around the ice during crucial points of the game & it seemed like no one was in sync. And I won't say that it was Lindy Ruff's fault (I never thought it was to begin with), because most haven't changed their work ethic since they let him go - except for the game against the Pens.


I see the Sabres did some pretty major house cleaning while I was on vacation, which is probably a good thing at this point. Although I think it is too late to be able to save the GM's job...he should be a goner when the season is over so they can start next year with a new coach, GM, some new players & plenty of draft picks.


Hopefully this will get this franchise back on the right track!

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