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^ So much for reverse psychology.


Sorry about using the same park twice in a row. I'm just not on my home computer, and that's the only park I have pictures of at the moment.


Your turn, DBru.

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Step 1: Have a photo on your hard drive.


Step 2: At the bottom of the "Post a reply" screen (where you would normally go to type out a post), there's a section called "Add Photo, Video or Other Attachment." Click the "Browse" button and navigate to your photo, select it, and hit "Open."


Step 3: Click the "Add Photo, Video or Other Attachment" button. Writing a caption is optional.


Step 4: Continue your post as you normally would. (Preview, Submit, etc.)


It's just that easy!

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Isn't that the whole point: to not make them so easy?


I think fisher is saying that he doesn't know how to judge if his picture is hard or not. I have that problem, too. With a board full of knowledgable park enthusiasts, there's a pretty fine line between "incredibly easy" and "almost impossible."


But I agree, some research is what makes it fun.

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