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What system(s) do you have?

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I recently found my old NES in the attic, sadly the connecter pins are shot and I have that infamous blinking red light problem.


I also got a hand me down Sega Game Gear from my cousin as well that had Sonic the Hedgehog 2 with it. (Sonic 2 on that system is one of the hardest games EVAR).

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I currently own:




Gameboy Advance (2)

DS (2)

Sega Genesis


Playstation 2

Xbox 360 (2)


I do own more than one on some of these because my fiance and myself fight over whose turn it is So I figured that the easiest solution would be to just buy another one.

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^ There's a surprisingly good game for DS lite called Magnetica that I play every other day or so. It's pretty addictive. Other titles I have are... New Super mario Bros, Sonic Rush, Yoshi and Mario Kart, they all have really good replay value.


And yes, the DS lite is very sexy, all I-Podish and stuff.

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