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The Official NoLimits/NL2 Help Thread

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You're welcome.


It's an extremely powerful tool. And it ain't little, it does a great many things that take a lot of time to work out and perfect. Some people say it's a cheat, but in reality, it's just as (if not more) difficult to get an accurate track than handbuilding. You have to learn to add all the little nuances of each company yourself, there's no set in stone way to do any one thing. Hope you have a great time learning it!

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Hi this is my first post i've searched everywhere and cant find the answer or anyone who has had the same problem as me...


Q... Whenever i make my own 3D's i make them in Google Sketchup, save them and then do something in Anim8or to get rid of the big shaddows. it all goes aloing fine but sometimes things go see through from certain angles eg. i make a room and from the outside i cant see a wall but if i go "inside it" the wall is there and you cant see out of it!


I really don't know what to do?

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Hey guys, I'm a lifelong RCT player, but as part of my senior project for next year, I'm taking up No Limits. For the bigger portion of the project, I'm shadowing someone at my home park of Kennywood, a coaster engineer, a career I hope to pursue (would also like to design them). Becoming a coaster engineer/designer is the top goal, but settling for a career as a civil engineer will do just fine. For senior project, we've been instructed to do something that intrests us and may relate to a potential career. So, I'm going to be designing realistic rollercoasters using No Limits as part of my project.


I understand that it does not come on disc, so I'd be downloading it from the official site for the list price of $29.95 (or something like that). I've also seen you guys talk about Newton 2 or something, as well as other add-ons and features. So if there's anybody out there who can tell me about the add-ons and how to run the program, stuff like that, it would be greatly appreciated. I'd be running it on Windows Vista [Home Premium], if that makes any difference. Thanks in advance!

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^Newton 2 isn't really an add on for No Limits. It's a tool, and a completely separate program. What it does is it allows you to shape the track path of a ride using forces defined by you, while giving you a real time display of what you are doing to the track. Once you are done with the track in Newton2, you export the whole track as a .nlelem (No Limits Element) file, which you can then paste into NL. When I export my files to .nlelem, I do special sections (I.e. Stations, Transport/Brake sections, and constant radius turns) in their own .nlelem file and paste them in separately. Other things such as supporting and scenery still must be done in the editor, though.

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Newton 2 Article and Download


As for custom trains, that is a "no". There is no option to import train and track types. There is too much detail, as well as various viewing distances that must be created to make a train. Basically, it's not simple, and the team just opted out on custom train input so that the game's quality wouldn't go down to RCT level.


Considering that you're just starting NoLimits, I don't know how this "project" will turn out, but good luck. It often takes years of practice at NoLimits to become an average builder. However, considering it's only a school project, I'm sure you could even make a 100-loop coaster with 1,000 G's, and people will think it's genius. Nobody is going to nit-pick you on detailed shaping and manufacturer references or anything.

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I downloaded the NoLimits Track Packager and it's not working at all.


Whenever I try to open a track package file, it tells me this.



It shows the same thing whenever I try to edit anything in the settings menu.


Edit: I just found out that my computer is not giving NoLimits permission to save under the computer folder. How do I give it permission to do so?


Re-Edit: aaaaaaand... I solved it! Forget everything I said!

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