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The Official NoLimits/NL2 Help Thread

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You just put it anywhere and install it. Then you open up your track from that program and press the node smoother. Select an option or two then press Ok and its done.


Just remember, it might not always come out like you want it too. The track still needs to be in relatively good shape. Its kind of like running a medium/fine grit sandpaper over a peice of wood. Itll come out better but not perfect.


No, you cannot purchase the full version. The developer does not sell the full version anymore.

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I just used it for the first time and word to the wise,use it before you add your supports. Major support collisions now, ha ha oh well. Does seem to smooth things out a bit (probably why they call it a track smoother duh)

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Here is a place to ask any questions you have about No Limits. Beginner, or old vet. You ask a question, someone will probably have an answer.





There is a complete list of No Limits tools (excluding Newton2) HERE

Newton2 is available HERE

There are 10 Newton Tutorials (Newton2 First Look and Tutorials 1-9) on Entropy's YouTube Page

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You can do that with the NL track packager. This is a program that is made by Tia to distribute nolimitscoasters easier toghether with skins and 3D objects. The track pagager program can you find . The most easy way to install it is to install the program in the nolimits root folder. Otherwise it can have trouble with finding the nolimits roots folder and all the other folders (tracks / objects / . . .)

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How can i make a desecnding (smooth) barrel roll?


The easiest way to do that is to:

1. make a straight piece of track going down at the desired angle

2. split it into maybe 4-8 segments

3. bank those to the desired rotations

4. copy that element into a new track file

5. set all the spine for those segments to be black

6. ahg that with the proper heartlien height, and plug it back into the original track

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How can i make a desecnding (smooth) barrel roll?


OR if you mean like a 70 degree curved descent, what works for me is this:


1. Make a drop of any size using 1 segment (2 vertices, both at 0 degrees vertical)

2. split it using "Y"

3. Split the first segment using "Y" until it is 4 segments (so you'll have 5 segments overall.

4. Bank the vertices like this (0, 0, -100©, -140©®, 0, 0)

5. Color black and send it thru the AHG!


I get great results with this!

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I doubt there will be a patch. Fact of the matter is, NL is a graphicly intense program. I built my PC pretty much centered around NL, trying to get the best performance for the dollar.


Some things I'd try: Don't run woth any special settings, like filters, AA, or high texture detail, aswell as running in a low resoloution and try using both windowed and full screen mode, whichever works better for you (windowed can help in some situations, like when not running anything in the backround. The graphics unit won't have a lot to render, and should help framerate some. Full screen is better when there are programs running in the backround, because the graphics unit will only have to render one thing).


Secondly, see if your computer can handle a graphics card expansion. There are quite a few graphics cards that will run NoLimits great for under $100. Most computers now come with either an AGP or PCI-E slot, and all computers tha are 5 years old or newer have PCI slots. There are graphics cards for all of these interfaces that are a vast improvement over onboard graphics, for cheap as I mentioned. The Geforce 6600 is a great mid-line card for running NoLimits. Listed there is the AGP version but it's also available for PCI-E. Standard PCI cards are a bit harder to find, but they do exsist. I would recomend finding what your computer will take and looking into a card. Not only will they help NL, they will give you an over all performance boost.


Adding RAM is another alternative, but that can be a bit tricky if you don't know what you're doing.


If you need any help finding a card that will work in your computer, by all means go ahead and post, I'll be glad to help.

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^Graphics intense?


Maybe if you're running something from pre-2003 or something with a Celeron and crappy integrated stuff (in which case you're a fool for getting integrated and a Celeron).


It runs fine for me:


P4-HT 3.4 ghz

256MB graphics (GeForce 7600 I think? It was a hella lot-I was a gamer)


120GB hardrive (though that won't matter unless you have like less than 1GB, which will slow your comp down)


Also, installing RAM is a cinch. Just remember to ground yourself every once in a while, otherwise bye-bye RAM.

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