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The Official NoLimits/NL2 Help Thread

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Ok, im trying to recreate the Atomic coaster, but i ran into a problem, HOW do you make track go out the BACK of the station, someone please help me.


at the topbars, next to the supports you can select an arrow, adn next to that there are 2 "Add" buttons, you gotta select the right Addbutton


@cprocks32: look at http://www.gravimetricstudios.com/, they probably have some mactools

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^Perfect? no...close to perfect? yes, it just takes a lot of practise. It's what they say...easy to learn, difficult to master. Just take in mind that radii should get smaller the higher the track is.


As for guides...i don't think there are any. It's more like learn by making mistakes. If you make a radius too small, it'll end up with red G's, so you width-en the radius until you won't get high G's anymore. If you're laterals are too high, you bank more...etc..etc


As for lock handles, it makes that the length between the node and control points is always the same on both sides. So if you would drag the control point on the left side of the node from 1ft to say 3ft, the right side one'll jump to 3ft.


If you need more in depth or detailed help, don't hesitate to add me on msn

bas-houben "@" hetnet.nl

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i have no idea about your first problem, it has never happended to me.


As for spinning a coaster. Dubble-click on the first segment of your drop (other from whatever point you want them to spin) and click on the "unlock spinning"-thing (it's default is "no change")

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The first problem is beacause you have placed vertices along those points before. Say you placed a vertex on X Value 10. Then you place annother vertex in the side view, slightly lower than the first, the second vertes will also have X Value 10. It's just the way NoLimits tries to make your life easier.

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I'm just starting the demo and can't seem to connect the ends of the track. I pressed the (end) vertex button and then clicked on the first vertex and that segment of track just jumbled up. How do I connect it?


Also, it seems that I have to build backwards, because when I go to ride it, the coaster goes from what I last built to what I first built. What am I doing wrong?

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Ermm... I have always wondered this. How do you make a car texture? I want to make my car texture for a B&M 4 Seat Hyper. Please help. Thanks to the helper OH YEAH. I have another question. Is there any way possible to put in a speaker and have music playing in certain areas of the ride? Like RCT3? Thanks again to helper!

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1. Cartexturing: first you should have a program that can save in PNG, paint will do. So you load the basic cartextures, here you might need to screenshot another viewer, because i believe they are in TGA. Then you take a close look at what segment of the image file goes where on the train. If your programs supports transparant colors you can save it in TGA otherwise you need to make separate images for separate colored trains. When using a transparant color, you can set the color in each train in the NL-editor.


2. No

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