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  1. Nice coaster, how long did it take to build? also spinning and the corkscrew was cool
  2. Thanks, I also noticed some minor g's my-self but I thought they were sort of ok, whats the best way to do the barrel rolls? say like do one, crop off the extra and bang whack another in? Also this pumping whats the best way and easiest way remove it? Also yes your right I use the elementry as I have no idea on how to do my own inversions
  3. No, what I did was set the station, made a slope then went into elementry and made my own up. Was a good coaster to make and I enjoyed making it
  4. cheers, as far how it rides, most inversions are ridden with speed (for once) some minor g-forces are there. As an overall probably another one of my best coasters so far
  5. for that you need the white environment which can be found here http://www.nolimitsdevcenter.net/toolbox Goto presentation and its there
  6. Here is my newest track called Howl. Features 12 inversions, screenshots and download below. Feel free to comment. howl.nltrack
  7. I noticed that helix thing too, where is sort of wobbles? What i should of done was made it smaller thanks for comments though.
  8. I know about the odd banking ^^ i like it like that although it would be better if it was like propper, example the bunny hops after the two zero g rolls. I tried work on the pumping but couldn't get it perfect, i've been told to sort this out you need to fiddle around with the nodes? its alot better than it was when I first made it. I was in theory going to do custom supports but I just wanted to get it finished, when I can i'll do the custom supports
  9. nice coaster, i didn't get no roll back on it, but i found few places where the track does come close the supports. Nice layout
  10. Here is my latest track, I was going to post this a few months ago but forgot (tut tut) anyway, its finished. Screenshots and a download below. Huge lift Just before the first little drop Train going down the second drop Little airtime hill Zero g roll Track layout The Drop.nltrack
  11. good idea with the layout, but what happened to the supports?
  12. i was (in theory) going to do custom supports, but with it been just a basic ride i was like, nah but since you asked, you will get, download will be sometime soon, with more scenery and *NEW* supports. whippet.nltrack
  13. coaster is looking good, nice lift supports and also nice turn around. Do you have any idea when the download will be available?
  14. overview no problem, here you are I will add another download of this sometime soon (probably tomorrow) Update will include more scenery, stairs and maybe another little pond
  15. I have scream machines but can never get use to it where and how do ya go about making a basic track, i got to like place a station and thats it
  16. Here is one of my latest no limits tracks. Its like one coaster in Japan, except I made my own version. Here are some screens. The first lift No Loop, No Zero G Roll, just my made up thing Another view The other lift hill *PLEASE SCROLL DOWN FOR THE DOWNLOAD*
  17. First of Calaway I think you did a good job, keep it up and Wes lets turn this into a singing contest your turn, i'll admit i'm rubbish so your turn
  18. Thanks for comments so far, greatly appreciated. As for people who have downloaded it what could of been done to make it better? I know sceneary was one which i'll add soon and make a newer download available. Would tunnels go well with spinners???
  19. Here is a track I made in no limits. Screenshots and download below. spinner.nltrack Enjoy
  20. that coaster was worth the wait had a little pumping in it {jerky) but on the hole I liked it
  21. Hello, i'm Jason, 21, from U.K Hobbies include listening to music (rock mainly) going on coasters and also no limits.
  22. Nice coaster Worm. I liked the layout and had constant speed around the track. Was also smooth and enjoyable to ride. Good job
  23. Nice track there calaway. How do you get your tracks so smooth and I don't mine always has loads of pumping in it. Nice steep first drop as well, also nice constant pace. Good work
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