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  1. Vampire, Dragon's Fury, Speed, Megafobia, Rita, Nemesis, Air, Oblivion, Cyclone, King Solomon's Mines, Big Dipper, Grand National, Pepsi Max, Steeplechase, The Ultimate, Kumali, and Velocity! Thats an awesome list of POVs cant wait for the DVD release ---Chad
  2. ^^I like all the pics inside the bathroom , but if you had to use it better hope the train valleys. Good 3d work.
  3. ^I also suck at building supports so I figured rather than having messed up ones I would just leave a couple out. Thanks for the comment. ---Chad
  4. Once again another non productive day, so what does one do to pass the time? Yes thats rite build yet another no limits track. This one I think is pretty okay.. Its the first floorless Ive done. Enjoy and let me know what you think. Sorry that theres no screenshot I dont have anything to convert the bitmap to jpeg. ---Chad newfloor1.nltrack I think its cool, Do you?
  5. ^^Okay I tried that environment but It looks like a bad acid trip. Oh well thanks for the link anyway. ---Chad
  6. Where did you find the thing for doing the white background for you screen shots? Looks cool. ---Chad
  7. Oh man I thought the guy in the both was smoking a short cigar untill I read the caption and looked a little closer. That was truely disturbing If I could only steel wool my brain to try and get that picture out my head. eew. -- Chad
  8. Great update! I think Legoland should pay TPR members for making the park a little more interesting. Cant wait for the next update. ---Chad " would buy the girls of TPR calendar " Russ
  9. Thats a good job for only having the software for 2 months. I like the lay out and it is alot smoother than some of mine,although I did notice the structure blocking the track a bit in the overbanks. maybe some custome supports in those areas would have worked allitle better, but all around good job.. ---Chad
  10. I built the track in the morning when I could of been doing other things so thus that name was born. O well next track will be named gotta pee. Ha ha -----Chad
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