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The Official NoLimits/NL2 Help Thread

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A few more AHG questions...


-What is the standard heartline for an X-car coaster?


-How do I make sure the banking on the first/last segment of track is 0*? (I color it black, but the track still banks...GRR)


There really is no way to make it 0 degrees. Increasing filter and precision numbers messes up the rest of your element, and I really don't like doing that. My solution is to go back and forth between the original track file and the AHG'd file and bank the original in the reverse direction incrementally until the AHG'd file is at 0. That way, you don't have to sacrifice filter or precision for the banking at the ends.

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The OC is the easiest one to start.

You can copy and paste your "brushes" in the unregistered version.

Merge objects ... to an larger project and it´s very simple to work with textures.

With a little bit of practise - you can get a very fast tool - to customize =D


Anim8or: sometimes it´s very difficult to use texture and set the real Units.


sketch up: A very nice Program, it´s freeware - but you can´t export a model to 3ds (wich nl works with).


The object creator is the right way to start with some scenery, i think


so have fun

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^There's an Elementary formula out there that allows you to make mathematically perfect, very twisted elements, including zero-g rolls:




This (stupidly long) formula allows you to define elements in terms of forces and time. It's very difficult to master, but once you do, you'll be able to make stuff like this...




Redunzelizer's Force Vector Design eFormula

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I hope no one tried asking this. If so, I"m sorry for a repeat question. For those who are getting more comfortable with NL...


About VERTICIES ("vertexes").. I see a lot of models who crunch them together extremely tightly.. I'd assume chopping their sections into many then smoothing them out or something. (Take the booster bike model or the X car model) Is it "more is better" and why?

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There is no rule that says "the more vertices, the better".


In this case, those tracks were banked with the Automatic Heartline Generator. That program calculates the vertical and lateral forces on how many points you'd like. The output is a track with a lot of nodes, with perfect banking to eliminate lateral-G's.

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Iv made a duplicate of TTD, and i wanted to so that more than 1 train could be dispached at once, but when i created a second station. I lost control of my first one, even on manual control i have no power over it. Is there any way to make it so they mimic eachother? So when i press F9 or 10 they both open or close there restraints/gates?


>> or is there a way i can switch which station i have control over?

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