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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

P. 2017: Top Thrill Dragster RETIRED!?!?!?

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I can't imagine it would require more than a weeks worth of full course testing. The majority of the testing probably happens with the lift hills. This could be why on the webcams you saw them moving the boats up and down them. That would be faster than sending a boat around and waiting for it to come back to the lift.


I will say though that aside from the two boats you see, the others are still sitting in storage.

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I'm sure they haven't gotten to full-scale testing yet.

I hope they have considering the park opens in two weeks.

Two weeks is a lot of time. I'd say you could probably expect full-scale testing to start the second half of this week, but the majority of the "testing" on a ride like this is things such as the pumps, show water, and station movement, which they've already been doing. A water ride is completely different than a coaster when it comes to how it has to be tested.
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^^Remember with Maverick the height requirement was originally announced before the ride was built as being 48". After testing they changed it to 52". They probably just don't want to risk the same thing to happening (Although I can't see a flume being too hard to predict the height requirement).


^I'm not saying that it takes a whole lot of time to do full-out testing, but what if some problem occurs. They would probably want enough time to solve the problem and still have it open on time. Better to be safe than sorry.

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Shot from the first lift hill.


Elevated shot from the first lift hill looking towards the entrance.


Snake River Falls is sporting its new color.


The rock canyon and second lift hill on the island.


Looking down at the first lift.


The splashdown and exit area.


These massive pumps will circulate water through the flume.


The tunnel, now complete with roof!


The service bridge over the lagoon.


Looking at the station and Snake River Falls from the bridge.


The entrance area to Shoot the Rapids.


The on-ride photo building is almost complete.


The complete entrance area.


Guests entering and exiting the ride will cross the railroad tracks right here.


Landscaping is taking place in and around the ride.


Trees and grasses have been planted on the island.


The 85-foot-tall drop onto the island.




Paddlewheel Excursions boats will travel under the ride.

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^I hear you on that. Shoot the Rapids looks awesome and I'm looking forward to riding it during Coastermania. My first visit to Cedar Point!


Mine too. Seems there will be several of us there that have never been before. Should be fun to finally get to this place.

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I usually am the one in any group who hates the water rides...but CP is outdoing themselves on STR. This ride looks awesome! Is it do to be part of any of the Coastermania ERT's?


Yeah I'm pretty sure we will have ERT on it at Coastermania.

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Ever since the park moved their opening to mid-May, weekdays before Memorial Day are just as busy as during the summer because of all the school groups. After Memorial Day weekdays slow down a bit until schools let out in the second week of June. That little two week gap is one of the best times to go to the park.


However, I assume you're going to be at the park sometime the week of the 23rd? Expect about one hour lines for the big coasters. It shouldn't be too bad, but I wouldn't expect to ride every coaster. And no, the park doesn't offer Q-Bot or anything similar.


Maybe one day the park will extend their season back to early May. Everything was a walk-on, even Millennium Force and Dragster (though that may explain why they don't open that early anymore...).


Have a good time!

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Those are awesome photos. I am really looking forward to riding this on Coastermania weekend.


I will be there too. Perhaps the TPR people should schedule a meet?


and and STR is on the ERT schedule.

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here is the Coastermania page:





Notice the cool ClubTPR logo on the bottom!



I think the ERT schedule is good and each session is in one area so you do not waste a large portion of ERT walking between coasters. I bet if you do not like your spine and head, you can walk right on during the Mantis ERT.


2 Hours of ERT on MF is particularly good.

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^ & ^^ Opening week is Math and Science week. As I've said before, I'd advise NOT to go during that period. It's not a fun experience at all, and you can expect lines to be 1 to 2 hours for most major rides. The second week they are open is Amusement Park 101 week. I believe that is new this year. I don't know how crowded that will be, but I would assume it won't be much better than M&S week.

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