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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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With all of the possible problems with electronics, I can see why Intamin took a step "backwards" and returned to a mechanical cable launch on its rocket coasters. As Tmcdllr pointed out a ways back, if in fact the new cars are significantly lighter in weight, that could play a role in getting the speed back up without burning out electrical components.



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Lighter cars and a faster computer that can handle rapidly switching the LSMs plus maybe a little reprogramming should increase the launch and put less stress on the electrical components. That seems to make sense. Because the car is lighter its possible to achieve a faster launch while using the same or slightly less power as the load on the electrical system should be less. The less work a motor has to do, the less current is has to draw which means it can run more efficiently and cooler and the launch system is basically just one giant motor with the stator unrolled and laid out along the track and the magnets on the car acting as the rotor


I don't work for Intamin but its reasonable to assume one of the reasons they use the hydraulic cable launch is that it is much cheaper to run. Imagine if they had an LSM or LIM launch on TTD, if it could work, it would consume an enormous amount of energy on every launch. In comparison, the current launch system uses much less power and yet provides a more powerful launch. Reliability aside, the cable launch is better overall, more powerful and costs less per launch.

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That didn't look any higher than before...hopefully SFMM doesn't follow suit.


I agree. It looks like the car barely made it halfway up the tower.


I believe Dreamworlds conversion was a quick fix over a period of a month or two, with a new car on the track and a longer tunnel. Magic Mountain's won't be ready until the Spring--hopefully they're using that time to fix the launch and to make the ride run the way it was originally intended.

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I wonder how abouts the marketing department will handle this. X had alot of buzz behind it before the overhaul and was arguably the parks most popular coaster going into 2007. So taking a ride that was on the bottom of the totum pole in terms of popularity and seeing if it could get to the top again is going to take alot of work. Engineering and remodeling can only do so much, so I'm anxious to see how this remodel will be introduced to the average park-goer.

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Wasn't the '10 foot' quote '10 foot from the brakes' by the way?


Either way its not even close


It would be AMAZING if SF added the tunnel with the lights and fog, I think the coolest part being you don't know when you're going to start going up the tower. Going back into the tunnel through the fog would be cool too!

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I had a go at TOT2 today so I guess I can clear up some questions.


-No, the backwards launch does not have any impact on your neck or any comfort issues.


-In fact the backwards launch was probably the best improvement, though I think that was mostly due to the tunnel and lights. It felt like it went on forever. Hopefully SFMM will do this.


-The face first drop was pretty cool, but not a massive improvement on the experience overall IMO.


-In terms of how high it goes up the tower, well pretty much as high as before actually. Definitley not 3.3m (10ft) from the top.

On my visit it was reaching the O in "TOWER OF TERROR"

See these pics for what I mean:




In plain English, about halfway between the top of the curve to vertical and the top of the tower. (Hehe, you guys measure launch heights by structural levels, we do it by the letters on the side)


-The ride runs a bit quieter now.


-The harnesses have a thing I've never seen before. The seatbelt buckle has a little electronic thing on it that physically prevents it being unbuckled until the main harness is released at the end of the ride. Guess its comforting to have that extra level of safety.

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