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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

Page 2218 - Wonder Woman Roller Coaster for 2022!

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Just curious Izak, how do you not have a "total posts" line?


Thanks for that info though, it would have been cool to experience a ride with usch intense drops in the dark.


I seriously have no idea...I see it. It says I have 67 posts...


About the Intamin Space Diver in storage. Back in the day when I was running my website I was able to confirm (with some decent sources) that the ride does exist, and if I recall is currently somewhere in Europe. However please remember that it's been many years since I learned this information and can't reveal my sources since to be honest, I don't remember them.


Interesting...Maybe my contact thought I was talking about in the US (since I did technically phrase my question that way)...I'll have to ask again in a few weeks...

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i went yesterday and you will be happy to know that the wall that has been blocking the lower half of orient express for so long has been removed! the only thing blocking it off now is caution tape. both of the cars are about half way up the hill!


and as for freefall. one of the cars is in the station! there is no longer any cars stuck up at the top!



the colossus backwards trains are at colossus and ready to be loaded.


I really didn't see that much on X, but from viper, it looks like its ready to run again too.

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I've heard from quite a few people at Magic that Freefall is set to reopen in as early as next week. As for X, I heard it was once again dropped from budget and they're aiming for the middle of October. Something that I should also bring up is that X doesn't really have a crew anymore. About five of them have quit since X has been down. I bring this up in hopes that X doesn't turn into "Team Tatsu". A bunch of new people who don't really know how to work together. Oh well...we'll see.


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Well, considering they only put the best people in the park up at X, I don't think we'll have the Tatsu effect...


However, when that ride opened, they were supposed to be the best too (since only the "best" open new rides) and we see how well that went...

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theres a fence along OE. Tidal Wave line Finalt turended into Deadman's Bog. Rapid's, Jet Stream, Gold rusher, and all the other stuff thats already down. It seemed that majority of the rides where ran by 2 people.

I think Jahan should have an update posted soon

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From what i know.

Freefall & orient express

both should open this weekend for fright fest

and circus wheel should re-open the week after that.


X is going to be closed all fright fest and should re-open sometime in december due refurbishing trains and broken lift.


colossus will be running both sides this weekend one forward one backwards.


Thats all i know



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Are they for sure selling the park?




Back on topic: Did Freefall open, or what?


I wanted to go today but ended up sleeping in, and now I find out my husband won't go anymore because the last time we were there someone walked across the top of his car in the parking lot. Crud... I need to find some friends.

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^ What I've been told is that OE and Freefall are both done with their refurbishments. Now its just a matter of training.



The OE queue has changed a little and looked as if it would be ready to operate sometime in the very near future...as of oct 7th.


Also, see my SFMM trip report for a few more update related topics.

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