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  1. Indiana Jones and the Temples of the Forbidden Fruit...hmmm..wonder where he got that from. nice 41190 reference too.
  2. nice! this is why I never test mattresses like the people in the video.
  3. Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
  4. ditto. well, if they're good friends they can deal with my unmade bed.
  5. so I'm a little late posting it here, but I did say it in another thread... happy belated birthday Aria (RC dartarro) your b-day dinner sounded heavenly..especially the baklava.
  6. I might as well be lesbian with the way guys have been lately.
  7. Woohoo! Flogging Molly!! yes, "Drunken Lullabies" was in Tony Hawk 4. That's how I got hooked on them. I'm currently hooked on "Seven Deadly Sins" off their new album.
  8. in this setting, I think the Strongbad RiverQuest Safari Venture would be a fitting spiel.
  9. that's awesome! what better way to spend the day than a leisurely paddle down the newly made river. (don't forget to wear sunscreen!)
  10. happy birthday anyway! (sorry about your frustrations)
  11. cool work, Craiggers. I liked the fading you did with the girlfriend during a few of the scenes. very cool movie.
  12. is this going to end up being a "young Robb" v. "old Robb" just like people do with which Elvis they like better?
  13. ^^ LOL. 15 will get ya 20. this place is a breeding ground for dirty old men.
  14. and if you stay and ride out the storm, by all means, MAKE A VIDEO! (like DenDen did)
  15. great..my "journey to my cleavage" avatar is now art in the house.
  16. ^^ cradle robber. ~Allison "it takes one to know one" Y2K~
  17. dang Robb, nosy much? lol. - What board do you read first? - Random, Random, Random. - How often do you visit? - several times a day, every day. - How many pages through each board do you read? - i only read threads that have replies since my last visit. be it 1 thread or 1 page of threads. - Are there certain types of posts you read more than others? I always read photo TRs, photochop/avatar contest threads, and anything in random that catches my attention. - Do you do anything else besides reading the forum - check to see who's in chat and sometimes even go into chat...um...download videos that seem interesting, read massive R&E photo TR's that I might have fallen behind on or neglected. write and answer PMs. - Tell us anything else you want about your TPR visits! - um..my visits are either lengthy or very short depending on the time I have to spend or my desire. sometimes I log in, check the random forum, and then click "mark all forums read". sometimes I'll log into TPR, go right into chat, and then check the forums while chatting. sometimes I just go skraight into chat and not read the forums at all.
  18. Worst: sorry to go against a partial majority here, I'm voting Hulk as worst queue. once you actually get near the loading area it's not bad, but the downstairs part, packed in like sardines, walking alll the way up and allll the way down with the videos and flashing lights and smoke...ugh..it's like an epileptic seizure waiting to happen. 2nd place, Raptor - now it could have changed, last time I was at CP the queue was in the blazing hot sun, just a massive back and forth twisting weave. I overheard someone say they didn't even care about the coaster anymore, they just wanted to get out of the queue. long, slow moving, and no fans anywhere. blech. Best: Dueling Dragons. best themed queue evar! 2nd place: Montu - after the main corrall line it's quick and easy to get to a row. not themed much, but it's efficient. ..and yes, the queue for Dr. Doom is better than the ride itself! lol.
  19. it was tempting!..but I thought my first idea would be better. 8) ~Allison "who doesn't love Menudo?" Y2K~
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