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  1. Ya know, I don't post here very often but I did read about this elsewhere and I wanted to post my congratulations to the new parents. I'm sure your parents are thrilled they have a grandbaby! (I would be if I were) p.s. that's a sneaky way to get all the kiddie coaster credits!
  2. off season? what's that? our parks don't close down here.
  3. Ryan: that was awesome! I don't know why but I thought it was hilarious when the soviet flag dropped down. oh, now I remember, because C.T. said he loved the U.S. at the beginning. speaking of, why was he playing guitar during the piano solo? and Shannon looks adorable! glad she said 'yes'.
  4. Hi. I'm not new but I do make rare appearances from time to time so some of y'all may think I'm new. I'm just a TPR hermit.
  5. GH2. Already beat it on easy and medium. I'm 22/30 on hard. already got gold stars on 1/4 of the songs on medium and I usually play it to show off at Wal-Mart or Best Buy. and I keep missing 100% on "Sweet Child o' Mine" by 1 flippin' note!! grrrr. *mad*
  6. Don't you hate members who only show up for photoshop contests?! LIKE ME!! enjoy. Robb Report - Shave-a-palooza edition
  7. Robb catches a quick snack between rides.
  8. I have to plan well in advance to be able to go to theme parks.
  9. ..and in a year or two my vote may change from bi-girl to lesbian.
  10. ..which is why I sometimes refer to men as objects...to shift the power back towards center a little.
  11. I think perhaps it's all a matter of pure economics: 18-20 year old women will have guys hitting on them and buying them drinks..which means more $ for the club and more tips for the bartender. 18-20 year old men can buy soda, juice or water. um...and that's it. no incentive or extra $ for the club or bartenders. besides, when you go out to a club which would you rather spend your time looking at: 18-20 year old women or 18-20 year old men? hey, in two years it won't matter.
  12. how flattering, the myspace for Sheikra is using R&E's onride video. http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=47875242
  13. kinda sense? great video, even if the audio was the selling point.
  14. true that! I love my gay guy friends. especially the ones who call me Mama Allie. (right Teddy?)
  15. so just don't feed your venus fly trap blood and you're safe.
  16. "recent investigations have confirmed Dole Whips are laced with crack" ha! I knew it.
  17. (overheard at Team Disney) "...after further review the "two riders per row" rule will now be strictly enforced."
  18. I'm cheering for the hippies. they got style and personality. I don't hate any of the teams thus far..I think the mother/daughter team just used their language to their advantage in this leg..nothing wrong with that. what bugged me were the guys outside the cycle shop all staring and ogling the african-american woman as she was putting the bike together. ugh!
  19. OMG! you're alive! If I knew a PTR would bring you out of the woodwork I would have brought a camera with me to BGT last month.
  20. handy, isn't it? that's what I did! I think if I go with someone I'm going to rent a wheelchair and install a cattle guard on it (like the ones they have on the front of steam trains) that should help in getting through the crowds...
  21. okay so here are some pics: Here is Allie, your cute and adorable tour guide... CRAP, HOLD ON! (car ahead of me slammed on their brakes) the required EE photo that everyone takes: along with this one: and this one. bonus points for getting the train in the shot. and a lovely grainy photo of poop that is found in the FastPass queue: I stopped for lunch at that one McDonald's on the way to AK. I guess the road it's on leads to Blizzard Beach or something. then I went to MGM and took this required tourist shot: and this one: and this one inside the Hollywood Hotel. pardon the grainyness since some of us don't known digital cameras. and this one: on the way to EPCOT I got a glimpse of some TOP SECRET Dolphin painting work. yeah buddy, EXCLUSIVE!! you saw it here first..well, no, second. also on the bridge from the Swan to Boardwalk I paused for a representin' shot as a nod to my friend Tommy (of TommyandJames.net) and again once inside EPCOT. Mom...aren't the Beatles dead? I was going to eat dinner in "The Cellar" but I decided not to. besides, who wants their impression of Canada being some dim dark dank funky smelling cellar with lousy steak? I sure as hell don't. that's why I chose the luxurious Burger King! (dinner was et many hours later) Ah..the Wonders of Life pavillion. wait...what? oooo! a pretty tree that was to my left as I sat facing The Land. ...and it was too dark at MK to take pics, not like you don't know what that looks like. so yeah, those are my pics. thanks for lookin'!
  22. p.s. it's kinda long. no, it's a lot long. (photos to be uploaded when I get them developed) Okay so I took a drive over to WDW today and I was -determined- to have as much fun as I could within the confides of the park's operating schedule. Turns out, it didn't quite turn out that way, but I still had a lot load of fun. oh, and to break down the title: Suicide - I'm running on no sleep. I worked Wednesday night, from 10p until Thursday 730a. then I went home, showered, and then it was on the road to WDW. I woke up around 5pish on Wednesday and considering it is not 12am Friday morning, I'll let you figure out how long I've been awake. Commando - if I'm going by myself, I'm only go to do the rides that -I- want, and walk at a pace that will accomplish this. Therefore, I weaved in and out of people traffic A LOT today. Hey, I was on a time constraint and I had to do what I had to do. So let's get the day started! Got home a little after 730am. showered, checked park hours, stopped by CVS for a discount beverage for the ride and some disposable cameras (only used one). then I stopped in at Publix for some breakfast food and found 2 huge cinnamon rolls for $2.36. Once I got that, it was on the road with Allie. I popped in my mix CD and I headed down the road. I arrived at Animal Kingdom shortly after 11am. Got my stuff together and hopped on the tram. once at the gate I went up to the ticket window and purchased a FL resident 1-day ticket with park hopper priveldges. $71. thanks. and into AK I went. First stop: EXPEDITION EVEREST!! This ride is this lick! some great laterals on this ride for sure. I don't know why some people are so hell bent on riding front row, it has the worst view I think. I got a FastPass for 12:25 and then hopped into the single rider line with a wait of 10 minutes. sweet! so I got my first ride on EE in row #5, which garnered a great view of the Yeti. this ride is awesome, and again, the laterals rock. Okay, so I have some time to kill before my FastPass, and I have to ride EE again before I leave, so it was off to Dinoland USA to claim my 2 credits on Primevil Whirl. Let me tell ya..this ride is definatly something different. Of course with the wild mouseness, those first few turns kinda slam you into the person next to you, or the harness. ouch. but once the ride gets spinning, it's a lot more fun. So I rode both sides of that coaster. Then I still had time to kill so I rode Dinosaur. and it sucked. it sucked big time. let's move on. so I still had time to kill so I headed back to EE and used the little girl's room and had a cigarette. THEN it was time for my FP on EE, and I requested the backseat this time, and it was a fun ride again. So with 3 credits padding my coaster bra, I bid a fond farewell to AK. well, when I finally found my car I bid a fond farewell. see, in my haste I forgot to think about what row I parked in. I knew it was in dinosaur, I just forgot the row, but I found it after a brisk walk. okay, NOW I bid a fond farewell to AK and headed over to MGM! (turned out to be dinosaur 18) ...but first, a brief lunch break. I stopped at the McDonald's that's on that one road you drive over on your way to AK. McDonald's food at Disney prices. my usual ended up being around $10 today. thanks! but, the ketchup dispenser was sweet..like a pressurized spout that shoots the ketchup out. luxurious! and they played the Disney animation short about Lambert the Sheepish Lion. he's so cute!! so I got to watch that while I ate my lunch. THEN I hopped into my car and drove over and said "heyyyyyy" to MGM. okay, this time I remembered I parked in Film 29. Got into MGM and headed DIRECTLY to Rock n Rollercoaster. sorry, it's broke down. what?! okay fine, I'll go on Tower of Terror. okay, trippy moment. I was walking into the Standby line and I asked one of the bellhops out front if there was a single rider line and he said no. then he asked "are you scared?" which of course I said 'no'. he kept asking if I was scared...of the Hotel. look darlin, not much scares this old hag. also, never go to WDW when there is a cheer competition. sure there's plenty of cute girls who are no older then 16, but these girls SCREAMED during the ToT preshow...right as the preshow starts..yeah, when the lights flicker then go off. but, not only did they scream, once they stopped screaming, they were all talking about how scary it was and how much it scared them. SHUT THE F--- UP!! so I got my ToT on, and I figured, once is never enough, and I have to try the other drop tower. so I went in again, and that creepy bellhop remembered me and asked if I was scared yet. so I said no, that's why I'm going on again and he said okay...be scared. weirdo. so anyway, got into the other drop tower and this drop sequence was AWESOME! first, it did a few lifts and drops, and at one point it paused at this scene of a room with 2 skeletons dressed in period garb, then shot back up. never saw that before. but the best was like "revenge of the evil tower" because it was going down to where the end show starts and got halfway down through that scene (I guess) and then it shot back up to the first window and dropped all the way down. it was sweet as hell!!! so I decided that was enough. I was walking past the entrance THAT SAME BELLHOP asked me if I was going again and I told him, no, I got scared enough and I was done. weirdo. so I walk over to RnR to see what's going on, and I see people walking up the queue so I book it over there and I ask the guy how long of a wait and he said none, it's a walk-on. SWEET!!!!! (this is like at 130p in the afternoon or so) So I went and got my RnR on. I forgot how great the launch is on this ride. it's soooo much fun with the launch and then into the inversions. the corkscrew towards the end is always a great surprise. so yeah, I got my RnR on and then I figured it's time to head to EPCOT. oh, and the wait for ToT was less than 20 minutes. yeah baby! so I took the water taxi to the Swan/Dolphin and then walked to EPCOT. my feet are starting to hurt at this time. we had THE CUTEST water taxi captain. omg. so lovely. I should have taken a picture but I was busy acting aloof and tired and that this trip is no big deal, and trying to look kinda brooding and gothy to all the little girlie-girl cheerleaders in the boat with me. I'm weird like that. so anyway, I get to EPCOT and of course smart-thinking Allie doesn't check to see where they put Soarin, so she has to get a park map after trekking across Future World only to find out if she would have read the sign at The Land a -tad- closer, or even looked in that direction, she would have seen it BEFORE trekking across Future World. but I digress. so I get a FP and it's for 5:20. it's now 3:30p. um, this could be a problem. stand-by time is 50 minutes. yuck! ok, let's come back to that later and let's do some other stuff in the meantime. I trek over to Test Track and hop in to the Single Rider line with a wait of only 10 minutes. I get my Test Track on and the speed test is always my favorite of the ride. in the showcase of cars I was going to get my picture taken in a Hummer H2 but me flipping the bird to a bad-for-the-environment car in front of little kids would be bad, mmmkay? then I go have a cigarette and take some pics of the Wonders of Life pavillion that's CLOSED. I took a pic of me flipping the bird to the "this pavillion is closed" sign. grrr. onward to "Club Cool"...what Icestation Cool became. no snow, and no soda from Mozambique. HOWEVER, when I went in there the first thing I did was do a shot of Beverly. actually, I hit the button twice so it was technically a double-shot. then I tried some of the others, then to show how tough and hardcore I was, I did ANOTHER shot of Beverly. and then I politely asked the lady attendant where I could purchase a 2-liter of Beverly. her response "*laughter* as a joke or did you really like it that much?" it's only available in Italy, the real country, it's not found in the Italy pavillion. that would have been just too easy. so then I make my way back to Soarin to find it's only a 40 minute wait. yeah sure, why not. Soarin was really cool. I was in the first row, too, which means I was in the TOP row. best view for this EVER! because when you look down, you're looking down at what's really below you in the movie. it's very "California Pride" feeling, but it's okay because it had some magnificent views, the smelly-vision was a cool touch (of oranges) and I heard so many people chuckle when they were flying by the skiers and the snowboarder jumped down and fell. haha! sucker. anyway, it was around 5:15 when I left Sorin. two options: go back for the 5:20 show and risk not getting to the 3 mountains of MK before 8p when they close, or just go now. so, I bid EPCOT a fond farewell. I left out of the International Gateway, walked to the Swan/Dolphin and took the water taxi to MGM and got my car. THEN it was off to MK! I parked in Pluto 17, thank you! since it was after 6p I rode in style with the express monorail. luxury! (front cab was taken otherwise it would have been more luxury!!) so I get in to the park and I see hordes of people lining up for the parade. CRAP! okay Allie, book it to Tomorrowland and get a Space Mountain FP. so I got one of the last FPs issued, it was for 715p-8p. and the park closes at 8p. just in time. oh, but SM only has a 30 minute wait. okay let's ride it. so I got on the left side first (left being the side to your left when looking at the control tower). so I rode it and it was hella fun. then I booked it over to FrontierLand... kinda. while weaving through the crowds this lady pushing a 2-kid stroller met some roadblock and people were not going to let her movie. so traffic was at a standstill for a few minutes. this sucked! so I ended up following the leads of some of the cheer girls and climbing over a small wrought iron fence and walking around a tree and down the other side away from the traffic jam. okay, eventually I got to BTMRR and got 2 rides in. I would have got a 3rd but the evil ride op made everyone get out and not do re-rides. jerk-face. so I went over to Splash Mountain and it was a walkon. hell they were sending out empty boats. I got to talk to a cute cast member on the way in. I just commented how I saw more cast members while walking through the queue than guests, and she and I got to talking a little. it was nice, she was nice. the whole thing was just...nice. so I get to the loading area and it's dead! more CMs in the area than guests. so I got a log in the backrow with an older couple in the front row. and we start riding Splash Mountain. first little drop. a little mist on the Allie, no big deal. as we are rounding the corner in front I see a log go down the main drop and those water jets shoot out. luckily we weren't there to get hit so I'm saying to the log..hurry up! hurry up! sure enough, we're approaching the 2nd lift and another log goes down the main drop. the water jets shoot out and I GOT SOAKED!! when the water shot out I looked up, saw it in the air and said "oh sh--." then I ducked. then I got soaked. but, after park hopping the whole day, it actually felt really good. sure my shirt was still wet when I got home, as was the seat of my pants, but that's not important right now. so we get our Splash Mountain on, then I BOOK IT to Space Mountain and use my FP to get one last ride in, and this time I went to the right side. sure enough, I mentally compared it to my earlier ride. same layout. same everyting. one side just seems a little jerkier than the other. but same layout. same fun times! and my tongue ring glows in the dark! I found this out in the holding brake section of RnR and in the 2nd beginning holding brake of SM. so I exit SM and everything's closed. the fireworks are almost done so I stand and watch the rest of that. it was nice. then I made my way out of the park using my patented dodge and weave commando skills. get on the ferry over to the TTC, get in my car and I head home. well, I stopped in Haines City at BK for dinner, which only cost me a little over $7. that's more like it! damn WDW prices. I must have spent $10 on bottled water there. I think I had like 5 bottles that day. and now I'm home, typing this up. it's 1:15am and I am ready to pass out! let's see, anything I am forgetting..ah, talked to some really nice people who were on vacation. that was really nice and made the trip a little more special. overcoming my social anxiety in order to just strike up a conversation with someone is really cool. anytime a cast member would wave as we were leaving the station I would flash a cheesy smile and give two peace signs. I'm silly like that. I would smile at CMs who were in the queue line helping to keep things moving along. most were already pleasant, so I was just reciprocating I guess. talked to a few really nice female CMs. I like connecting with my fellow tribemembers. wished I would have time to do Haunted Mansion but oh well! I didn't do Mission:Space because I'm chicken and afraid I'll throw up, or someone will throw up on me. gross. I had to make myself stop twice to just sit down while I was smoking and realize...hey..you're at Disney World. most people who go here are on vacation that they saved up for, and you just drove over here and did this just because. remember, Allie..you're at Disney! don't get too caught up in getting this mission accomplished that you forget where you are. oh!! I also saw the Beatles perform in the UK pavillion, as well as some UK improv actors who pick guests out of the audience to play certain roles in a King Athur/Holy Grail type skit. it was funny as hell!! so there ya have it! 4 parks. one day. no sleep. just Allie. just because. I'm off to bed. (and I am not sorry that this is so long.)
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