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  1. I do feel the love. It's sweet, it's thoughtful, it's caring. quote Madonna from one of the music awards: "you like me! you really like me!" oh and I couldn't pass this gem up: yeah, we need to talk about how well you're handling that....
  2. I miss the good ol days where you could fool around with your best friend, do seemingly innocent things together and other stuff when the parents weren't around. It was all just chalked up to 'childhood experimentation' and no one had a clue that you were really gay or bi. *blinks* what, just me? ~Allison Y2K~
  3. ...soooo.... oh hey, since it's your second home I can use your help. I need some 'family' places to take my friend, she admitted to being a closet drag queen (which is odd for a genetic female to say, but whatever). i have to find a way to bring that out of her...some how.
  4. 1. USRoadTripper 2. Hattuchili 3. Florida420 I'm scarred for life after seeing these 3. good job! ~Allison "washing her eyes with bleach now" Y2K~
  5. Because I can. ..and to get away from FL and my evil roommates. this is like a final goodbye because I move out, fly to NYC for a month, and then come back to FL and live with people who are actually nice.
  6. coolness! thanks for the replies thus far! every time I look at something else about NYC I think "ohmygod! I can go see that!" ..oh and how ironic, a song from the movie "Party Monster" just came up on my winamp. you know, the club kid who murdered another club kid. oh, and where did this take place? NYC!!! I could go see that!! so um...all these tips and suggestions, but no offers to hang out. dang people, I don't bite (hard). I'm an awesome chick. I can provide references of people here that know me well enough. ok so I'm a little tall and that can be intimidating. maybe I'll have better luck once I -get- there. on Friday!!! did I mention I'm taking pictures?
  7. so...I'll fit right in? oh, yeah, I have the ticket too. rock! so I'll have to go get on a plane. that's in the airport. in a building.... :shock:
  8. oh, I'm in and out periodically. (and don't read too much into that, though I know someone will)
  9. After I get the ticket tomorrow it will be official that I'm going to NEW YORK CITY for 1 month! Sooo..who's up in the area that's going to keep me company and show me some theme parkses?? Oh yeah, I fly out this Friday. (guess that's kind of important)
  10. While adjusting to the culture of the United States, Frade felt for now it would be safe to stick with this booty on Halloween, instead of the traditional definition that we all know and love (and seek).
  11. I recommend my Compaq Presario 5220. It has never crashed on me (*knocks on wood*) even with the numerous times I've filled up the hard drive. It came factory installed with the latest and greatest operating system of all time...WINDOWS 98 (First Edition), has a whopping 8GB hard drive, 64MB Ram, a 32x CD-Rom drive and 2..count 'em 2 USB ports! Sure I've made a few upgrades over the 7 years I've owned this puppy (like adding a network card...) but for the time I've had it, and the number of times I've moved with it (7 going on 8 ) it's held up very well! and when I upped the RAM to 256MB, I can run Photoshop AND Dreamweaver at the same time! it's smokin'! (no really, it's literally smoking..eek! lol j/k) So..I've had good look with Compaq. I think they're HP now.
  12. I was going to keep my opinions out of it but since Elissa mentioned it I'll go ahead and say it. I loathe Warren Sapp. I hated him when he played for the Bucs, and the only reason I don't hate him now is because he's gone and is someone else's problem. He's rude, he's stingy, and he's a jerk. (my friend used to deliver pizzas to his house and he wouldn't tip the driver) Everyone else on the list, I have no opinion about, but I loathe Warren Sapp. p.s. how did a kicker make the list? they're normally more scrawny than the QBs..lol.
  13. The NFL's most overpaid players Top 10 1. Houston Texans Offensive Line 2. CB Charles Woodson, Oakland Raiders 3. K Mike Vanderjagt, Indianapolis Colts 4. WR Charles Rogers, Detroit Lions 5. DL Warren Sapp, Oakland Raiders 6. CB Eric Warfield, Kansas City Chiefs 7. LB LaVar Arrington, Washington Redskins 8. QB Aaron Brooks, New Orleans Saints 9. QB Chad Pennington, New York Jets 10. RB Kevan Barlow, San Francisco 49ers Here is the full article that explains why: http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/story/5002168?GT1=7409 So what do you think? Agree? Disagree? Don't care?
  14. and you can't have friends with benefits because then you don't know if they're friends because they like you, or because of the benefits. well, you could always remove the benefits and see what happens, but reality bites. *has no guy rants at the moment*
  15. why go to RHPS if you're not going to sing along and do the props? c'mon, where else can you throw toast into the air and it's okay? geez. talk-backs are the best part of the movie. ~Allison "meatloaf again?!" Y2K~
  16. um, I guess. I've been down here 17 years and I scored: 52% (Dixie). Right on the Mason-Dixon Line
  17. yeah I'm a 'tard. I didn't notice the time switch this morning, and all my clocks read the same time except for one...the computer...so naturally I thought it was wrong. yeah, smooth allie, it was the only one set -right-.
  18. so where are they getting pieces for rides currently running? "excuse me Mr. Test Track ride op? the front tire of this car is missing." "don't worry about it kid." "um....okay." :shock: *braces self for upcoming speed test*
  19. yeah what's so bad about a phallic shaped breadstick anyway? that emergency trolly is the coolest! I can't believe they renamed the Festhaus. then again, a German-themed restaurant in Timbuktu did seem a tad out of place. I still miss the monorail.
  20. Wally, you're an ass!! damn that made me jump.
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