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  1. I haven't been in 2 years or so. Fave park is Disney-MGM studios, fave ride is the Tower of Terror.
  2. I have heard good things about Le Cellier. I've never dined there myself because it's out of my budget range, but friends who have raved about it. Hulk is pretty good..I like Dueling Dragons better because the queue theming didn't give me a headache. I will agree with a few others that it is a smooth ride. I always watch the ride a few times while in the queue so I knew what to expect, and part way up the lift hill when the sound effects really kicked in, I knew to expect the launch shortly. Love the launched lifthill. Overall, despite my headache gripes with the queue theming, I give it an A-.
  3. Very cool: the water element looks awesome! For some reason I thought the vertical drops would be longer. *shrugs* Good video, good POV! (maybe a mention of the screaming guy in the credits? "Onride 'Ohmygawd I was so scared!' Commentary - Xxxxx" lol)
  4. I get into debates over this one. Gwazi! (damn Montu loyalists...)
  5. closest local park would be Busch Gardens - Tampa. ~Allison "The Gwazinator"~
  6. I can see this degrading into an entitlement debate. Everyone feels they should get something extra for one reason or another. "I'm a FL resident, I should get higher priority." "I'm staying in concierge, I should get higher priority." "I have 5 kids that are terrors, I should get higher priority." "I've never been to WDW before, I should get higher priority." "I'm a stockholder, I should get higher priority." etc...etc...etc... It won't be pretty. Keep it simple.
  7. Goodness...I've reached an assortment of 5 where I can't pick a favorite. I like them all. Especially the Busch Gardens video, but that's because I live an hour away so I gotta represent, yo. (p.s. I have no idea why I wrote that last part)
  8. that link was sssssuper. um, Jerry Falwell is out in the midwest - in Kansas I think. I went to Gay Days at WDW many years ago. I was okay with it, my rather conservative parents weren't. I'm sure that trip is partly to blame when I broke the news to them years later. heh. anyway, my roommates want me to go, I don't. but I would just to see the number of protestors you pass on the way into the resort.
  9. Dude! Where is Phantasia Land? I want to go after watching this video! Loved that video, and I loved the "Shut up and Smile" video. The Disneyland video was pretty cool too, and for the most part I enjoyed the Top Gun video. Looks like it was shot before the park opened one day in order to get footage of the trains without people on them. A good tribute..I loved that ride when I was there.
  10. I'm turning 30 this year *cries*. My first coaster was the Tidal Wave at Great America. It was a test to see if I could handle the loops. After that we promptly went on The Demon.
  11. I was hoping there was a search feature here in case the topic has been covered already. Um, so how many of you rode a coaster more than, say, 10 times in the course of 1 day at the park? and which coaster? A few weeks after opening my best friend and I rode Kumba at Busch Gardens Tampa a total of 20 times in one day. And each time we'd exit the ride like good guests and re-enter the queue from the beginning. I'm sure the ride ops got sick of seeing us after awhile.... Fun times. 8)
  12. um..woah! :shock: Guy T Koepp's "It Came From The 4th Dimension" video is definatly different. heh heh. in a good way, for sure. I'm still undecided about riding X, especially after seeing some footage from this vid. It was cool though..campy..cheeky...funny. Ted Cromwell's Solace Weekend 2005 was pretty decent. I liked the music: Pennywise always makes things better, plus it fit well with the water-ride footage. Greg Spalding's UK Parks Video was different. The footage and music kind of gave it a "summer vacation retrospective" feel. I was sitting here watching the video thinking "*sniff* yeah, those were good times, weren't they?" which is odd since I have never been overseas, so the video gave me that type of impression and feeling. Paul Ruiz De Miquel's Terra Micata video was great. some antics and silliness that I enjoyed, and yeah I laughed when the duck bit the child. haha. I liked the spanish cover of the Ramones. Tom Mueller's Universal Orlando 2004 was decent. Yes, the joys of living (or vacationing) in Florida and watching the temperature slowly rising. *sigh* I miss Dueling Dragons now after watching this video..and Popeye...and Dudley Doo-Right...*sigh*. Shania Twain's "Up"? *shrugs* it worked for the video which is all that counts. ..can you tell I put some emphasis on the music?
  13. I feel some loyalty to Flashback since that was one of my first coasters back when it was Z-Force at Great America waaaay back in the day. *sniff* I remember opening day. *sniff* ok, I'm better now. looking at the picture of it on this thread all I can think is, 'damn they let that ride go downhill'. Gwazi? a bad ride? blasphemy. I love a wooden coaster that jerks you around. The Beast used to do that very well. My vote for a bad coaster would be Anaconda at PKD. I think the only PR it had going for it was that it went "under water". Oooooooo. *snore* or Ninja at SFOG. that was a big let down.
  14. Back seat. always. any coaster. I like the way the back rows get 'pulled' over the main lift hill from the inertia of all the rows in front of them. The few times I rode up front I didn't like slowly going down the first drop and waiting for all the other cars until the speed kicked in. The back seat has always felt, to me, faster and a little more out of control since you can't always see what's coming up. You just have to go with it and take the turns and inversions as they come at you. That and less chances of getting bugs in your teeth. The only exception I have found to this is Disney World's Space Mountain, where the front seat is preferable since it's enclosed and dark and the ride isn't spoiled by just watching the heads of the people in front of you.
  15. Maybe I'm weird, I don't know (wouldn't be the first time). I checked out all the vids available for 2005 so far. I like probably 3-4 of them right now. The videos I loved from last year, and am hoping on submissions from, were videos like "Hope McArthur's Epcot video", "Thomas Owing's 'We Like To Party' Video" and the videos from the guys over at Wootah.com. I'm all about fun antics, hijinks and guys basically being silly. Something that gives the impression of 'this group would be awesome to hang out with at a park some day'. Rob and Elissa's videos come to mind in that regard too, as do the videos from Onride. But...only 10 have been put up so far so I am sure with 30 more to go I'm bound to find a few that I'll love. 8)
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