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  1. Well, my username has an interesting history related to my transitioning (read about it in the Sexual Orientation thread). So.. Allison - the name that I had decided on. Y2K - the year (2000) where I suddenly decided to stop living for everyone else and to start living my life for myself. That was a promise I made to myself in the year 2000. I keep the Y2K added on as a reminder of that promise. My AIM screen name is a little more colorful: FairyGodTranny. I always have a way to helping people out when they really need it, or doing something out of the blue that really helps a friend out, or watching over a friend and making sure they're okay. kind of like a fairy god mother, but since I'm not a mother, I'm their Fairy God Tranny. "Allie, what am I going to do?" "Don't worry, dear, your fairy god tranny's here to help you." something like that. 8) I use AllisonY2K for the majority of my screen names. on DISboards, though, to be different and since I liked it so much I was TSIfan - Tom Sawyer Island fan. I still love that attraction, it's so much fun to go exploring on that island. I think any future Disney-related message boards I join, or themepark-related messageboards I'll try to be EvilTower because Tower of Terror is such an awesome ride.
  2. Teddy called me 'Momma Allie'. 8) stop being so cute, Teddy!! ~Allison "just kidding, keep up with the cuteness" Y2K~
  3. I'm glad being TS is not a choice. if any of you were thinking about it, I'd have to slap you silly. actually I would argue that being gay or lesbian is better than being TS, but that's just me. waterviper: thanks for the support.
  4. the Santa Claus Union has one last shindig before dispersing to the malls for the rest of the year.
  5. would this be on Conan's "what if they mated" segment (or however you call it)?
  6. Teddy you sexy thang, wanna go out some time?
  7. here's just a general link to my LiveJournal. all my NYC excursions are public entries so just follow this link and you can check back periodically with what's going on and stuff. Allie's LiveJournal today's adventure that is about to start is going to take me to Central Park. woohoo!
  8. when I was working at a golf course I was hit by a golf ball at short range. the guy was testing out his new driver, hit his ball at full strength and it hooked to the left and hit me on my back right side, between my ear and neck. hurt like hell too, but a few aspirin and I was okay later.
  9. no, just in NYC. where the fake picante sauce is. (buy Pace, it's not made here) ~Allison "blatent product placement" Y2K~
  10. I'm undecided on the fuzz. I like the pics both with and without.
  11. good, I am not a fan of the THUG series. loved THPS 1-4 tho.
  12. so just put it on at school. make your mom happy so she doesn't have to worry about you any more than she probably does already. ~Allison "Mama Allie has spoken" Y2K~
  13. whatever. I'm already mad Cyclone is down for rehab. but I did find a Nathan's much closer to me. and what's the scoop on Guava Dog? there's like sooo many of them in Manhatten. looks interesting to try once.
  14. Allie = broke until her paycheck arrives. duh, I can always go back there. Not like it's leaving....
  15. Day #3 / #4 http://www.livejournal.com/users/allisony2k/206654.html
  16. sorry for the double reply, here's links to my first two LiveJournal entries of my trip to NYC. enjoy!! Pre-trip and flight to NYC rest of Day #1 and all of day #2 p.s. they're a little lengthy.....
  17. oops.. that should have read "leave". this is what being really tired, yet wanting to update does to you.
  18. Guess where I'm at!!! uh huh..I'm here...in New York City! it's great. I love it so far, I might not want to live. though the 1-hour by subway commute to get anywhere sucks. thanks for the tips and suggestions, peeps, keep 'em coming! I'm in Brooklyn, btw, like south Brooklyn. It's a nice, safe area actually.
  19. She said famous, not infamous. ..for being banned from theme parks. ..for always being hungry. ... If I'm related to someone famous, it's news to me! lol.
  20. yup, got it. thanks Teddy-bo-beddy. Also got some places from people who were more direct in answering instead of offering vague answers.
  21. weren't most of the 90210 cast in their late 20s/early 30s when the show was popular? that could explain the aging...
  22. I noticed that too, but I wasn't going to go there. thanks for taking one for the team! 8)
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