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  1. maybe everyone finally answered? lol
  2. Vault = teh suck. blech! I love Jones Soda, and I miss Cheerwine and SunDrop. *thinks* I don't think there are any sodas down here in FL that aren't available nationwide.
  3. I like coasters, don't get me wrong, but I don't obsess over coaster manufacturers or ride element terminology, or why rides made by _____ suck more than rides built by ______. if I like a coaster, I ride it. I don't think too much about why I like it or what elements make it a good ride, or why it was a good ride one year and then sucked the next year. *shrugs*
  4. I'm still part of that 1% that hasn't changed much. *sigh* at least it's consistent. lol.
  5. drag shows rock!! looks like you had a fun time. loved the pics!
  6. it's not bad. I use it as a backup email. ..and it looks like someone already sent an invite so I don't have to...
  7. I had to take a pic like this because everyone on myspace does! ...and my tongue ring rocks!
  8. 6.454 *shrugs* I type more for accuracy than speed. (thus avoiding the !!!1!!!!111! syndrome)
  9. ewww mushrooms. lose the mushrooms and I'd eat it.
  10. here ya go. something everyone hopes for. p.s. it wouldn't let me upload through the "add attachment" so I just put a link from my photobucket account. ADMIN EDIT! FTP Server working again! Yay!
  11. I'm still the token tranny. hey, Craig's the token yankee guy, I can be the token tranny!
  12. I wonder if they'll change the "Single Rider" Line to the "Sad and Pathetic" Line? Sorry Barry, that guy was just wrong in saying his comment.
  13. at least they could have spelled Shiekra correctly. *shakes head* I'm still trying to figure out how Kingda Ka fits into that FL coaster comparison. *scratches head*
  14. um..it was the same price as a 1-day admission. I just got mine at AAA on Friday. actually, no, it was cheaper than a one day admission..by 1 penny! (thanks AAA for that discount)
  15. I used to be a regular. I'd love to help out if I was here more frequently, but alas....
  16. it's flippin' cold out! and yesterday it was cold and very windy. argh...this is not Florida weather.
  17. popcorn is a healthy snack alternative, so by all means...dig in. (just don't load up on butter or salt. butter isn't that good for you and too much salt will make you retain water and cause your ankles to swell)
  18. "Look what I can do! I'm a raptor from Jurassic Park: The Ride."
  19. My resolution: to not make any New Year's resolutions.
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