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  1. I'm getting a Robb/Hulk vibe off this pic.
  2. no, but it rained twice today. I'm sure if the temperature dropped about 30-40 degrees from the 60s into the 20s or 30s it would have snowed.
  3. "No contract make him tingle!" sorry, I've seen the Happy Chrismahanukwanzakah commercials from Virgin Mobile a tad too much. "Nooo, Allah spank YOUR bottom."
  4. black sweatpants, grey "Save Ferris" t-shirt (love that band), white lacey bra, white undies.
  5. I secretly downloaded mp3s when I was told not to. *gasp*
  6. on a side note, what's this World Lager that AB has out now? best of both worlds? what's the dealio, Beer Man?
  7. yes, but if your delivery date is right around the time that a new coaster is going to open, then it could be a problem. make sure you've squeezed the kid out before Goliath opens at SFoG!
  8. I spent $5 on a shower caddy. no wait..that's not the last thing I bought! I spent about $8 at Subway for a chicken bacon ranch sub meal.
  9. wasn't there an "Elissa is preggers!" rumor a couple months ago? funny how things come back around some times.
  10. PS2 I couldn't decide between PS2 and Xbox, and figured maybe the Xbox would just be a fad and not catch on, so I bought the PS2. shows what I know. lol.
  11. join the club girl, nothing wrong with not being innocent....as long as you admit to not being innocent.
  12. so did you poke Robb with your stuffed thermals? I would have.
  13. and if you lose it you're screwed. ..then again when you find one it's awesome. I found an unused $24 MetroCard and I was in heaven.
  14. man boobs are gross. hairy man boobs are grosser. sausage on the other hand......
  15. only if you're Elissa and only if it's Expedition GeForce!
  16. uh, it was a disposable camera and the film was still fresh, so... *shrugs* Jarmor: I figured NYC was more exciting than a picture of me. besides, there's enough pics of me (or parts of me..ahem crispy). Teddy: have you been shopping cart-jacked much? niiicolaaah: good luck trying to convince your friends to go with you to Coney Island. it's a little bit of a trek by subway to get out there just to see a coaster that's closed and being refurb'd right now. plus it's cold and windy out there! I only went: a) because I could, b) because I wanted to, c) because I had nothing else better to do, and d) because I didn't have to drag anyone else along with me. but hey, if you can convince them to go...by all means, go and check it out!!
  17. I worry about anyone who voted for coasters. (unless they've never had sex before, then I understand)
  18. who's ready to see pictures?! (advance apologies for the large sizes) also, all my journal entries from the flight to NYC to the bus ride home from NYC are up in my LiveJournal. they are public entries, too, so just follow the link to read all about it. http://www.livejournal.com/users/allisony2k/ here is my stuff packed up for NYC. one bag checked, one carry-on. the shoulder strap for the duffel bag broke shortly later. turns out this bag weighed only 23 pounds. Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport. notice how dead the place is, even at 10:30am when my flight was leaving. I'm still mad I had to toss my two lighters when I could have checked them in my bag. also, don't wear boots when flying because you have to take off your shoes and have them scanned. it's a pain to you and the people behind you to have to unlace these. This is a view of Bird Key and Lido Key. If you look to the left of center you'll see a distinct circle area, that's St. Armand's Circle. more of Sarasota is visible to the right of the picture. the Sarasota/Bradenton area is beautiful from the air. I missed the chance to take a picture of Protocol (my old job). this picture is for my friend Jo, who collects airline barf bags. don't ask me, I'm just picking them up for her in exchange for some UK candy bars. 3 hours later I land at LaGuardia Airport in NYC. (Queens, specifically) this is only like...1/10th of LaGuardia. this place is HUGE! planes stacked up waiting to taxi and take off and stuff. it's amazing! The steaming Cup O Noodles sign in Times Square. it really has steam coming out of the top of it!! it was really high up so I am surprised my camera captured it at all. I was going to take a pic of me flipping the bird to the MTV building (or during TRL) but I didn't have the heart. part of the rebuild efforts of the World Trade Center. the size of damage is phenominal. sadly all the wreaths, flowers, candles, notes, pictures have all been removed. a really old cemetery located directly across from the World Trade Center. ..and now for you rollercoaster geeks out there: The Coney Island Cyclone photo triple-pack! this coaster is awesome and seeing how close you can get to it and really see how big (and tall) it is was awesome as hell. Saw this sign at Coney Island. I heard you can nominate your ex-boyfriends for this. Hudson River (and across the river is beautiful, scenic and pleasant-smelling New Jersey) The New York Stock Exchange. outside there were NYPD in riot gear carrying M16s! it was kinda scary actually to think what could go down right there. this is on the corner of Wall Street and Broadway. I found it by accident. This sculpture was originally located at the World Trade Center. through all the destruction, only part of it was damaged. during rebuilding efforts it was moved to South Ferry. THE INFAMOUS Stonewall Bar in Greenwich Village. this is where the Gay Rights Movement started after a police raid. this movement was fronted by drag queens. y'all pay some respect to the fabulous sisters who don't want their weiners chopped off, thankyouverymuch. Apparently some homeless guy really didn't want to lose his cart so he locked it to a sign post and planned on coming back later for it. (during a return trip a week or two later the cart (and chain and lock) were gone) also located in Greenwich Village. The Statue of Liberty. it's on it's own island and stuff. again, it was taken kind of far away so I am glad my camera picked it up. The pterodactyl spear-thingy on the Staten Island Ferry that I talked about on my Staten Island Adventure (in 3D) Sadly, my picture of the Rockaway Beach sign was too dark to print. (yeah, I went there because it's a Ramones song title..I'm a dork like that)
  19. how come you say that exact same line when I call and ask about my account and balance information? lol. Northwind: no! didn't get to see any shows unfortunatly. I would have loved to see: Rent Spamalot Chicago (b/c Huey Lewis was playing Billy Flynn) Mamma Mia! (for the Abba songs) Avenue Q ..I didn't know about Spamalot and I came upon it by accident..then I saw who was in it...Tim Curry...as King Arthur.
  20. I got into St. Pete, FL this morning at 9am after being on a Greyhound bus for 32 hours. why I'm still awake right now I have -no- idea. I didn't get much sleep and I don't think my body was pre-dispositioned to survive on sun chips, sour gummi worms and diet mt. dew. on the flip side while rolling through VA/NC I let out a "whootah" since I was riding through their states. ...and while passing by South of the Border I thought of the Tommy & James crew (and Brian and his girl). So yeah, NYC was amazing. totally amazing. however I didn't plan on ending up at the Mount Sinai Psychiatric Ward for a week, but that's how I spent my last week in NYC (voluntary admission). Not going to dwell on it. I have Zoloft so all will be better eventually. I did get to eat at Nathan's and some pizza place that had h-u-g-e slices of pizza. oh, and guava dog too. saw all kinds of stuff. got to go to a comic con (for free), did the 5 boroughs, peed in central park (twice), saw cute skater boys in Union Square, etc...etc...etc... except for the last week, the other 3 weeks were amazingly awesome.
  21. so..do you get lots of promotional videos for nudist colonies? this DVD will be waiting for me when I return from NYC so it will be a wonderful gift to look forward to.
  22. Jerry Seinfeld Ray Romano John Pinette Brian Regan Ralphie May Ellen Degeneres Bill Engvall Larry the Cable Guy (to an extent) Carrot Top
  23. don't go there.... well..you already did so why fight it. lol.
  24. I vote 'No' on Proposition Sticky. (as pervy as that sounds)
  25. I saw this while browsing titles at KB and looked at it like when a dog hears an unfamiliar sound.
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