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  1. Bert - I was totally thinking of you when watching this season. I have completely fallen in love with Louisiana this season. She has done really well and seems like just a FANTASTIC person.
  2. I'm kind of obsessed with this show! For those who don't know what it is, it is like the opposite side of the coin from RuPaul's Drag Race. This is the spooky, heavy metal, filthy drag competition to become the next Drag Supermonster. The tag line is: Drag, Filth, Horror, Glamor Thoughts???
  3. Looks like a cool concept - I like the idea of the free fly type ride doing something other than zac-spin type maneuvers. I'm looking forward to see what this is going to do!
  4. You know - I never even knew that this place existed. I mean, I knew about the Space Needle, but it's really cool that this whole park surrounds it. Thank you for posting!
  5. Thanks for the pictures! That just reminded me of how much more intense Vampire seemed than other Batclones.
  6. ^ You guys will have a great time. Since I recall that you are not a "Flash Pass" kind of guy I'd highly recommend rope dropping Dare Devil Dive. It is by far the smoothest Eurofighter I've ever ridden but the capacity is garbage. You will have to pass Scorcher and Twisted Cyclone, but trust me and do it. Superman was the 1st flyer and actually uses terrain to its advantage but remember that it is a flyer and loading times can be a bit rough. Of course, don't miss Mindbender - it is AWESOME - try to get a couple rides in the back seat. Monster Mansion - don't miss it. It is an old but incredibly weird and well dark ride. Like most Six Flags, your wait for food will be frustrating - but they have actually been serving decent food this year so that is a plus. it is a VERY hilly park, so be prepared for that and use the Sky Buckets to your advantage. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to ask. I've been going there most of my life and actually take my 3 year old every weekend. David
  7. ^Knoebels has always been one of those places where it just feels impossible to run out of things to do and see! Truly, I've only ever spend 1 day at a time at the park and it NEVER feels like enough time.
  8. That's an awesome article! I absolutely loved the piers when I last visited so reading things like this just makes me happy. They seem like a fun group of people all around.
  9. ^ I'm looking forward to going on Monday. Funny - you can't reserve parking for Monday. I wouldn't trade going to the park with my little guy for anything, but I have to admit, I've ridden the Mine Train, Log Flume, Hanson Cars and Monster Mansion enough this year to last a lifetime . I need some Mindbender, Twisted Cyclone and Goliath in my life right now. I would have added Scream Machine to that list, but my one ride earlier this year was enough to tell me that I'll wait until some of those potholes are addressed before riding again.
  10. ^Awesome! Thanks. I always forget Columbus Day as I usually have to work. I wonder if it will be super-busy? Either way I think I'll go for a while. It's only about 20 minutes away for me and I have some vacation time to burn
  11. Looking at the calendar and it shows the park is open on Monday, October 14th. Is there something special going on that day? I was thinking that if it wasn't some sort of bring a friend free nonsense I'd take the day off and go for a few hours. I go every weekend with the little man, but would like to ride some of the headliners a bit this season. Any thoughts?? David Edit to add: if the park is indeed open that Monday, if anyone wants to meet up for a while to ride that would be cool!
  12. Great report as always! I didn't know that Altair was lap-bar only. Sounds much better than the OTSR Colossus.
  13. Awesome report as always Chuck - I always get some grins and laughs.
  14. At least it is a very pretty and well landscaped park! Thanks so much for the report - I always love them.
  15. WOW! I don't know if I'd be able to get my little guy out of the hotel and hotel playground to actually go into the park! What a great report. Thank you for sharing it. David
  16. What an awesome and fun report Bert! Thanks so much for taking the time to share this with us.
  17. Awesome report Zach - amazing pictures as always. The turkey picture and caption got me - laughed quite a bit.
  18. I always found Howl-o-Scream to be my favorite haunt in Florida. Horror Nights is really great - but it seems like there is more of a passion for the event at Busch Gardens and that they try harder. David
  19. Awesome report and pictures Chuck! I got quite a few chuckles reading it. Seems like a park in search of an identity and I hope they get it together. Also looks like a very large drop in "quality" between the amazing heavy hitter roller coasters and the kids coasters. Did any of them qualify as "family" rides?
  20. Since I've been going most weekends with a very tall 3 year old, I've only ridden Scream Machine once this year. I grew up on this coaster and really love it, but it was BRUTAL this year. I'm glad to hear that re-tracking is in process as it really is a great classic coaster. The last 2 Sundays being Bring a Friend Free have been frustrating. I'm hoping they are done with those!! Waiting an hour for Monster Mansion and keeping a three year old entertained is difficult
  21. Looks awesome! Can't wait to get back down to Orlando to check out both of these!!
  22. I'm saddest about the Rock-o-Plane and hope it finds a new home somewhere. Those are a hoot!! I completely understand this and hope they are able to add some cool slides and things to the nice areas that we walked around in in the dry park. I have happy memories of this place as it was the first park we wen to on my first ever TPR Trip in 2007. It was the day I met a bunch of amazing people that I'm still friends with today.
  23. I really do love this color of blue - it is going to look awesome. In regards to the "coaster people" topic - I went on I think 6 TPR tours back in the day and most everybody on the trips were awesome. I've made some lifelong friends and really love them. For example, my husband and I got married in Orlando a couple of years ago - around 15 people I've met through TPR flew in for my wedding which brought me a lot of joy. At some events I've come across people that were the negative stereotype and generally just stayed away from them , but I've met many more really funny and fun people than I've met of that type. I'll forever remember marathoning Intimatidator 232 with a 65 year old grandmother who had just gotten a new hip!! She was a hoot! As my little guy gets older and able to ride everything I look forward to taking trips with him and maybe meeting some of you lovely people. Until that time - if you get down to SFoG feel free to give me a shout!
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