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  1. With a lot of the claw games the chances of winning a prize depends on the employee who stocked the machine. I've seen some machines where they have packed the prizes tight together like sardines, where on others there just laying loose on top of each other. At a recent trip to Disneyland, they had a new game called Barber Cut, where high dollar prizes(Nintendo Wii Etc) were hanging from strings and you have to use two control buttons to make a scissor device cut the string to release the prize. Here's a short clip of the game:
  2. ^Wow I thought only Elissa got that view! But now Robb has shared it with the whole world. Your trip report is a entertaining read as always!
  3. The cake eating contest gave me a flash back the the movie Stand By Me, and their Pie Eating contest. Great updates as always, glad the trip is fun as usual!
  4. ^I'm driving up to Vegas on October 31st (Halloween) and staying thru November 2nd. Its my first time staying at the Wynn, it should be great. I'm fairly sure that I'll do the Skyjump while I'm there this trip. (I hear there's a bar up at the top near where you jump, just in case there's a need for a little 'Liquid Courage') I believe Joey said he going back to Vegas in December for the grand opening of the Cosmopolitan, we'll have to encourage him to do a jump as well!
  5. The Skyjump looks great! How long did the whole process take? I'm heading to Vegas at the end of October, I'll be looking forward to seeing this in person. Last time I visited Vegas I stayed at the Paris and had a great time. I like the location of Planet Hollywood/Paris hotel right in the middle of the strip. I'm visiting Vegas again at the end of October, but this time were staying at the Wynn. Looking forward to the rest of your trip report. Also don't forget to post your photos of your visit to the 'Bunny Ranch'. (Don't worry your friends at TPR won't judge you)
  6. ^But just like in life, every crap is different. I always assumed that it was more of a 'random' bag of crap. That Robb and Elissa grab an envelope and toss in various objects from their apartment that they want to get rid of. (aka Crap) Once that envelope is full, off it goes...............to the lucky recipient.
  7. Well California will certainly become an even more popular place to live. First we allow same-sex marriages, and then come the November ballot we could legalize pot. (Up to one once for personal use) Though Federal law will trump state law on the pot issue. Should still be interesting to see how both of these issues play out.
  8. My cousin just visited last week from the east coast and bought a 1-day park hopper for Disney/DCA for $97.00. We spent about 15 hours at the parks that day, so that works out to about $6.00 an hour? For her $6.00 an hour she got to ride an endless series of attractions, parades, fireworks, Fantasmic, etc... Still seems like a good value to me. On another note, there are definitely some people who do want to pay ANYTHING! The line we were in to enter the park got held up because some parent with a child who was clearly 3+ years of age was trying to claim their little boy was still only 2 years 10 months. We moved to another line, but the parents were arguing with the supervisor over it when we walked by. I wonder what Disney does in those situations, I'm sure it must be a daily occurence.
  9. ^^Well Elissa most people on this site view you and Robb along the lines of 'Comic Book SuperHeros', who are capable of accomplishing the impossible. Clearly your followers of TPR feel there is no task beyond your abilities. (Including but not limited to KidTums, running TPR, Club TPR, planning global excursions, arranging ERT, and investigating mysterious ride pieces at SFMM.)
  10. Joey have you given up on your cross state excursions into the land of Sin and Debauchery? Are you walking the straight and narrow line, while spending your Friday nights reading the Tanakh? It's time for a Vegas run! (Maybe you could take those Adventurous Alveys along with you)
  11. I watch a lot of movies and trade stocks on a website called the Hollywood Stock Exchange. (HSX) One of the most disturbing movies I've seen in recent years is Asian Director Takashi Miike's movie 'Audition'. The movie is a very visceral experience. It made Bravo's 100 Scariest movies list at # 11. Here a clip from Bravo. Enjoy!
  12. I always thought the reason the Alveys shared similar opinions is because Elissa is one of those good 'obedient wives' who does as her husband instructs. Oh wait, wait, I got that backwards, Robb is one of those obedient husbands who does as his wife instructs. Yes that's it. You have to admit that you have a uniquely awesome union, where you can share such similar passions in life. How many people can take a hobby, build a website around it, travel the globe, and play tour guide to 50+ people in the process? Only Robb + Elissa! I agree with you about London, its a great city to visit. A few years back I spent two weeks there and had an amazing time. (Though I didn't sample any Pizza Huts, I did of course visit a McDonalds or two) These continued updates are great, and like others have stated Waterpark ERT sounds fantastic!
  13. ^I hope thats true about Toy Story, because it has to be the most popular ride in the park. A few weeks back I was at DCA at opening and when they they let the rope down this massive crowd ALL headed to Toy Story.(I was heading to CA Screamin') But once they reached the ride it wasn't open on time, and the line stretched all the way back up the pier. The crowd was getting a bit testy, but the eventually opened about 15 minutes later. It's a nice testament to Disney though, that they designed and built a unique attraction that everyone really enjoys.
  14. Is this why Disney doesn't seem to like to build Wooden Coasters, because over time they can deteriorate into rough rides? I would love to see Ghost Rider have this procedure. I've always enjoyed the track layout of Ghost Rider, and I remember when it wasn't as jarring as it is now. (But jarring or not, whenever I visit Knotts It often one of my first rides of the day)
  15. Wait a second, who TPR ended up ringing the bell??? Surely with a group as large as yours, someone must have rung it! If not, then those massive glasses of beer did their job. Those pretzels you guys had put our local Auntie Annes to shame. (And I've never seen a gorgeous pretzel girl at Auntie Annes like the one serving you guys)
  16. I just moved a few months ago, and I had to drag everything up three flights of stairs! Fun! But it's nice to be in a new place, so no complaints. On your Wildcat POV, It sounds like you had some 'new' coaster enthusiasts getting their first ever credit! They were ((((screaming)))) all the way up that lift hill and beyond.
  17. Just click on Robbs name where ever you see it and send him a PM (private message). I'm sure that as soon as he gets back from the U.K. trip, he'll take care of you.
  18. Wow Robb, like most celebrities, people always seem to want to know the most intimate details of your life.(Your health, your kids, your job, your female conquests etc.) In regards to Dr. Jellyfinger, I would assume Robb has good prostate health, since in the current U.K. 2010 trip report he appears to be successfully fornicating with a sheep.
  19. The Sarlacc is where Boba Fett met his end. Though most of us would rather have seen a bunch of Ewoks tossed in instead. The updates have been very entertaining! Thanks for all the hard work!
  20. Nice trip report. You've obtained some hard to reach credits. (Perhaps even beyond the reach of the Alveys) I liked the row of beds, hasn't everyone at some point had a long day at a theme park when you didn't want to sit, but instead lay down? Great idea! I hope you get the chance to visit more parks while visiting this amazing country! Keep Posting!
  21. I think they should rebuild it, but as the 'Buddy Christ' from Kevin Smiths movie Dogma. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buddy_Christ.
  22. I hope Wes has a bet going on with his buddies again, so that we can see the return of his avatar wearing a Celtics jersey! Celtics in six.
  23. ^Glad to hear that it's living up to expectations. As a cast member I assume that you will arrange to get Robb + Elissa into the opening night show? Even if you have to handcuff Robb(who's not a show guy) to the railing to force him to sit through a viewing. I hope opening night goes well for you guys, it should be interesting to say the least.
  24. Once again here's the argument for some sort of instant replay. That pitcher isn't likely to ever throw another perfect game in his career, so that's a bitter pill for him to swallow. Obviously you couldn't use it for balls/strikes, but for situations like this or homeruns/foul line calls. It's hard to believe there has already been (almost) three Perfect Games so far this season. Way to go pitchers!
  25. I visited the parks on Memorial Day, it was busy but not crazy busy. I rode the Orange Stin.....Uhh Silly Symphony Swings, and I definitely like the new outdoor format. The redesign of the overall structure looks impressive, including some nice little architectural details. They must have been rushing to complete it by this weekend, because there was a strong odor of paint. Overall, a nice redo of this attraction, and yet another piece in the DCA puzzle has been placed.
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