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  1. Well this has been an interesting and tragic discussion thru the past 9 pages..... Sadly, the end result is a child died. Yes as a parent,(Which Robb and Elissa Passionately Are) this situation was avoidable. Certainly any parent should think twice before setting their 2 year old up on a rail (for better photos) for which this horrific event occured. This amazing Zoo, which has a great long term record for guest safety will recover. The wonderful animals within the park will still have many visitors to see them, even if this child died. This is a 'freak' occurance, and will most likely be settled 'out of court'. These aweful parents WILL become Millionares at the expense of their dead child. (this is why the zoo carries insurance) But, when this aweful Mother is driving around in her new shinny 'BMW' or whatever, she will hopefully realize that this situation wasn't the zoo's mistake, but her own................(she ALONE caused her childs death) I Hope She Feels a bit Guilty, rather than just blaming the zoo! Time and her conscience will tell............
  2. ^Regardless, (even without Alex) the Dodgers should be a strong contender next year. Though the "new" owners have shown a desire to improve the team in the off season. 2013 will be exciting for the Dodgers no matter what! I'll be curious to see what the heck they chose to do...........The future looks bright.
  3. Joey^ Matt Kemp, Carl Crawford, Adrian Gonzales...............Alex Rodriguez??? That would make a few pitchers nervous.
  4. Well I just visited the Disneyland Resort for the first time for the summer season.(July 31st-Aug 2nd) I've had an Premium annual pass for a few years (though I may renew at a lower level, based on the new costs$$$) whatever! ) Regardless, Cars Land/Buena Vista Street was an incredible improvement over what was there previous years. ( I was very impressed!) This park is much improved. I think Buena Vista Street may actually be better than Main Street USA! (which I love) Regardless, it's a Great overall improvement for DCA. Disney has done a great work with DCA! If your considering whether or not to spend your vacation dollars at the Disneyland/DCA resort, then rest assured that you 'Won't" be disapoionted. I had a great time in the 'New' resort!
  5. Well like others I was expecting an increase this year, though this is a bit higher than I imagined. Now for what I spent this year on my Premium pass, the same amount of money will only basically cover a Southern CA pass (plus parking). Luckily my current pass is valid until January 2013, so I have a while to see if it will be worth while to renew again. Disney is being a little short sighted by such a large increase. When at the parks I spend a lot of additional funds on food/merch, so if I don't renew they lose out on all of that revenue. I understand the babysitter effect of the park, and maybe they have more annual passholders then they need. (Though they push it on ever person who buys a one day ticket) I like all of the upcoming additions to DCA, I just hope they do a bit more to Disneyland. There hasn't been a major E-Ticket addition since Indiana Jones (back in 1996) and rehashing the Subs/Star Tours doesn't count in my book as a 'new' E-Ticket. I would really like if they would just update Tomorrowland to be an actual land of the future. (Which it currently isn't) Time will tell if many jump ship or simply downgrade. Though if many just chose to downgrade, then those days when the two 'cheap passes' can enter the park will be ridiculously busy. Maybe instead of a Mad 'T' Party, there will be a Boston Tea Party as passholders say scr*w Disney, I'm outta here!!!
  6. There's a unique statistic in regards to Seau's death. Seau is now the 8th player from the 94' Superbowl team to die. (All of the players died before the age of 45) After getting bashed around for all those years (He played for almost 2 decades) Who knows how all those hits effects the brain. This situation is sad, he had an amazing NFL career, he's gone way before his time.
  7. Great update! Thanks for posting those amazing photos. I can't wait for the new land to open. Perhaps our leaders (Robb & Elissa) will come back to California for the grand opening! It would be great to see a big TPR get together for the opening of this new land. The future for DCA looks bright!
  8. Well it's no surprise, the exMcD's employee(a complete mental case) didn't have the winning ticket. (as she claimed) I would guess that her coworkers ripped that McD's apart looking for her 'missing ticket.' Anyhow, congratulations to the real winners, three local teachers!
  9. Thanks for posting this excellent trip report! I've been to many parks around the country, but this park is at the 'top' of my list to visit for the first time. I live in Southern California, and I visit the 'Disneyland Resort' about once a week, but I can't wait to make my way to Dollywood! It seems great in so many ways, between attractions offered and awesome food. I can't wait to make my way to this amazing park in the near future.
  10. Interesting post about the possible future expansion of the park. (Perhaps their first Disney Marvel Heros project?) A lot of the land shown on the map has 3rd party hotels on them, would any of those hotel owners even consider selling their properties. (Or would some form of eminent domain be enforced?) Disney has a lot of time to consider a third park, but I hope they will do it in the near future. Disneyworld is a HUGH success because of the variety of theme parks it offers. The Disneyland resort would only benefit from future expansion. (As long as its like the original IOA rather than the 'on the cheap' DCA of 2001) The future looks bright!
  11. ^that's a it takes.............................one ticket. Now your in for the show! (You never know)
  12. For a 'Carnival Ride' that looked pretty good. I would pay a few bucks to ride this attraction. I've been on DCA's Tower of Terror ride, and this version looked very interesting. I bet it's a lot of fun!
  13. Three teachers are! I wonder if the mother of 7 can get her job back at Elissa's favorite fast food restaurant?! I guess she got her 15 minutes of fame, hopefully her attorney will sue her for any services her provided to her. No doubt the next time the Alveys do a photo trip report in an adult video shop, we'll see her on the cover of some dvd.(she is infamous and that will sell a few Dvd's!)
  14. ^Sadly Disneyland has been neglected for Decades................There hasn't been a 'new' true E-Ticket attraction since what Indiana Jones? (When was that 1995???) Redoing the Subs, or Star Tours doesn't count in my book. Disneyland is a HUGH cash cow for the Disney ABC 'corporation', and they apparently don't see the need to interject capital into Disneyland, so they DON'T!!! I realize that 'Disneyland' is iconic, but still a major E-Ticket attraction should be added to keep this amazing park up to date. Time will tell..................I'm sure there are many attractions on the 'drawing board'. Let's hope they actually use them.
  15. Were about 5 weeks out from the start of the 2012 season. I can't wait! My Red Sox may still need some starting pitchers, but I'm definitely looking forward to opening day. (It's a new year, and anything can happen) This new season has moved a lot of talented players into new teams, so this year should be interesting. Everyone has the teams they like, so let's hope the owners of those teams have made the best off season acquisitions that will enhance their ability to represent their city and fans in the World Series. Bring on the new year!
  16. It's unfortunate that situations like this develope, but these parks admit who knows how many tens of thousands of people on a daily basis. (sadly some of those visiting to Disneyland/DCA indulge in drugs or alcohol) What surprised me the most is that the officer did not have immediate back up to this situation. I once read that Disneyland/DCA has more security officers, than Anaheim had police officers! Yet when this Disney officer needed help, none was available. (and the public had to step in) This is completely unacceptable! In this day in age of 'Terrorist' concerns (Which Disneyland/DCA is a prime target) I would have expected a hugh reponse to this situation.(even if it was overkill, that would better than having the park patrons help out) If a Disney policeman is spraying pepper spray and calling for help, then I would expect a momumental response to that situation. This sadly did not happen, and if anyone from Disney happens to read this thread, you have some explaining to do. If they couldn't handle a simple situation like this,(a drunken patron) then what the heck happens when an actual Terrorist strikes the park! It's time to review the security procedures of the park, perhaps they're not all that they could be. As a regular visitor, I would expect more.
  17. I can't believe Whitney Houston is dead! WTF! She was an amazing performer, who should have had an unbelievable life. Over the years, I enjoyed her musical talent, as well as her role in the movie 'The Bodyguard'. Perhaps if she had not hooked up with the infamous Bobby Brown, she would not be included in this awful thread. I'll miss her, and I wish her family well. Like Michael Jackson, she is gone long before her time.......................
  18. As usual another great international trip report from the Alveys! ^As for forking over some extra cash for a additional 'credit' Job Well Done! (I expect nothing less from Robb & Elissa, who will adapt to any situation presented to them)
  19. ^ This reminds me of a great former attraction at Raging Waters in San Dimas. It was called the Raging Rivers, which was an innertube ride where you started at the top of a mountain and rode it all the way to the bottom. What was great about this ride was that you could take multiple paths to reach the bottom so your ride could be different everytime you rode it. It was similar to a lazy river but with big drops and countless variety of twists and turns, with a great drop at the end of the ride. You could take as long as you wanted to get down the mountain, it was a blast. I believe they eventually replaced it with one of those multilane racing slide rides called Ragin' Racer. But Raging Rivers was there for many years, and was always my number one reason to visit the park.
  20. He was an amazing coach, and he lived a long life. But, he was the 'top' guy in his football program, and when a member of his staff was engaged in disgusting behavior with 'young boys' he needed to do more. Sorry, but you can't turn a blind eye to what was obviously disturbing treatment to little kids in the shower Etc... Justice will be done to those who were engaged in criminal behavior against those children. As for the coach, he has moved on, what the afterlife offers...... only he can tell at the moment.
  21. Wait I thought Carnival offered a 30% discount on your next Carnival cruise, so isn't all forgiven? Anyhow, sadly it takes a tragic event like this to change procedures that should have already been in place. (Like the muster drill). Because ANY other ship out there that was doing anything similar to Carnival, has now changed its procedures. It just makes sense to do a muster drill before a ship 'leaves' port, rather than within 24 hours or whatever. Carnival with endure this event, though it will be a costly $$$ mistake for them and their shareholders.
  22. Now the ships owner says 'significant human error by the Captain is likely'. Costa Cruises, a subsidiary of U.S.-based Carnival Corp stated 'the route of the vessel appears to have been to close to the shore, and in handling the emergency, the Captain appears not to have followed standard Costa procedures.' It's stated that the Captain was spotted on land during the evacuation, and he ignored pleas by officers that he return to his ship. As a side note, according to Italian navigation code, a Captain who abandons a ship in danger can face up to 12 years in prison.
  23. ^^ Oh man, news report state that he under investigation for manslaughter and worse 'abandoning the ship'. Hey isn't the Captain suppose to be the last one off? Lets just hope he wasn't found to be under the influence of something. Who knows what happens during a emergency situation like this, but I would think the 'Captain' would stay onboard (at the risk of his own life) to direct the emergency procedures, thus ensuring his passengers safety. Time will tell.......
  24. Wow! It just seems unbelievable that any cruise ship could 'run aground' in this day in age of satellite GPS etc... But it happens. That ship Captain has worked his last job. It's sad that so many people died as a result of his incompetence. When your on a vacation and cruising, this is the last thing on your mind as something that 'could' occur. But this is a very rare event, and would not deter me in the slightest from going on a cruise ship.
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