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  1. This has been a great thread to follow. Though in that radio interview from a page back they said that the Santa Claw may only be on for another month. (I hope not) This has been far to entertaining to this point. A little publicity goes a long way, so between TPR and other media outlets, hopefully the Santa Claw will live on for a while.
  2. ^The third gate, that is the question? What will the third gate involve? I pray that it isn't some 'waterpark', because LA has plenty of those.(Raging Waters / Knotts/ Wild Rivers) I hope that a 3rd gate would mean some type of massive new theme park, like the classic Disneyland. I assume that the imaginers will come up with something that will blow all of us away. (Assuming they have learned from past DCA mistakes) So bring forth an amazing new experience, and I'll look forward to the future. Disney can deliver a quality product, and I hope they will do so. Innovation is what Disney is all about, so the years to come should be amazing.
  3. ^^^Your maps are very accurate. The California letters are gone, and Sunshine plaza is now a hugh dirt pile.(They have torn up all of the concrete, to make way for a better tomorrow.) Bring on the renovations, because the future looks bright. I can't wait until 2012, because Disney will make this rejuvenated park into masterpiece it should have been when it originally opened. The imaginers are trying to improve upon an earlier disappointment, so I'm willing to give them some leeway to make things better for the future. DCA will rock by the end of 2012!
  4. Even though the cost may be up this year, the one thing you can count on is the Alveys putting on a 'quality' event. They have an excellent track record with previous events, and I'm sure this one will exceed expectations.(The Alveys always have a surprise or two involved that you weren't expecting) Between the food and ERT, it's going to be money well spent. I can't imagine that anyone who attends this years Bash would be disappointed. Robb and Elissa are dedicated to what they do, and we all benefit from it. If it wasn't for these two crazy coaster/theme park nut cases, we would never have access to awesome events like this! They continue to provide a otherwise unavailable service at a amazing price.
  5. If you feel that a change is necessary, then the forth one is the winner to me. Though personally I still enjoy the original message best 'Theme Parks Rollercoasters and Fun' But It's good to update things from time to time, so bring on the new slogan!
  6. I was at Disney 'Construction' Adventure today. It was a quite day (10 minute wait for Soarin' etc..) But there were more construction walls up today. The area where Maliboomer was located was completely closed and under major renovation. (perhaps they're building the new meet and greet area). But now when you pass Mickey's Fun Wheel it dead ends. To ride the Silly Symphony Swings you have to loop all the way around the back side. (When I rode the swings there was nobody on it, so they said you could ride it again as many times as you like) A Hugh Plus for all those swingers out there! Anyhow, the off-season has begun. So bring on the repair crews, and keep improving this park.
  7. ^I don't know, I've been at the park on it's super busy days when they have 9+ lines open to let people into the park (Never mind only 5/6) and there backed wayyyyyy up past the letters and people grow impatient. Now with the new entry they will have one ridiculously long snaking line to who knows where to enter this park. But we will see, I'm at the park 4/5 times a month, so I'll see what happens. (And post it on TPR )
  8. Well I was just at DCA a couple of days ago, and saw the new construction walls at the entrance of the park. I have to say that it should be interesting to see what they do when the park has a 'Busy' day. When you walk up to the new walls, you head to the left until you hit the 5/6 entry turn stiles to let you into the park. I was there on a quite day, but on a busy day, I could see that It will be a sloooow process to get into the park. But, what can you do, the new entry has to be built so that's the way it is. (Though I imagine that some people will get rather frustrated with the new process) I for one am willing to put up with the hassel, because I look forward to the long term goal of improving this park. Hopefully by mid 2012, we will look back and say it was all worth it. Disney wants to make DCA a park worthy of the Disney name, I hope these improvements will make it so.
  9. ^I agree Robb, the whole 'California' theme has been a waste. But, I believe that Disney feels their 'stuck' with the name after all of these years. It's the 'Iconic' name of the park, and that's a difficult thing to change. Calling the park ' Disneys Hollywood Studios' would make perfect sense. It goes well with being in Los Angeles / Orange County, as well as owning Pixar. But, the imaginers didn't figure that into the original name, so were stuck with DCA. In the years to come, I can only hope that this park will improve into something worthy of Disney. I have have faith in this company, and that they will make things right.(They're spending considerable $$$ capital) So I hope that Disney California Adventure will prove successful, so that they will continue to improve this park.
  10. For my experience it would have to be Disney's California Adventure. I was able to visit the park for the first time several weeks before it opened to the general public. I was very excited to go, but when the day arrived it was a hugh let down! Like many have stated in the past, it was Disney-lite. My brother and I did the entire park in under 3 hours! For a 'Disney' park we were stunned. Not only by the lack of attractions, but also by the lack of charm. Often I enjoy just walking around Disneyland, but DCA was not like that at all. But, Disney has been working hard to improve this park since then. By mid 2012, we will have the park that Disney should have presented 10 years ago. As a annual passholder I don't mind all of the construction walls at DCA, but for the tourist who traveled in from who knows where, I feel it's a lousy deal for them. Elissa has often stated that maybe Disney should have just 'closed' the park for six months to do an extensive overhaul. This would have been for the best, but for Disney it would be possibly admitting they messed up (which they'll never do) so construction wall ALL over the entire park is the way it is. Let's hope by 2012 this park will be a hugh success, because Disney is creative enough to do even more in the future.
  11. Hey LOST fans if you happened to play the famous/infamous LOST lottery numbers in last nights big Mega Millions draw ($350mil) Then you correctly selected 4 of the six numbers for $118! LOST lives on!
  12. I'm glad you had a fun time. I really enjoyed my New Years visit last year. (My first New Years visit in 10+ years) It seems like you visited many of the attractions the park has to offer. (Hopefully the park didn't hit capacity) Which would have limited your access to just one park. You traveled a looooooong distance, I'm glad you had a great time!
  13. I really enjoyed this ride when I visited IOA. All that really matters is that the crew safely evacuated everyone, an nobody was injured. This is one of those 'Freak' occurences where the employees of the park have to Step Up and follow emergency procedures to the letter. Obviously that happened, so that's great for Universal! (Often during some type of accident/emergency, you hear how the crew 'panicked' and didn't act correctly) That didn't happen here. The crew must have done their job and got everyone off the ride safely. I'm sure Universal will reopen this attraction as soon as it's possible.
  14. I hoped Joey would post a photo trip report from his recent trip to Vegas! (For the Cosmo opening) When I visited Vegas on Halloween (A wonderfully amazing FREAK Show) I visited the City Center, and I liked what was about to open. (Cosmo looked amazing) Vegas always entertains, I can't wait to see what comes next!
  15. About a year ago my cousin and I were on Disneylands Splash Mountain, when it came to a sudden stop. (On the second lift hill) Cast members showed up and helped us unload from the ride, which was GREAT because we received a excellent back stage tour of the entire ride. In fact when we were 'behind stage' we got to see the fully assembled Christmas Tree before they moved it to Main Street USA. It was a unique experience, that I've always enjoyed. Breakdowns can be disappointing, but also entertaining.
  16. I spent last years New Years at the Disney/DCA parks so here's some advice.(I had an awesome time) First, buy the Park-Hopper pass, yes it's $100 + bucks, but what the hell it's New Years!!! Both parks will be Rocking all Night! Your going to have an awesome time! What the hell is another $25 bucks(for an extra park) on New Years! So do it! If you can, arrive extra early(The park will sell-out early) so that you can start to collect your Fast-Passes for the day. If you want to hit up the 'rides', then start getting your Fast-Passes for them. Let's say you arrive at 10:00 am, head over to DCA an get a Fast-Pass for Soarin, then leave DCA, and head over to Disneyland and get one for Space Mountain. Now even though your Space Mountain Fast-Pass say you have to use it between 1:00-2:00 pm, that means nothing you CAN use it at 9:00pm at night if you want to, you just can't use it before 1:00pm.(I have never had a Disney cast member not allow me to use a fast-pass because it was past the stated time) So with a bit of effort on your part, going back and forth between the two parks you can collect many Fast-Passes and use them at your leisure. Maximize your Fast-Pass options.(The ticket will tell you when you are eliglible for another Fast-Pass) This system works great for those who know how to use it. (minimal lines for you) This way you can watch the Disney Christmas Parade (Which is excellent!) Or World of Color. Now later in the evening(Around 10-11pm), the cast member will hand out (Free) Hats + Whistles. But if you can get your hands on these items is random chance, I received it last year, but endlessssssssssss people kept asking me where I got them from. Hopefully you'll come across a cast member who gives you these New Years items, but who knows. Overall, you can have a great New Years at the Parks...............Good Luck To You!
  17. I always liked that 'snow bound' coaster video of Robb and Elissa. It's already cold to begin with, never mind riding roller coasters in it! (But Robb and Elissa have suffered for TPR in the past) Now it's still Christmas Eve as I post this message, so I haven't received and gifts yet. (Other than the nice lovin from my girlfriend) But, the approaching year looks bright! Bring on 2011!!!
  18. My God this movie was beyond awful! Eddie Murphy should feel absolute shame for making this debacle! Anyhow, I did like seeing the scenes at 'Marriotts' Great America, because I grew up in Marin County and this was My Theme Park. Though I haven't been back in many years, I would like a repeat ride on the "Demon" my first looping coaster!
  19. ^It sounds like you had a good day at the Alveys Mountain. (Thank God it was open for you today!) You didn't love Batman? I always thought it was a fun/intense (though a little short) ride. At least your Mom enjoyed it! It seems like you hit the majority of rides the park has to offer. The new year to come will offer some great new attractions for a possible repeat visit for you.
  20. Well I guess that 'Disney's Construction Adventure' would be an accurate statement. The Construction walls are all over the park! But, in my opinion it's all good, because they are infusings a hugh amount of capital $$$ to make the park much better. So if they have to relocate the entrance or inconvenience a visitor, that's ok by me. The park has a lot to offer even with the construction nonsense, and the future of the park looks promising. Disney will make DCA what it should have been back when it opened. They have succeeded with Toy Story Mania, and will continue with Car Land Etc... This park can only get better with time, and I look forward to what the future holds.
  21. Well I guess i'll just have to go to Disneyland instead. Plus maybe i'll catch Tron at Downtown Disney as well. (Its a double win for the Disney empire.) Though I'm not sure if Disney will run their popular Christmas parade if the weather is questionable.
  22. As a regular visitor to the Disneyland/DCA parks, I can say that the Fast Pass system works very well. In fact, if it wasn't for the Fast Pass system, I probably wouldn't have a annual pass to these parks. When I make my usually weekly visit to these parks I first head to DCA and get a pass for Soarin, then head over to Disneyland for a pass to Big Thunder Mountain. (For whatever reason DCA Fast Passes seem to have a longer wait, before you can get another Fast Pass) By utilizing the Fast Pass, I never wait in any long lines, no matter what day it is. When your waiting for your Fast Pass to be valid, you can go on attractions like Captain EO, or Crush at DCA. I realize that some people don't seem to understand the Fast Pass system, but any cast member will explain in to them. (If asked) These great innovations have made the Theme Park experience more enjoyable. Utilize them!
  23. All right you've been in the Middle East for several days, yet we haven't see you two at Wild Wadi! What is going on! Enough with the roller coasters credits etc... Lets move on to some of the most amazing Water Parks this country has to offer. I do hope that you also get to visit that great indoor ski slope as well. (It looks like a lot of fun) Thanks for visiting this far off destination! Many of us can only dream about the destinations you visit, thanks for sharing your adventures with the rest us!
  24. Well the minute I didn't see KidTums in the photos I was hoping that you were heading to Dubai. This is a amazing county that I will visit within my lifetime. But now we will get to see some astounding trip reports from this jewel of the Middle East. I really enjoyed reading Rastuso recent Dubai Trip Report, I imagine your journey will make it onto the next TPR DVD, that I'll certainly add to my growing collection. But will your trip include any stops to nearby countries like Egypt??? AKA Fantazy Land!!! One of the most infamous Trip Reports ever posted on TPR, by Mr. Dubai himself, DubaiDave. Well maybe not, but that was a very popular thread! The adventurous Alveys always keep us intrigued with their excursions around the globe.
  25. I'm glad to hear you had a good time. Like I said, as long as you follow the Alveys rule of arriving early, you would have a great day. The fast-pass system at Disneyland/DCA works great. (And you don't even have to pay extra for it....at least not yet) Because even on crazy busy days, I've always had a great time with my relatives from out-of-town. Post pictures if you have them!
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