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  1. ^This 'quality' of food issue continues at most parks. When I'm at a Theme Park (aka Disney or Six Flags) I have no issue with paying $10+ for a burger and fries (no drink) But, is it really to much to ask for that the food be decent? I mean come on, your making a hugh profit on that meal, at least deliver a product that meets or hopefully exceeds our expectations. If your at a chain restaurant (TGI Etc...)and spend Ten Dollars your going to get a decent product. Why theme parks often come up short is beyond me.
  2. I just stayed at the Wynn during Halloween.(What a Freak-show night that was) But, when we ate at a Wynn restaurant, they specifically mentioned to us that 'Mr Wynn' was now a vegan and that All of the restaurants at his resort offered vegan menu options. I told our waitress that's great news, now bring me a nice tasty burger with some apple smoked bacon...Hmmmm,Thank You it was delicious. But, if vegan is what your after, then I'm sure this incredible resort (which I highly recommend) is your place to stay. I myself will certainly be visiting it again within the next year. I will be looking forward to Joeys report from the Cosmopolitian, because I visited the City Center during my visit and what I saw looked amazing!
  3. ^What state are you located in, because my COX in Orange County CA has SyFy. (Maybe it's part of my premium digital package) Sorry your going to miss out on some 'high quality' programing. Now I just have to convince my girlfriend that we don't need to go out Saturday night, but instead need to watch Triassic Attack! I missed the last TPR SyFy Chat Night, I must try to catch this one.
  4. ^Exactly what type of breed of cat were you interested in?
  5. Well as an year long (No block-out dates) AP holder myself, I can assure you that both parks will be very busy. That's not to say that you and your family can't have a great time, while the parks are packed to capacity. As the Alveys always suggest, your best bet is to arrive at opening. If your there at opening you'll get on many rides with relatively short lines, and more importantly you can start to get your 'Fastpasses' for the day. Though it's a hassel, If your interest is the rides, you should jump back and forth between the parks (that's if you decide to attend both parks, which you should in my opinion) You can get a new fastpass every hour or two, and the best thing is that even though the fastpass says your to use it between lets say (10:00-11:00am) it doesn't matter, because they will accept it at anytime during the day. (That is after the start time of 10:00am etc.) You don't have to feel that you must ride that ride between that time frame. I've gotten a Space Mountain fastpass that said I had to use it between 10:30-11:30am, and instead used it at 9:00pm at night, it's never been an issue. So don't worry about going on BlackFriday you'll have a great time! With the great fastpass system, you'll do just fine.
  6. You've had an a productive first day at IAAPA to say the least! It's great that TPR can be there to show us all of the innovations that are coming in the theme park industry. Not to mention that we will be seeing Robb and Elissa riding these new coaster designs in the near future. The upcoming future of theme park coaster design looks amazing!
  7. I believe that whether you care about what you eat depends upon your current age. If your a teenager or in your early twenties, you pretty much eat whatever the heck you want.(McDonalds etc..) But, once you hit thirty, you realize that those pounds don't come off as easily as you would like so you pay more attention to the 'junk' foods. Being that I'm almost forty (Yikes!!!) You start to think more about cardiac health, and cholesterol, and what the heck is in that food! But in the end, you need to live your life as you see fit. So whether you chose to smoke, drink, or eat Krispy Kreme donuts, it's your personal choice. You live your life as you want to, not as others feel you should.
  8. I was at the Disney Parks on Friday, and viewed the new 'Tron' ending to the World of Color. It's a great visual effect on California Screamin', with the light and (((sound))). A cast member stated that the Tron theme on the Hollywood Pictures Backlot would continue through spring break. (Which I hope is true because they've done a great job with it) Flynn's Arcade was packed!
  9. Wow before I read this trip report I had no real desire to ever visit Wisconsin, Now I can't wait to go! I also assumed being so close to Canada that the weather would be pretty brutal, but watching you guys run around in shorts/t-shirts has convinced me otherwise. Who would have guessed it would be pool weather in late October! Though the excess alcohol could be helping to keep all of you 'extra' warm. (As well as the ensuing drunken man love it created between Piers and Derek) Out of curiosity I typed Wisconsin into the Urban Dictionary and the first thing listed stated, that this state has a higher people-to-bar ratio then any other state in the country. This is obviously a state to have a good time in! Well the Wisconsin tourist bureau clearly owes you a favor, because visits to this northern state are about to increase tenfold!
  10. ^^Nice job showing all of the arcade games they have at Flynns. I sure Robb has played most if not all of them.(Being a teenager in the eighties) In fact I bet he's owned many of them. I recall an old photo from years back showing off his former huge collection of stand up arcade games. Flynns was packed to capacity when I was there last Sunday, everyone was having a great time.
  11. I was at the park tonight (Sunday) and I can confirm the Maliboomer is officially gone. All that is left is some remaining scaffolding and the black tarp that surrounds it. I would guess that in the next few days it will be nothing but a nice cement block. Perhaps the Disney landscaping department will throw some temporary trees up there for the time being. Also, I had the chance to view the new elecTronica, and all I can say is Wow!!! Disney has done a great job on this night time show. If you get the chance it's definitely worth your time to go and see it. (It shows only on Fri/Sat/Sun nights from 6pm to closing) Walking down the main street was like walking through a scene in the Matrix. It's visually stunning, you literally see people bumping into each other because their so caught up in to what their watching. FLYNN'S arcade was like a step into the past. I haven't had the chance to play 'Scramble' in a looooooooong time. Overall a great job by Disney, it will certainly be getting some excellent word of mouth.
  12. Hey PCW_Nut I'm heading to Disneyland this afternoon, and I'll pick up some extra tokens as well. Just send me a PM and I'll mail some off to you. It's nice to see DCA getting better all the time. Go Tron!
  13. It looks like the day is off and running. I can't wait to see what Robb 'Transforms' into this evening when the sun goes down.
  14. Thank You BudtheWeiser! That was great! We now have some TPR theme music.
  15. "Ahh there's an ant in my ear" "Elissa tried to end my life" (On the alpine slide)
  16. These videos and pictures your posting are Epic! Since there is a 'Big Mike' page I think were going to need a 'Paisley Piers' page or something, because he's going to have a lot of fans when this excursion is over.
  17. ^^^^^It looks like Amy got a lot 'More' in her Bag of Crap than others got. Was this an example of what you receive the less common 'Giant' Bag of Crap?
  18. I don't own an ipad, but my father does. He has been very impressed, and has been hinting they Santa may leave one in my stocking this Christmas. As always the Alveys are always up to date with the latest technology. So I'm not surprised that this development has occurred. I currently own an itouch and have been very happy with that. So maybe at the end of December I'll be reading my latest Club TPR newsletter on an ipad.
  19. Cooking with Joe needs to become an ongoing thread, with new fresh updates from time to time. Your past reports were excellent, and this one was interesting as well. Now this report did lack fire, and apparently no one was injured, but maybe you can improve on that in the future. Pretzels are great, whenever I'm near an Auntie Annes I always get one. Now I can't say that I've ever seen a swastika pretzel at Auntie Annes, but that's what politically incorrect TPR trip reports are all about. Now even though your pretzels looked like dried up dog turds, I'm sure they were still tasty. (A little butter and salt can help any pretzel) I'm sure your going to have a great time on the Octoberfest trip! (Hopefully you'll meet a pretzel girl like they did in the Europe trip report)
  20. The New England Patriots Tom Brady recently got into a car accident. Here's the 911 call from the guy who hit him. (As envisioned by the comedic group 'ImprovAsylum'.) Its Hilarious!
  21. A most fascinating, eye opening, thought provoking, yet concerning trip report. Is Tyler yet another example of how the youth of America(and for that matter the world) have been corrupted by the Alveys and TPR? I didn't want to believe the rumors and stories circulating the web about TPR trips engaging in 'deviant' and 'disturbing' behavior, but apparently its true! Perhaps after years of psychotherapy Tyler will be able to rejoin society,(though heavily medicated) and become a productive member of his community.(Retreading tires and what not) We can only hope, so pray for Tyler and his recovery. Good Luck to you sir!
  22. ^No, no, ignore those two guys, and go ahead and post it.
  23. Well if you apply for a life insurance policy and your a 'Great big fat person' (The Silence of the Lambs movie quote) I assume you have to pay more. But, I guess people don't see wear and tear on restaurant/retail furniture the same way. Though the Farley Brothers came out with a movie a few years back called 'Shallow Hal' staring Jack Black and Gwyneth Paltrow. Where Gwyneth plays a 300 pound women, but Jack only 'see's' her as a thin person. Here's a short clip from Shallow Hal where where Gyyneth (who is actually 300+ pounds but appears thin to Jack) damages a chair in a restaurant. (Much like the above article was concerned about) http://www.spike.com/video/shallow-hal-get-some/2410141 By the way aren't we overdue for a cooking with Parktrips???
  24. The lines at SFMM are likely to be longer than Disneyland. But, you can reduce your wait time if your willing to buy a Flash Pass. (ranging from $41-$89) The Alveys swear by this system and feel it's definitely worth the expense. At Disneyland (even during the summer) you can get thru most of the day using their free fast pass system. As long as you use it wisely on attractions like Space Mountain/Splash Mountain. Whereas I've heard varying reports as to the lines for Flash Pass customers. (Though I would certainly buy it for my next SFMM trip)
  25. Having been on this ride more times than I can count, they're referring to the stairs to 'walk up' to reach the upper floor part of the attraction.(nothing to do with the ride itself) I could see if you were a little drunk that you could go over the rail. Drunk people do stupid things, I'm sure he learned a good lesson.
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