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  1. Well the public discussion on the possible 'gate tax' happens tonight. (Tuesday) But from the local articles I've read, the outcome has already been decided. It looks like a 3 to 2 vote in favor of Disney, so no new gate taxes are likely for decades..... or as the Mayor said 'generations' to come. The three council members voting ((for)) Disney, received considerable financial contributions from Disney to their election campaigns......so no real surprise on their voting decision. But that's politics and so it goes.......... Disney ((would have)) invested that money in the parks regardless of any gate tax, its in their interest to do so. But as the Mayor said, not having the ((option)) of a gate tax will likely increase the taxes upon local Anaheim residents rather than tourists. We all hate taxes, but the Disney funded council members are being short sighted in their decision tonight. Personally it doesn't effect me at all, I don't live in Anaheim. But I can see the future financial problems that the city will face do to a decision like this.
  2. Well Disney wants to invest in Anaheim........What does that mean??? When they opened DCA, people thought the $Billion dollar investment was for a new park??? But it also included the cost of the Grand California Hotel...which was considerable to say the least. When my brother and I visited DCA a week before it open to the general public, we did the (entire) park in about 3 hours....because it was underwhelming to say the least. We left saying good luck with that. (and for many years DCA underperformed) Now once again Disney has said we want to invest. OK...but the parking garage you ((need)) to build will take up how much of the budget? (those structures are expensive investments), and anything else (innovations/improvements) will be after that. Disney has the creative minds and financial resources to truly enhance its west coast parks, especially with the major acquisitions to the Disney empire(Star Wars etc..) The imaginers have endless possibilities to work with. The current Mayor Tait, supported the current gate-tax % ban when he was on the city counsel back in 1996. But now that he is Mayor, he says he is 'wiser' and realizes that the city faces an estimated $500 million unfunded pension obligation. (That's huge!) So even with all of the Disney success and growth, the city of Anaheim is facing a major financial shortfall. So they may need to impose some type of gate tax, even if Disney opposes the idea. Because even with all of the success of the parks, Anaheim is behind in its financial obligations. I understand that Disney wants to up the price of admission year after year as they have done, and not have to include a 5% etc tax on top of that as well. But the Anaheim has its needs as well....so we'll see. But as others have stated, Disney already has plans in place for park enhancements regardless of whether or not the city imposes a gate tax. Disney needs to remain competitive especially with Universal adding the Harry Potter juggernaut next year.
  3. This trip report has been a fun ride to follow. I have to wonder whether Robb & Elissa's daughter Kristen realizes that she isn't living a 'normal' life. Most kids at her age are lucky to have visited a few 'states', never mind countries/continents! But when you roll with Robb & Elissa that's how it goes! Good for her. I remember a while back, that Elissa said when she was growing up she had traveled around the globe with her folks. Though I'm guessing her daughter will visit even ((more)) locations around the world than she did at her young age.
  4. Wait Hold Up...... Disney doesn't want to invest much money into their Cash Cow Disneyland?!......What a surprise. Disney hasn't added a brand new E-Ticket attraction to Disneyland for 20+ years. But with Universal Hollywood investing $$$ in a Harry Potter Land, we can only hope that Disneyland will step up. (with a major ride, and not just a movie promotion tie-in.... Frozen Etc.) They have lots of room to build, we can only hope the imagineers will succeed!
  5. Aqua Rocket looks like a fun edition to this classic waterpark. I say classic because the first time a came here I was a young teenager, and now I'm 43! (Holy Crap how does that happen) Though my favorite attraction at this park is now gone, I believe it was called 'raging rivers', it was a tube ride where you entered at the top of a hill and had multiple options/routes to reach the bottom. You could spend lots of time on that ride because you went at your own pace, but I guess it required lots of labor resources to run so it was sadly replaced by a multilane slide ride called Ragin' Racer. But for anyone visiting Southern CA, Raging Waters will not disappoint.
  6. Excellent report! Looking forward to your future updates.
  7. Go Patriots! I hope its a nice close game, blow outs are boring.
  8. Just in time for the Holidays, here's a list of unique Family Oriented gifts from around the globe. Enjoy! www.msn.com/en-us/lifestyle/family/worst-toy-knock-offs-ever/ss-BBgYAxz#image=1
  9. Next time I visit my relatives in Boston, I'll have to make a trip to New York to do his Pizza tour. (I've enjoyed Robb + Elissa pizza adventures with him) Now when I visit my local Trader Joes, I'll have to check out the Gluten-Free pie. Usually I would avoid it (I have no gluten issues) but he made it sound decent, and he is certainly an expert on pizza pies.
  10. Six decades ago Walts vision of Disneyland was under construction, preparing for is July 17, 1955 grand opening. Here's a slideshow of the past six decades of Disneyland. http://photos.msn.com/slideshow/entertainment/6-decades-of-disneyland/23ewny81
  11. Were all cheering for you Shane! Hope the opening day (which can only be chaotic) is going well. I'm sure it took an incredible effort by your staff to open on the 4th of July. Wishing you great success!
  12. Go Shane! Go! After a couple ((+)) years of hard work, your almost there! Let's see what strong diligence and years of dedication brings.......Success in Vegas!
  13. Had the chance to attend the cast member preview of Big Thunder, and thoroughly enjoyed the enhancements. The new track is very smooth, I rode the front and the back. Normally the front was very noisy, but now it was toned down. The additions (new scenery, animals etc...) were very well done. Overall, very much worth the wait, it will be great for years to come! On a side note, later on I was in line for Space Mountain (on the overhead platform above the loading station) when a obviously very pregnant women (around 8 months + or so guessed by the people around us) boarded the ride below us. I realize that Space Mountain doesn't rock you around as much as lets say The Matterhorn, but this girl looked like she was ready to give birth tomorrow. Regardless, the Disney Cast Member in our group said in the past (he's been with the company for 20+ years) they could say excuse me, aren't you expecting??? But not anymore, they simply say nothing and let them ride, and hope there's no issues. What can you do......
  14. Wow!!! How can you be 7 already! I've been posting on TPR since before you were born, and its been great to see you 'grow up' in the TPR community. I still remember the photo of your Mama Elissa in the delivery room with TPR on a side screen. You've traveled to more places then most of us can dream........That's amazing! I look forward to your continued adventures around the globe!
  15. Traveling Carnivals may be a risky venture.........perhaps best avoided all together??? Especially when you see a sign that says we have no Insurance...ride at your own risk! Yikes!!!
  16. Apparently a trip to Vegas can be painful on ones backside........In this case, what happened in Vegas didn't stay in Vegas!
  17. One of my co-workers was at this resort 2 weeks ago, and she said it was beyond amazing! The resort is a bit out of the way, but she rented a car and didn't mind. She also said the restaurants on property were excellent. She said she couldn't wait to return. Overall another Disney success! Also my coworker has no children and just went with a 'friend' (For those who think that Disney anything means you have to kids in tow) Good Times!
  18. Looks like a Kick Ass Water Park to me! I wonder who is 'allowed' to attend? Since North Korea is a Hereditary Dictatorship, do only Kim Jong Un's personal family and friends get to go? What an amazing use of a countries (((limited))) resources this is, while tens of thousands of its citizens starve death.......(Good Job Kim Jong!) The photo itself is interesting, showing a long line of people in Black Suits, working their way thru the park like a snake. (How appropriate) But I guess if you had to live this subhuman existence, then any possible fun escape would be cherished. The Alveys may never get the chance visit this park, unless the two Koreas eventually unite. (Like East and West Germany did) We can only pray and hope that one day unification will be a reality rather then a dream.
  19. You should do one Halloween night. You'll hang out with lots of people all decked out with great outfits. The parade/ fireworks display is awesome! (You only get to see it if you attend the special event) Its a blast, plus you can enter the park early and have a great time.
  20. As a frequent visitor to the parks. (I live in Orange County) I have seen the (((massive))) abuse to the system. Anyone who 'claims' to have some sort of issue is given a pass with out question. When I heard that some people were actually paying a 'guide' to help them, I thought they were complete utter morons, because ((anyone or any reason)) can request a pass.(without paying $$$ to some guide) Regardless, I'm very glad that Disney has addressed this issue and is trying to improve the situation. I only hope that when a person is told that they have to wait an hour to ride Star Tours, that they can't head over to Space Mountain and get pass for Space Mountain until their pass for Star Tours is used. first. Though I doubt that is the case, those with issues will likely just go from one attraction to the next and 'stock up' disabled fast passes for the day. There has to be a better way to manage this situation, If a child or person is obviously in need then I want them to have access. But allowing (((anyone))) to get a pass is just wrong. Disney is smart, and they know about the abuse to the system, I hope they find a way to make it work...........
  21. This amazing video has gone viral, and is very engaging. (Though not preaching.) Set to Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory soundtrack "Pure Imagination". http://blogs.villagevoice.com/forkintheroad/2013/09/chipotles_scarecrow_interview.php
  22. Wow! I just watched the concept video of Resorts World Las Vegas, and if it is ever built Joey will have to give us the official tour. That will be an amazing property, if its ever constructed.
  23. Well my A's are in first place. (Despite their 50mil payroll) Ahh....Angels.(HUGH Payroll!) But the big surprise is the Redsox, who did absolutely (((nothing))) in the off-season, after gutting the team to the Dodgers, they are in 1st place as well! Life is full of surprises!
  24. I have been a annual pass holder for over half a decade plus, but given this years price increases (about 30% for the premium) which I've had for a while.....It seems a bit extreme! Granted at DCA they have added new life to the park, and made many improvements.... But at Disneyland, spare me......They haven't added a new E-ticket attraction since Indiana Jones (AKA 1996!!!) Sorry but rehashing the subs doesn't count as anything new...) Disneyland, the massive cash cow for the Disney corp which needs something new to bring us back into the fold. There are countless 'rumors' about improvements to tomorrowland, but who really know??? I look forward to to the future, where Universal Studios builds a new Harry Potter empire near by......perhaps then Disney will decide up update their semi outdated park. I will renew my pass in the future, but Disney needs update to the 'Disney' standard I would expect. If Disney has countless 'Billions' of dollars to spend on other acquisitions, then they can spare a little to improve Disneyland.
  25. ^Sadly scooterdoug, there will be many lawyers 'drooling' out there for the chance to take on this no lose case. The zoo won't want the negative publicity a 'public' trail will provide, so they will wish to.............settle.(quickly and quietly) The zoo will not admit legal fault, and the parents will receive a LARGE sum of financial compensation. Thats just the way it is, perhaps in judicial systems outside the 'USA', common sense would give the parents zip....but that WON'T happen here. This is a freak situation, and the zoo will just want it to go away.............................
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