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  1. I initially thought it was an efficiency thing. Your's sounds more like the kind of reasoning they would use, especially since I heard from at least two different groups in the queue discussion on the accident...including one I somehow became involved in. I am surprised they didn't make it a corporate policy though if their worried about the implications. I know the place I work would 'read across' a policy like that globally. BTW, why does this forum change typing N - T - G to NTG? Is it another TPR insider thing like lockers?
  2. I'm holding on to my SF membership because, despite being 6 hours from the nearest park, I seem to find myself travelling to places a couple of times a year that have one in the chain close by. FWIW, Cedar Fair trademarked "Pass Perks". The TM doesn't mean much given they will apply whatever categories they think they might need, so don;t read too much into the 'loyalty program' category they have used. Overall they may just need to tweak the T&Cs or it could be a complete change. It is entirely possible that different state laws (and federal given the CW member comment) may require them to handle auto renewals differently based on your 'home park'. http://tmsearch.uspto.gov/bin/showfield?f=doc&state=4806:5xwjnk.2.1
  3. I was in Arlington a couple of weeks ago for work and managed to sneak in a couple of hot, sweaty hours in the park one evening. It was a Tuesday and everything was almost walk on so I got a solid 8 or 10 rides in for the short time in the park. I really enjoyed Mr Freeze Reverse Blast since it was different to most everything I've ridden, apart from Tower of Terror II at Dreamworld but it adds more with less...height. Overall it's a great little park you have there! I rode New Texas Giant in the front with another single rider and he was telling me about how much he loved it but I found it amusing how he warned me that it was super intense and to be wary on my first ride. I think I've ridden 4 or 5 RMCs now and so far they've all been kiddie coasters compared to Steel Vengeance. One gripe....I attempted to ride back row as a single rider on both NTG and MFRB. I was told on both, despite them being walk on, that I was not allowed to ride the back row as a single rider. The op NTG that told me while I was waiting that I had to move to another row could not explain why. I tried to bat my eyelids and make a claim, in my Australian accent, that I was travelling over the US on vacation to a bunch of parks and this was the first time I'd been told I could not ride back row as a single, but to no avail. (The claim isn't far fetched since I have traveled to a bunch over parks on vacation...in the three years I've been in the USA!) I don't understand this policy and I feel like this is the first park I've ever been to with this as a rule. Is this unique to SFOT or corporate SF policy?
  4. Rider gets hit by an Ibis (aka 'bin chicken') on DC Rivals Hypercoaster. Yet another reason Queenslanders hate those bin chickens. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  5. That lead me to this which I couldn't see being shared previously.... [youtu_be]https://youtu.be/twRkHOJAcZU[/youtu_be]
  6. Exactly. I also hear that CP is placing bamboo gardens strategically around Lighthouse Point for both aesthetic and . Not sure how the bamboo structural additions will go with the wild west theme of Steel Vengeance though.
  7. But I do have one...oh wait I didn't chime in and now I am untimely. I do think it's funny when people post videos of a structure deflecting under load and assume it's failing. Those people may not want to get in a , car or tall building. That's not to say that sometimes engineers . From the engineering world I come from, sometimes from computer modelling (CAE) we get 'computer says yes'. Then we test physical parts and 'physical world says close, by try a little harder'. At that stage it's not so much about safety but more about longer term reliability. If they are changing or adding to the structure now it is likely that it is going to save them in the long run.
  8. I was trying to do a series of 'falling asleep on coasters' at Carowinds but I failed on Afterburner and my wife was demanding I get back to the hotel, so I gave up after these two. Falling asleep on Intimidator Falling asleep on Fury 325
  9. When I first went to CP fall 2 years ago I noticed a lot of foreign nationals working at CP (being one myself who moved here earlier that summer). I did not notice that so much last year in my fall visits and I think operations were not as good. I've discussed this with other foreign nationals recently [we have our get togethers ]. We all feel the political environment right now is not as welcoming as it was in the past and with other anecdotal evidence here and elsewhere I would suggest it may be a significant impact on operations. I have also read it is having an impact on other industries requiring seasonal workers.
  10. Being there on my own with FL+ is like a fantasy of mine. No nagging family that need a drink/toilet half way through a queue (we walked past 3 to get to the entrance), no friends that spend 10 minutes at the ride entrance not sure if they can handle the ride (it's a Wave Swinger FFS)
  11. I saw it happen on Blue Streak last year. The op stopped a train the hill about half way and spent at least 2 or 3 minutes making announcements over the PA for them to put it away. There are speakers on the hill so I'm pretty sure they could hear but they were either oblivious to the announcement or just thought it didn't apply to them. Eventually an op went up the hill and took it off them.
  12. Those seem like extremes to me, unless you are talking about hardcore enthusiasts. I consider myself an enthusiast but not the hardcore kind (I don't have time for that). I would like to think I don't fit into either of those stereotypes, nor would many people here.
  13. We were there spring break just gone. We were not fans. The rooms were old, beds uncomfortable, the bathrooms not very clean, air conditioners noisy and the breakfast just like most other similar hotels. I cannot recommend from our recent experience.
  14. Sandusky restaurant: We like Brick Oven Bistro as someone else has mentioned. Also Famous Dave's on the point at the marina is a good option and there is an entrance into/out of the park under Valravn. Side entrance: The resort entrance (G6 on the map) comes in right by Magnum's station. It's good if you are in the north end of Breakers and/or your early entry target is towards the back (ie Steel Vengeance). There is also the beach entrance (H11 on the map) which can be a good option if you are in the south end of the resort and/or your early entrance target is towards the south end of the park (ie. Gatekeeper or Valravn). Map: https://cdn-cloudfront.cfauthx.com/binaries/content/assets/cp-en-us/general-information/explore/2018-park-map.jpg Water rides: Not 100% on water rides but I would assume they are open from this weekend given the weather is definitely warming up. Perhaps someone else knows. I actually haven't ridden any of them in all my visits as it always seems to be too cold and my daughter seems to have a distaste for them....maybe this year though.
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