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  1. There is a reason way the Seals attacked the compound at 1:00am+ in the morning (Or whatever) It's to catch the occupants(Scumbag terrorists) off-guard. Thank God none of the Navy Seals were killed. It was pretty much a 'perfect' operation. They caught the enemy at a time when they were half asleep, and decimated them! Osama is dead! Thats all that matters. One pathic terrorist on the USA 'list', that needed to go. There are many others, but he was a figure head, and I'm glad he's gone. To all of the others who will 'replace him' YOUR NEXT!!! Because Seal Teams don't hesitate! They eliminate! These guys are obsoletely the best at what they do.
  2. This is a great moment for the USA and the world. Osama represented the extremest view, as someone who would never be caught (because he was hanging out in some underground cave) which turned out to be BS because he was actually hanging out in some awesome mansion. Anyhow, some US trained Navy Seals (Who don't hesitate) came calling and took out the murdered of countless US civilians. The future looks bright, (eventhough someone will replace him), at least the victims of 9/11 can feel some comfort in the fact that he is DEAD! These terrorist have taken a hit tonight, and 'watch out' because the United States has many more of these scum bags on their elimination list!!!
  3. This post reminds me of Disney CA Adventure and their attraction 'Grizzey River Rafting Co'. (Their whitewater rafting adventure) At the end of this attraction (After the final drop) just before you reach the exit the attraction, they have this geyser that can completely soak you. They even have a bridge near by that people can watch the (Possible) soaking. But the past few trips I've been to DCA I haven't seen anyone get soaked, so maybe they ended that part of the attraction (Which would be to bad, because its really funny to watch) or maybe they will just do it on the hotter summer days. Well see. When it comes to water rides, you have to expected to get a bit soaked from time to time!
  4. I couldn't really see Iron Man walking around Disneyland, but I could see him over at DCA. Disney spent some huge dollars for Marvel, so we will no doubt see those characters at the parks in the near future.
  5. ^I always liked that quote from Walt Disney. Lets hope that the current group of executives keeps his dream alive.
  6. ^^Personally I wouldn't consider the revamped Star Tours a 'New' E-Ticket attraction. This is a previous existing E-Ticket with a updated version of the video being shown. Just like retracking Space Mountain, or rehashing the Subs really isn't a new E-Ticket attraction. The last major E-Ticket that Disneyland added I believe was Indiana Jones. (Way back in the nineties) But I guess the executives at Disney see no reason to add anything to Disneyland, since it is a hugely profitable cash cow on its own.
  7. I'm glad Disney has had some success at DCA with their night time shows. (World of Color/ElecTRONica) World of Color is a nice addition, but I really enjoyed the ElecTRONica. I'm glad they have decided to extend it through the summer. With the new additions opening in May/June (Mermaid/Goofy Sky School) this park will only continue to improve. When summer 2012 arrives, and Car Land opens, they will hopefully move on from the talk that this park was built on the cheap. (This being the park that should have been constructed a decade ago) If Cars Land is successful, they have further plans to enhance other areas of the park as well. (Though personally I'd rather see Disneyland get a E-Ticket attraction, since they haven't had one since I believe 1996???) Anyhow, things are headed in the right direction. The West-coast parks will only continue to grow in popularity.
  8. I paid $4.39 (for premium) tonight! (Orange County CA) I'm sure that's the most I've EVER paid per gallon. Lucky for me, I live about a 1/4 mile away from my work.
  9. I was wondering if there are currently any discounts available for Southern CA residents? I haven't been to the park in many years, and I may be going this Saturday 4/16. Thanks!
  10. This list popped up recently on my home page, and includes some of the Alveys favorites, plus some others... http://www.oddee.com/item_96797.aspx This site list 10 unique parks, but I'm sure the many enthusiasts of TPR have visited many others that they can list.
  11. I will tell you this, I signed up a year ago as a 'Charter Member' because I really enjoy this site. Personally, I have not yet used my TPR membership for anything. But, the thing I love about this site is all of the great information/trip reports it provides. I very much enjoy the Theme Park industry, and there is no greater resource than TPR. Also, when you go to sites like Screamscape (Which I visit frequently) you are overwhelmed with endless pop-up ad's, which can be really annoying! (I still like the site, but it gets to be a bit much at times). At TPR I have never seen a single pop-up ad ever! The Alveys are giving up a hugh income source because of this, so I'm more than willing to help support their costs of running this amazing and informative site. I hope to eventually do one of their Japan trips, but until then, I'll continue to renew my membership year to year even if I don't use it. This site is well run and excellently moderated, I visit it almost everyday of the week.
  12. I agree, the Tron-ending to World of Color is great! The way they use the CA Screamin' structure is excellent! Anyhow, Tron is now 'past' its prime, and no doubt will be removed in the coming months. But, it was a nice addition while it lasted. The Disney Imaginers are very creative, I'm sure they will come up with something new in the very near future.
  13. Well construction over a Disney California Adventure continues at a rapid pace. Why does Six Flags have 'permit issues', when Disney continues to meet its construction deadlines. Permits aside, hopefully Six Flags can keep its construction moving forward. This year promises to be a great one for them! I wil be visiting this park on Saturday April 16th! I can't wait!!!
  14. Great report! That pizza tour was amazing, I wish we could get pizza like that out here on the west coast. Whenever you see a 'New York style' pizza offered at a restaurant out here, it never looks anything like that. There something about those wood/coal fired ovens that must make all of the difference. Very tasty indeed! If I ever visit New York, I would definitely do a tour like that.
  15. I emailed Dan, I hope he will see the light! Go facebook!
  16. Wow on my MSN homepage this morning they were talking about the McDonalds McLobster sandwich???! I guess this is available from time to time in Northern Maine and Canada. I can't see Lobster at McD's but I guess like the McRib it's available from time to time. But the real question is, will Elissa (McDonalds biggest fan) order one??? www.http://specials.msn.com/A-List/Lifestyle/McLobster-sandwich.aspx?cp-documentid=27872754
  17. I love the Alveys Cruise Ship Bill. Booze / Cupcakes / Booze / Cupcakes / Booze / Cupcakes!!! Thats great stuff! Thanks for sharing your latest adventure with the rest of us!
  18. Well I have never had the chance to travel on a cruise ship before, but as always the Alveys have opened my eyes to new possibilities. This ship is amazing, and I can be assured that your trip is living up to your expectations. These 7 day cruises seem to be the best way to go. You can see all that the ship has to offer, and have an amazing time. I look forward to the TPR 'Cruise' trip at the end of the year.(for invited guests) Whether its Theme parks or Traveling the Oceans, TPR seems to cover it all!
  19. I attend Disneyland/DCA several times a month and I can't recall every seeing Nachos being offered at these parks. Where the heck are our Nachos? Hot cheese be damned! I want some tasty nachos. Anyhow, I'm sure Disney will reach some agreement with these people. Hopefully their youngster wasn't permanently damaged/emotionally scared. Lets bring those HOT tasty nachos to Disneyland DCA please! Otherwise all we have involving tasty nacho cheese is our pretzels. (which are pretty good)
  20. Clearly this amazing country has a lot to offer its visitors. I'm glad the Alveys decided to visit this far off destination. (The Alveys are of course known for that) Only at TPR can you see trip reports from Six Flags one week and Dubai the next! I never know what to expect when I log on to TPR, but I know I will always be entertained. These trip reports from around the globe are always unbelievable. Thanks for keeping us all engaged on your global activities!
  21. Well I visited Disneyland/DCA today and I have to say this is the off season of 'Construction Walls'. Both parks have them all over the place! DCA is expected, but Disneyland has them all over Main Street. But that's fine by me, because this is when they do all of the repairs/upgrades around the parks. To help make up for the 'Construction Walls', we are rewarded with minimal waits for most attractions, Big Thunder was a walk on, Space Mountain was maybe 10 min. CA Screamin' was around 5 minutes or less! So it's all good, even if your photos of the parks may not be perfect. I look forward to the month of May, when Star Tours II/Little Mermaid make their appearances.
  22. Wow whats next, lap bars on the Pirates of the Caribbean? I don't blame Disney for being 'extra safe' in our litigious (((American))) society. As we've seen in countless Robb/Elissa trip reports from around the globe, the international parks are not as paranoid about such things. (Because they are less likely to get sued) How many times have the Alveys stated on one of their international trip reports about how this attraction would 'never be seen in America'. (We are missing out on some great attractions!) So whether it's air gates at all of the ride load zones, or newly added doors on the Disney parking trams, that just the way it has to be. It's disappointing but I'm sure Disney doesn't want to have to explain in court why they didn't have it to begin with. Good Grief!
  23. ^Wow leave it to Robb to brake the bank! Four balls no less! Persistence pays off, I look forward to your future photo trip report when the package arrives from the 'Santa Claw'. This has been one of the most enjoyable threads I've followed on TPR recently! Go Santa Claw! Let's hope they keep it going for many months to come!
  24. ^Great trip report, I just spent the last two days with my cousin at the Disney/DCA resort. (Thursday/Fri) (We had a great time!) There were construction walls all over the place, and not just at DCA but Disneyland as well. Disneyland had constructions walls all the way up main street,(over the rail tracks) as well as all around the Castle! They were everywhere!!! Anyhow, it is the off season, (Though the park was still packed!) Everyone still seemed to work there way around the walls, and have a great time. Hopefully all the improvements will show up in the (((near))) future. So the walls will come down!
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