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  1. Actually the reason for the delay is all about KidTums. Clearly the management keeps up on the daily ramblings in the TPR SFMM thread. So they are aware of the Alveys(As well as the countless KidTums Fans) disappointment in the apparent height requirements. So they decide to delay its build date until KidTums can sprout up a bit more. So hopefully one of two things will happen. Either KidTums will eat 'lots' of calcium rich foods or Six Flags will come to their senses and post height requirements that are KidTums approved!
  2. Besides the obvious that the park just opened or it's a really slow day. It seems that it would be in the parks interest to get you through the line at a good pace, so that you'll have more chances to spend money on food/souvenirs. Often the wait times for single train operations gets excessive. (Read various trip reports from Knotts/Six Flags) Does running multiple trains put so much wear and tear on the rides that the parks would rather just make people wait? I think that happy patrons would tend to spend more, and no one like standing in line.
  3. Wes has extensive knowledge of themepark operations since he worships at the alter of Disney. (Mickey is his Messiah) Also, with Wes's on going search to meet the future 'Mrs Wes', he's no doubt dated his way around the parks. (Just type his name into the Urban Dictionary, and look what pops up! ) Because of that he's gained intimate undercover knowledge/secrets of various attractions.(aka Turtle Talk) I would be willing to bet he knows all about the new talking Mickey as well, but do to non-disclosure agreements the only way you'll probably be able to get at that info will be through several rounds of Tequila shots.
  4. Welcome to the site, I enjoyed reading your 1st post. This is a great example of how to post a non-photo trip report. Even without photos you kept me interested with your AWARDS for each ride. Glad you had a good time at the Alveys Mountain.
  5. ^Talking about your right to decide for yourself what you want to eat.(rather than the government deciding for you) Here's an article talking about how Santa Clara County supervisors just passed an ordinance banning toys in Happy Meals. This is apparently the first ordinance in the nation that prevents restaurants from using toys to 'lure kids' to meals that are high in fat, sugar and calories. I was under the impression that parents made those choices for their kids, but apparently this board of supervisors feels otherwise. www.mercurynews.com/ci_14968786?source=most_viewed
  6. ^^Robb Miceage stated that Captain EO has been consistently turning in viewership figures around 15,000-16000 per day. Whereas HISTA averaged around 1500-2500 visitors a day. Disney has been very pleased with the strong response, which I would imagine has expedited the opening on additional shows at its other parks. Personally I've seen the show on four separate occasions, and each time the theater has been full, and the crowd cheered and clapped when the show was over.
  7. To quote coasterjunkie can we now call Elissa 'E'??? Audio or not, i'll still be looking forward to my first ride on Terminator when I visit this summer.(pre-show and all) Once Six Flags is thru its Bankruptcy, it will be on track to fix the little details throughout the park. (whether its audio issues on Terminator, lack of baby changing station in the mens room, or a little paint chipping here and there)
  8. We have all had to face deadlines in our work, and Disney has been working on this project for quite sometime. Its a hugh part of their upcoming Summer Nightastic promotion at the parks. Even after its finally begun, they'll be fine tuning the show for a quite a while. Afterall they can tinker with it for what 20 or so hours of the day when its not in use. (Though I'll be glad when that stage in finally submerged for most of the day, it's such an eye sore.) I hope it works out for Disney, this is a crucial piece in the DCA facelift puzzle. They need a strong launch into their busy summer season, and a bunch of subpar reviews of the show would be devastating.
  9. ^That's an interesting point about not taking photos. I was at the park this past New Years and at one point the park was so packed that they funneled us through the employee walk-thru at the end of Main Street to where it exits in Tomorrowland. While I was walking by the outside of Space Mountain I snapped a couple of photos and one of the cast members told me 'no photos please'. But being that Disneyland has been around for 55 years, I would guess that a Google search would probably turn up just about any photo imaginable from anywhere in the park.
  10. Great trip report! It's nice to have a little 'Extra' Adventure during your Disneyland trip. I'm glad Disney took such good care of its park patrons. The $40 in food vouchers was a nice bonus, I had to exit Splash Mountain on one of the lift hills once and I received a reticket to ride. (Though I wasn't stuck on the ride as long as you were.) I liked seeing the inner working of the ride, I hope more people will post reports like these when something unexpected happens. Now your kids will have a great story to tell to their friends for years to come.
  11. Here's a funny segment from this weeks LOST Untangled. (Starring Dr. Pierre Chang) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zaDpi-aekLQ
  12. Wait a minute, does mean that there is a credit out there that Robb and Elissa have missed? Blasphemy! That coaster looks like it has a pretty neat layout. If I recall correctly, isn't there a possible Aussy trip in the Alveys future?
  13. I can only imagine the thoughts in your head when your about to exit the plane..........Yikes! The free fall must be an amazing feeling, until you pull the chute. Looks like you had a great time.
  14. So is Elissa the Jealous type????????????????????? Since Robb does have God like status on this site, I'm sure there are some themepark groupies out there with their eye on Elissa's man.(Dreaming about him and what not)
  15. I remember hearing about this a few months ago, because they were testing it on the East Coast (RI or Conn). The testing had gone very well at that time, hence its national release. I have to say that it does look very appealing. Also, be eliminating the bun is a smart move because they probably chop off an extra 150 calories. The original recipe version has 540 calories, 30 grams of fat, and a whopping 53 grams of protein! The grilled version (which doesn't look nearly as tasty) has less fat, 460 calories and 61 grams of protein. The original recipe version has the same calories as a Big Mac, though with a Big Mac your probably going to chow down some fries as well, whereas the KFC sandwich may provide you with enough greasy goodness that you'll pass on the fries. In any case, I hope someone posts a photo trip report from their local KFC. There is something about that tasty KFC original recipe batter that makes this sandwich look tempting.
  16. I really like these retro reports, it's great to see how the parks have evolved over the years. "Too bad matching wallpaper and bed spreads went out of fashion" This photo/caption made me laugh out loud.
  17. I've always liked these drop rides. Here's a quick article from Wikipedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Power_Tower
  18. Talking about park improvements, did SFMM ever get a baby changing stations in the mens bathroom? I remember a while back that Robb commented how after a bathroom had been remodeled that they were still lacking modern day basics like that, and that it was the little things like that which were annoying.(especially for a park that is trying to be more family friendly)
  19. ^Great Photos! The next time I visit Hawaii I would definitely look into one of these LOST tours. I'm enjoying our last season of LOST. I hope that the writers can tie up all of those loose ends, but who knows? These writers have always shown a dark side, so maybe in the end it will be the man-in-black who is victorious.
  20. Well once Mailboomer is dismantled in September, and Mulholland Madness begins its transformation to Goofys Sky School in October, there's going to be a ((((((( large )))))))) corner of the park without any major attractions. But I guess that DCA is still a work in progress, so we'll have to wait and see what the imaginers do next.
  21. It always surprises me that the food served at Theme Parks is often so blahhhhh. At Disneys west coast parks, the pizza at Disneyland and DCA is equally awful. Yet in between those two parks at Downtown Disney is a restaurant called Naples Ristorante, which makes an excellent pie. A large pizza at Naples Ristorante does cost between $37 to $44, but I thought it was excellent. They also sell their pizza by the slice, which still cost less than what they charge inside the parks. When you consider the premium your paying for a typical meal at the parks, you would think they improve the quality of what is offered.
  22. Poor Disney, now they have to idiot-proof the trams as well?! I guess they need to be proactive against those whom are to stupid to stay in their seats. I've seen the tram workers do an excellent job at keeping adults on the outer seats with the young ones in the middle. But, I guess there is always someone who could be goofing off and tumble out onto the pavement, and in our litigious society Disney needs to protect themselves. Good grief!
  23. So will this Theme Park be included in the next China trip? Here's a funny video that talks about this unique 'Theme Park'. www.asylum.com/2010/03/04/kingdom-of-little-people-dwarf-theme-park-china
  24. ^^Oh nursemelis374 do tell us, what happened in Vegas that rated as the most embarrassing moment of your life? (I'll assume that it involved a lack of sleep + alcohol + I'm on vacation so what the hell attitude) As for Caesar's, I stayed there many years back and enjoyed my time. Though the actual casino is a bit of a walking distance from the strip, (without going through the shopping promenade) the hotel itself is near many other fun properties.
  25. I dropped by the Mouse House today to check out Captain EO. I enjoyed the show, the film print looked great. The special effects(Flashing lights, wind gusts, shaking the floor) was well done. The audience responded to the performance with claps and cheers. I'm glad Disney did this, it's still a good story and its enjoyable to watch.
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