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  1. Cool to the twist and dive into an Immeleman inversion. I have done that so many times on RTC. I am still waiting for someone to build the nutso Anton figure 8 loop.
  2. Traver was the 20's and 30's of which this ride is very reminiscent. It is alot more like a Prior and Church Design then a Traver.
  3. Space Mountain has so many trims for blocking purposes, that thing runs an insane amount of rockets at once. The most trimmed ride I have ever been on is Hercules. You actually came to a nearly dead stop on the first drop. It was essentially a holding brake all the way down. And then the pain began.
  4. I hate the ride, but Millennium Force definitly has the best drop of the lift on any coaster I have ridden (200+).
  5. Definitly the most out and backy of all the GCI's out there. Knowing how much air Thunderhead has and not looing like it shoudl, this should be one amazing ride.
  6. Notice how the train makes a shadow, but Lance doesn't. Definitly fake. The Cheesey Midi Music really adds to the 1991 feel of the whole thing.
  7. I always thought it was funny how old somethign is by the builders view of the future. The 60's, 70's and 80's were definitely not the best era for this.
  8. Everyone forgets that Six Flags is actually making money. They are paying the bills on time etc etc. The problem is that they are overextended.
  9. I dont know of a single coaster at CP that has never vallied. It was fun watching them unvalley MF a few years ago.
  10. Perhaps the reason it is so sucessful is that it has a balance of family rides, thrill rides, shows, and kiddie rides. Sounds like a good deal to me.
  11. I see you didn't ride it in it's final year. The park was closed for 2 years before it's reopening in 2002. before that reopening the park contracted with CCI to completly rebuild the ride. It also received some rewally bizzarre bastardized trains. The chassis was from a NAD train and everythign above the frame was the PTC train from Elitch's Wildcat. The park closed again in the fall of 2002 after Pugh Amusements made the operation go fubar and almost made Tim Couch lose his shirt. The park has set there sice 2002 dormant, Tim Couch was actively pursuing a new company to run the park, but I don't even think he is doing that any longer. The park had some very cool classic attractions, it's really ashame they are just sitting there. One can only hope that the rides have been given at the least some maintainance to preserve them.
  12. The ride is incredible, such amazing pacing and out of this world airtime. CCI completly rebuilt the thing prior to the parks reopening in 2002 only to close again. It is DEFINITLY worth saving, if only Tim Couch, the parks owner, would decide to do something with the park. He got burned by a management company once, I don't think he wants to make the same mistake again. The reopening of the park in 2002 was hugely succesful as well, it was absolutly packed. The Pugh's absoultely fleeced the place however.
  13. Scratch the goats and emus, plenty of smaller birds however. Josh, We definitly need another party out here in the middle of nowhere. We were actually talking about maybe having one next weekend.
  14. ^^ One of the many joys of Put in Bay. It's the Key West of the North Coast and it's Mardi Gras everyday. A true true party island.
  15. The PB and J Pizza at East of Chicago is interesting to say the least. Where in NWO are you from Real? I am currently at work in Ridgeville Corners, right between Archbold, Napoleon, and Defiance. Defiance is basically my home.
  16. ^^Ah yes, the joy of Intamin. I have a 34 inch waist and can barely fit on Millennium Force. You don't have to be all that big to not fit on an Intamin.
  17. It's Corey no less It's froms Robb's 03 DVD. Needless to say Jen absolutly hates the avatar.
  18. Well they added 3 coasters in 4 years before that. The swing won't be replacing WWL. It is going in a completely different location.
  19. Hulk has a tank at then end of it? Color me suprised, I have ridden that things tons of time and never noticed. Nice TR.
  20. I have to Veto the Knoebels comment, there are a couple other more suitable vintage Anton creations that I would much rather see Dick get. A 1980's bastardized painful ride is not on my list.
  21. A Frontier Themed water coaster especially, but as much as I hope for something like that, I don't think that is what's going there. Cedar Point has dissapointed me too much lately to put in something original and un biggest tallest fastest crappiest.
  22. The only thing I can really think of is people with the giant double wide strollers at WDW who mow down everything in their path without so much as an "Excuse Me" In my experience, that phenomenon is pretty unique to the Magic Kingdom.
  23. Well we are definitely getting a Screamin' Swing next year, and after riding Dorney's that definitely is not a bad thing. It will be located right between Snake and CCMR's exit. I have always been rather meh about WWL anyway, the best flume in the park was Mill Race and Shoot the Rapids. Mill Race was replaced with somethign infinitly better, Raptor, Shoot the Rapids was replaced with a mediocre Arrow Hydroflume.
  24. there won't be anythign in WWL's location next year. Also expect the Waveswinger to be moving and the frontier carousel building to be razed, oh and I hope you aren't too attached to Cadillac Cars, on and Thunder Canyons queue will be MUCH smaller as well. By 2007 Frontier Town will be quite different. They are slowly rebuilding the more dated areas of the park. It started with Oceana and it now continues with Frontier Town.
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