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  1. ^^Josh, you needlessly shut down the hopes and dreams of thousands of fanboys with that post. Way to go.
  2. I forgot to mention that the Carousel, incidently Cedar Points old Frontier Town carousel was actually using it's band organ. Something Cedar Point has not done in 15 years at least. The same goes for Character signs at every ride and cubbies at every ride to keep articles safe. The only exception was Laser which required Craig to take his backpack. Meh, it looks like Jack Falfas knows how to ruin more then one park. Cedar Point has been the most dissapointing of the 4 CF parks I have been to this summer, including MIA. Sad to watch your home park go to hell.
  3. After this trip it is the nicest Cedar Fair park as far as I am concerned. I mean look at teh pic of us on Hydra, note there is only us on the train, and they were still running two trains. The same was true for Talon and Steel Force. One train would have easily done it, but still would have made for less rides, and they weren't stacking at all. I was quite impressed and I have been there before.
  4. Great times, good finally meeting you after all this time. Tim is the big redheaded goofy looking guy in the photos, Rob is the other. We all had a great time even in the pouring rain. The Bumper Cars are just so incredible, Twister was better then ever and it is always amzing, Phoeniz was running really really badly, way to rough for my liking. If ai m gonna get slammed all over it need to be intentionally, hence I enjoy the huge rib crucshing laterals on Twister. The Looper is way more intense then I imagined, what a great ride and the perfe3ct addition to the park. Fandango is a total POS with the worst restraints ever. Setting tents up at 3:00 AM in the rain sucks, the Fliers are the greatest flatride ever, alcohol is the devil, and smoking pipes is the most relaxing thing ever. As for Sunday, you really need to no your route before you start driving with Josh in the car, he won't navigate for you. I am really excited about getting a Screamin Swing at CP now, so much better then I expected. I was REALLY impressed with Hydra and I have ridden a lot of coasters. I don't get what all the hate is for, I found it far from forceless, the layout was so unique and cool, it had really great airtime and was downright really fun. Steel Force was delivering Airtime that I didn't think was ever possible. The double up at the end was just slamming you with pile driver. I found it better then nitro which I NEVER thought was possible. Really really good. Thunderhawk has some killer ejector, except at the end where trims almost bring it to a halt. Finally Talon was so much better thenI remebered it, Easily my favorite invert, airtime, mega intense G's awesome layout, beautiful landscaping. If WoF's is liek this it will be great.
  5. Wow, talking about resurecting a thread. Suffice to say the rides are both fun and I personally love Dragtser, but I woudl rather ride Magnum, and the reliabilty issues are killer. Not so much reliability as catostrophic failure rate.
  6. A Spartans fan in Ann Arbor, go figure. My Fiance and I were in Jackson Saturday and listening to the game on the radio, I was heartbroken at how badly they played.
  7. Just curious as to when the beast EVER had air on the second hill? And when was the last time you rode Blue Streak? The thing has some massive ejector air the last couple of years really really massive.
  8. ^And Gregg really needs to get out more GASM is a fun ride, one of Allen's better designs. It does not have the power of other Allen's that have some pretty wicked ejector air, but still a really good ride, and the headchopper at the end is awesome. It would rank towards the bottom half of my 20 favorite woodies which is still way above average for as many rides as I have ridden.
  9. 36 is a normal number for a woodie. It's about the upper limit for a woodie train but still normal.
  10. I wouldn't really call El Torro a Twister either, it's really just a double out and back.
  11. Click ahhhh slam bang bang bang chhhh chhhh chhh kerchunk bang grrrrrrrr FYI that was a normal ride on the thing.
  12. Gregg, with the combination or Polymer wheels and Composite track I don't think it's possible to let it go to hell. It may get the Intamin Shuffle be that will be it.
  13. If you look, the underlying structrure of n Intamin Woodie is totally different then that of a normal woodie, I can see some major issue in mounting the track. Not saying it couldn't be done but it may be impractical. Also many of the infamously rough woodies are not rough because of the track, they are rough because the actual structure of the ride is crap. This is especially true in the case of S and D coasters. I doubt this would help a ride like SOB either as it's not the track thats rough but it's the horrible trains on the thing.
  14. Elissa, how in the heck did you ever ride Evolution? That is the most intense spinning ride I have been on and I do spinning rides, knowing your tolerance for them how did that ever work? Excalibur (nee Evolution) now runs flawlessly at SFStL, a fact that I find quite funny. Pendulum looks absolutely great in it's new location at SFGAm, but it looks so much tinier now then it did at GADv.
  15. To this day I am absolutely amazed that Cornball is as amazing as it is, it is an absolutly relentless non stop intense ride. the airtime is almost Avalanche like, not in quantity but definitely intensity wise. the second to last bunny hill is close to Cyclops air.
  16. Looks great, I looking forward to the Voyage and the new woodie at Beach Bend much more as they are much closer to home. But I will gladly make my yearly trip to GADV for this, it really looks awesome. I cannot belive how many quality woodies will be built next year. If Vogage is the Spawn of Hades and Shivering Timbers, that shoudl be incredible, beach Bend's woodie looks awesome and if Thunderhead is any indication the days of twisty fun yet not intense GCI's is long over, and then this looks like the spawn of Balder and Collusus. With so much great wood around I am almost tempted to be gay...almost .
  17. Volcano- Love it Hypercrappic- terrible Bobseld-Love it Flight of Fear-Love it Shockwave-The Japanese got revenge for the A bomb Anaconda-It's a Arrow Mega Looper, whats not to loathe? Ricochet- Really really good mouse, but still a a Mouse Grizzley- Fun ride, love the lateral air in the Tunnel Hurler-not nearly as good as Carowinds or Thunder Run at SFKK Rebel Yell- Thunder Road at Carowinds and Racer at PKI are better Drop Zone- best Intamin Giant Drop out there. All in all it's a nice park, better then PKI not as good an atmosphere at Carowinds and it's still a Paramount park which at it's current point in time is worse then Cedar Fair (mind you my local Six Flas is the best seasonal park in the country.)
  18. It was also supposed top be open in summer 2001...and summer 2003 ....you get the idea? The interior portions were never finished, but the queue and such are all there.
  19. Cedar Fair purchased 2 of them, Valleyfair is getting one of the 2, Dorney and Knott's both have one, WoF and GL's additions have already been announced and MIA isn't the one getting the other. This leaves one location for the ride. Cedar Point, behind Town Hall, In between Snake and CCMR's Exit
  20. The swing is going next year right between Snake and CCMR's exit. I have heard rumors about a second S&S attraction as well that is planned a bit down the road. I have a bit of an idea of what may be taking over the Frontier Carousel, Wave Swinger, WWL, and part of TC's queue area but I am pretty sure that won't be anything from S&S. BTW were you at the Point Friday night? Isch and I thought we saw you but then lost track of you in the crowd.
  21. CF expressed a bit of interest in Visionland as well, the qyuestion is how much interest. I expect this is a Snyder scare tatctic more then anything.
  22. Hmm they are turning utter crap into somthing a little blow sub par. RCT3 Has a LONG LONG LONG LONG LONG way to go IMO. I will stick with RTC2 and keep using RCT3 as a coaster for my can of pop.
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