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  1. If... "HUGE" if because I don't see it happening, they move the rides, I am almost 100 percent Positive CP would not get ANY of the coasters.
  2. Also remeber that the waterpark was not finished until July and July numbers have the July Attendance up 10% from last year. There are bright spots in the parks future, it will just take time.
  3. Crazy straws are fine as they are big and stiff and hard to swallow, regualr straws on the other hand are flexible and bendy and very easy for an animal to get caught in it's throat.
  4. Gemini = One credit, the tracks are exactly next to each other throught out the ride. American Eagle is two as the layouts are different between the sides, same goes for Rotting Lumber. The Paramount Racers are a bit tough as they are essentially Mirrors but they are built on two completely seperate structures.
  5. CP and GL do not compete as much as one thinks, GL is more in competition with Kennywood. CP draws from the west more then anything, there are more Michigan license plates in the park then anything else. GL draws from Cleveland East. This is not a small area we are dealing with and the poulation of the area is massive. CP competes with GL just slightly more then they compete with Michigan's Adventure. We went to the park earlier in the yaer and had a great time, the new waterpark is easiliy one of the best I have seen and will be even better with phase 2. The park did fine beofre Six Flag's took over things, it was a real money maker, then Six Flag's absolutely killed the place with craptacular service and wonderful one train slow as heck ops. Today everything runs at full capacity, crews are great, lines really move and people are slowly rediscovering the park. Give it time, CF has a lot to make up for after the Six Flags years. With the waterpark investment they put in, I don't see them ditching the park anytime soon. It will come back, they just have to make up for the damage Six Flag's did to the PR of the park.
  6. See there is a little bit of Cear Point Fanboy in you afterall Robb! To CP regulars it has always been Troika Troika Troika! I miss it in it's old location next to Chaos and the lagoon, but I can deal with what is there now.
  7. Wow Brian, that chairlift reminds me so much of CP's old Frontier Lift it's not even funny.
  8. And dragtser pulls that many g's for 3.5 seconds. If the launch lasted much longer it would be downright uncomfortable. Dragtser's launch is like getting sat on by an elephant, a ride like Hypersonic that launches so amazingly quick is like getting kicked in the chest by a horse.
  9. Proble is the waterpark only has a capacity of 8000 people, it BADLY needs the addition it will get this winter. It has been so ungodly hot here this summer the attendance was bound to climb. 95 with 90% humidity pretty much every day, 90 degrees is relief this summer.
  10. I finally got on "The Statue" earlier this year. 8 trips to the park over the last 4 years and I finally get to ride the dang thing. I watched in valley between the loop and cobra roll twice. Guess Elissa is SOL on the Vekoma Godliness
  11. Nothing wrong with a little bicuriosity amongst two totally straight guys who are totally confident in their sexuality. I mean I am confident enough to have it as my avatar. Can't wait to see you guys, it's been way too long.
  12. Crowds shouldn't be horrible tomorrow. You shouldn't have a problem with anything. Either get a MF handstamp or hit it at the end of the night.
  13. S:ROS has an incredibly simplistic brake system as well, that didn't stop it from blowing through the brakes and crashing into the train ahead of it, on Millie it would be a slower speed collision, but a collision none the less. That is part of it, the worst part of it as you said is the seatbelts which are riduculous, these are not fat people they are turning away, they are your average big guy. Here is quite a lengthy topic over on PointBuzz that talks about the whole fiasco. http://pointbuzz.com/cpplace.aspx?mode=thread&TopicID=16611
  14. The normal interval used to be about 1:30. Now the interval is about 4 minutes which I guess is more like 500 PPH, but it's still abysmal. They still run 3 trains and I have no idea why. Yay Intamin!
  15. Yes, it's absolutly pitiful, between the horrifically short belts that are shorter then those on the test seat and the new PLC it's absolutly horrible. This info comes straight from Silver Tags who are not very happy with the whole thing. MF came VERY close to pulling a California Screamin a couple times earlier this year and this is the effect it has had after reprogramming.
  16. Dragster has very minimal downtime anymore, I want to emphasize very. Millennium Force has a new PLC system and runs at under 400 PPH, it by far has the lowest capacity in the park. Trust me when I say go to it first.
  17. Dragster has very minimal downtime anymore, I want to emphasize very. Millennium Force has a new PLC system and runs at under 400 PPH, it by far has the lowest capacity in the park. Trust me when I say go to it first.
  18. Barring something unforseen, looks like Corey and I will be meeting you guys on Sunday.
  19. I suggest heading to Millennium Force first as it has the worst capacity in the park. Dragster really pumps the people through so that should not be a problem, the lines for all the other rides move very fast so they should not be a problem either. Also remeber that as long as you are in line before the park closes you will be able to ride. If at all possible visit on a Sunday to see the least crowds.
  20. The midcourse off woudl make a big difference, but the launch being faster is way out there. This is like saying when it's really hot Millenium Force hits 100 MPH. To raise the speed of Hulk's top speed 5 MPH, you would have to add about 10 MPH to the launch, and I really don't see that happening.
  21. Sure if they are derrick cranes like the ones used to build huge Skyscrapers, but there are only about 5 wheeled cranes higher then 400 feet in the US.
  22. Nice, I disagree though about spending a whole day at just the park. I keep myslef plenty occupied with Villian, Batman, and Big Dipper.
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