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  1. The fact that attendance is soft means nothing. The economy sucks, and the trend for attendance in anything be it movies, sporting events, or amusement park has been on a downward trend. Same goes for TV show viewership. There are just so many options anymore that attendance for everything has slid.
  2. Magnum is in it's former state, it's just that technology has surpassed it. If anything the ride is smoother then when it opened and I rode it when it opened.
  3. Wow, worst B&M invert you've been on? I never expected to hear that one... What other B&M Inverts have you been on? Why didn't you like Alpengeist? It's my favorite Invert, and I've been on Raptor at CP. As for my most overrated coaster... I'm going to have to go with Top Thrill Dragster. I have to go with Alpie as well and I have been on every Original Design invert in the country other then Patriot, Top Gun at Great America, and Silver Bullet. Alpie was just big and basically forceless to me. No intensity whatsoever. My favorite invert is Raptor and the Original Batman at SFGAM. As for MF, it's not my cup of tea at all but I have never scene a coaster that garners that kind of reaction from the GP. Evry train is going nuts when it gets to the unload station. The GP loves the thing more then anything else.
  4. 1- Raptor 2- The Original BTR at SFGAM 3- Talon 4-Fire Dragon 5- Carowinds Topgun
  5. Well there is a little thing called Harry Potter land or whatever going up next door.
  6. My Advice is shoot shoot shoot and don't be afraid to try "weird" stuff. I have been taking photos for 20 years, always using a different SLR's, this is my first digital SLR and I have to say the instant feedback has made my shots so much better. Obviously you need to get a good tripod for any low light or lenghthy exposures and just try to develop some good composition. Someone who can't compose or frame a shot will take poor photos no matter how good their camera is.
  7. OK, Here is the high res version in a .zip format. -Brent Kneebush mfnighhst.zip
  8. I rode Maverick tonight with 2 other friends, I was the odd man out so another guy sat with me in the front seat. As we were waiting for the train ahead of us to clear the guy said "It's not dark yet, these bugs are horrible" Needless to say it was 45 degrees out with a stiff wind and not a bug in sight.
  9. Just had to share this shot I took tonight with my Olympus E500, it was a 10 second exposure with an F Stop of 3.5 and an ISO of 100. I wouldn't normally post something like this but I love this shot. If anyone wants a desktop photo of this it is at a resolution of 3264x2448 so just give me a holler and I will size one up for you. It was a bit windy tonight and I have to say I kind of like the eefect it had on the trees in the long exposure. I had to do a bit of Exploring to get this angle BTW. It's from outside of the park obviously. -Brent
  10. I hit up Indiana Beach for the final day of the season yesterday and I have to say that inch for inch Cornball Express has to be the best coaster out there. It definitely does the most with the least. This got me thinking, what other relatively small coasters give amazing rides? -Brent
  11. WOAH! Professor McBeans is now an Intamin?!!!??? This has definite potenial! Can't wait to see what it's going to be!
  12. God I look sexy in my shades, long hair, and shoving a giant sausage into my face. Vivid video here I come;) Great to see these pics, almost forgot how much fun that day was. -Brent "totally straight no matter my sausage eating habits or previous avatars were" Kneebush
  13. If there were no B and M inverts we woudl probably love them, the fact that there are B and M inverts and they are absolutely glorious and make the slamming, loose wheel sets, and shoddiness factor of an SLC seem absolutly horrible. Hence, we hate the pos's.
  14. Now that sounds good. A Rueben... maybe with potato pancakes. And a beer. Yeah.. that would be pretty tasty. A rueben with a bowl of potato soup and a pint of Stella Artois.....and a 270 degree spriral from 420 feet up, that sounds great.
  15. I prefer Ballreich's myself. Gotta love Northwest Ohio.
  16. Actually it's a Terra Terra Terra!!!!! for all of theose who have ever posted at rrc.
  17. You believed world tallest revolving restaurant? I started that rumor, kinda proud of myself
  18. mav·er·ick Audio pronunciation of "maverick" ( P ) Pronunciation Key (mvr-k, mvrk) n. 1. An unbranded range animal, especially a calf that has become separated from its mother, traditionally considered the property of the first person who brands it. 2. One that refuses to abide by the dictates of or resists adherence to a group; a dissenter. Sounds like a perfect name for a ride in Frontier Town to me, this has nothing to do with Top Gun.
  19. Or get a park hopper with dining that includes a snack, a counter meal with desert and a full sit down meal with appetizer desert you name it for about 37 dollars a day. You can combine teh items too for signature dining etc. I have spent 50 bucks on a single meal at the Rose and Crown by myself before. A great deal if you ask me.
  20. Awesome, Fetterman is such a great ghuy. Sounds liek this will be done just about like Twister, enhancing an already legendary ride. The man is an absolute artist of wood. Twister is far and away my favorite coaster out of 200+.
  21. Thats the other photo I saw, couldn't find it though. Told ya it wasn't very big Still looks like fun though, dig the tightness and close proximity of the turns.
  22. Wasn't in a book. Best images I have seen of the ride are these models they are extremely accurate. http://homepage.mac.com/lmcshane/Ed_Fruh/PhotoAlbum11.html
  23. Riverview's, which this ride will be, was pretty small from all indications and pics I have seen. More on the scale of an Allen JR Woodie I guess would be a better comparison. Maybe half again biggere then a mouse. Nowhere near 6 times the size, that would be a pretty massive ride.
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