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  1. Nice job making the totally screwed up transition into the double corkscrews
  2. It was a hell of a lot better than the roller coaster, I'll tell you that. I really enjoyed it, though!
  3. I think it's really interesting how two years ago (when this thread started) people were shocked that prices would even reach $3 per gallon... now we've reached past $4
  4. Google earth is an EXTREMELY helpful tool when recreating coasters. They have very useful measuring tools. The only thing you have to worry about is elevation.
  5. I could use $100... too bad I don't have the resources to design quality 3DS scenery. Oh well - thanks for posting the details!
  6. Let him do what he wants... it's his project. I think it looks awesome. And although I believe you could've chosen a better color scheme, the layout is simple, yet unique. Now, let's all get back on topic and stop turning this thread into another Games, Models, and Other Randomness thread fight.
  7. I remember from brainstorming for a science project the thought of propelling a car on a track using magnets. What you could possibly do is have a series of magnets lined up down the middle of the track in a + - + - + - sort of fashion. The train would have two magnets that would glide next to the track magnets, and with a small push, the + magnets would pull the train forward, the - magnets would propel the train away, and each push/pull would quickly increase the trains velocity. I'm not sure if this would work at all, but it makes sense in principle.
  8. Amen! That tunnel is so crazy (especially when you're riding for the first time)
  9. I'm not sure. We never got around to riding it, since I'm not that big of a coaster whore, but it wouldn't hurt to ask! I've seen adults riding with their kids, so I'd figure that if you can fit, they'll let you ride.
  10. It looks really nice... I can't download it now since my laptop is getting its HD replaced, but I'll have to give it a ride soon!
  11. No, we didn't. Unfortunately, we didn't bring our swimsuits, and our hotel was an hour away. If it's going to be hot, definitely go. Since it was so hot on Thursday, we found that everyone went to the waterpark, and the lines were super short!
  12. Final round of photos. That's it... here's one last picture of Raven to bid you goodbye. Do it! Do it! 70-foot high dive! Possibility of death! Entertainment! We caught the diving show right on time! I love this turn. I had to come back... it was calling my name! Gotta get some more free drinks! You cannot miss this ride... just think lovechild of Bouncy-Bouncy and Tilt-a-Whirl. The good 'ol carousel. What is going on here?!?? "Man, what a swell boy I am!" Oh yeah... there's a statue in the corner... over there. Isn't the wolf's expression extremely disturbing? It's a similie to real life. Abusive husbands lock their wives in closets and such. This poor guy was so desperate to keep his wife. Onto the old train ride. These mother goose sculptures are really creepy! My first time on these - I love 'em! Testing of the roundup ride... since no one wants to ride it.
  13. Mas fotos! A view of just a little bit of the water park. More photos in a few minutes! Note the guy's expression in the front row. I vote for the "Passed Out" option. Soaring into the tunnels Grab those flags! I can't resist. More Voyage pictures. Here's a view of what the Thanksgiving area has to offer. Not much, but everything is nice and brand new. Time for some food at the Plymouth Rock cafe! Definitely go here if you're in the mood for tasty comfort food. Nope. 200? I can't remember. Too ashamed. I think we need to ride this one again. Let's see if I can beat my score of 1200. Voyage, Dark Knight, special effects. And into THE best dark ride ever! Well, maybe not - but it was still really fun! Onto the Turkeywhirl... one of the best flats in the world! This ride has more fishnets than late-night... pay per view... Arby's... commercials. Make that twice. In my pocket. An idea of how intense the ride was. It opened my camera, changed its settings and took a picture. Like Dark Knight, Voyage also has a special effects system which blurs your vision! Generic, yet awesome station! At this point, riders have no idea where they are or that 20% of their brain cells were either lost or damaged. For those lying awake at night needing to see Voyage's train on the lift hill, here you go. You're welcome. Voyage time!!! Here's the river rapids ride. Also very fun! Phew! It's hot. Time for some log riding! Empty station! Loading... please wait. Kiss it. Well, maybe not. It's old and faded. Signage Here we go. The bell rings, and the train disappears into the forest!
  14. I had the chance to go to Evansville, IN this week, so I thought, "Hey, why don't we stop at Holiday World as well?" We did, and we had an awesome time! I have to say that this was definitely the best park I've ever been to in terms of cleanliness, friendliness, and aesthetics. The whole park is set on a kind of a hill side with beautiful mature trees covering the pathways of the entire park. It's split up into four sections - Christmas, Halloween, Fourth of July, and the newest one, Thanksgiving. Each section has rides themed around it which really makes the sections work! Holiday World has three wooden coasters - The Raven, The Legend, and Voyage. All three are some pretty crazy coasters with high-speed turns and hills throughout the wooded parts of the area. Here's what I have to say about each one... The Raven I was definitely excited to ride this one - it looked like a classic. The entire nature of the 13-year-old woodie was extremely mysterious because the majority of the ride was hidden behind the trees. The station was nice... pretty low clearance at first for those past the 6' mark, though! The top of the lift turns right over the park entrance and dips just below the parking lot's altitude. Another hill and a quick jerk to the right lead into some crazy turns over water and back into the station. A quick, yet fun little devil! I have to say that this was a great coaster. It had a ton of surprise elements hidden everywhere, but the lateral forces were too much for my liking. I'm not saying the ride was bad - it was great, but only moderately re-rideable. The Legend This coaster is intimidating when you first look up at it! The massive wooden structure peering down at you increases the ride's appearance, making that first swooping drop look even taller and steeper than it actually is. At the top of the hill, the sound of a wolf howling gives you a bit of a "WTF?" moment, but that's wiped away as the train jumps over the edge and flies to the left into a tunnel. The coaster knots around some of the water park, heads back, and rushes into the double helix while going into some dark, LOUD tunnels! It takes a few more turns back and forth, and leads back into the brakes. Just like the Raven, Legend was extremely fun! It was out of control, but not too much. The coaster was much longer than Raven, but still, the lateral G's were more than I enjoy. Great coaster, though! Voyage Holy crap. I was so excited to go on this ride! The hybrid structure looks amazing, and the majority of the ride isn't even visible until you're about to rip through the track! The station was really nice, and we walked right onto the train. The cars take a steep dip into the lift hill and travel up and up to a flag-ornamented summit (the flags are distracting on a windy day... everyone was trying to grab them - it was fun). Then, the train storms down the first hill and evens out into another hill with some nice intense force. After a few more hills, the train heads into a nice, cool tunnel and rushes back out into the forest. There, the train speeds through intense banked turns (and of course, goes NINETY DEGREES!!!) and heads back into the tunnel. Here comes the best part. The train drops about 10 feet. Okay, it probably won't drop any further. Then it takes a quick turn and drops again. We're definitely heading back out now. Nope, the Voyage has a different plan. The train drops again... I don't even know how much, but for first-timers on the ride, it's an amazing drop! The train jumps back up above terra-firma into some brakes. You'd think they would kill the whole ride, but the train speeds back up into some more hills, more ninety degree turns, and out of control, brain smashing craziness. Voyage was certainly amazing, especially for someone who is only used to traditional woodies. However, the ride is so intense that it's not very re-rideable. I had to wait about 3 hours before I felt like my head was finished pounding from all the violent shaking the coaster gave me. Once again, don't let this deter you from riding - the coaster is AMAZING! It's just not the one you could do a marathon on for a whole day... let alone twice in a row. Honestly, a lot of parks could learn from the way things are run at Holiday World. The staff is extremely friendly, the food is amazing, and there are free drinks all day (which comes in handy when dehydration is so easy when it's 95 degrees out all day). I had an enjoyable time going to the park and wouldn't mind going back at all. Onto my photos! Please comment - I LOVE feedback! P.S. I'll probably upload a zipped file of some hi-res photos of my favorite snapshots. I just have to do some work on them, and then they'll be ready. Wait, first we have to get some free drinks and go on this antique contraption! That was fun... onto level 2! A little glimpse of what is to come from the station! Waiting to load. Crime rate is up in these here parts! Here's the Edgar Allen Poe-style creepy station with the 6' 5" ceiling. Legend, are you hiding in the bushes again? Here it is! (Sorry about blurry photos) Heading into Halloweenland for some coaster riding! Nice fountain in the middle of Christmasland. Heading into the park - the ticket sellers are very nice. The Raven greets you with a little bit of bragging. Wait... no. Indiana is 7 more hours away. Settle down.
  15. ^You're right... it didn't bug me, and I probably was waiting in there for 30 minutes. Too bad the ride is way too fast to notice anything. The theming is so inconsistent that riders' minds can't figure out what they're seeing. There are so many areas of the ride where nothing happens for a few seconds. It's really odd. Also, because the ride goes by so quickly, I can't even pull out any kind of story from the theming. As far as I could tell, I was just driving around a dark box with things popping out at me.
  16. ^ It just goes to show you how hard it was to notice things in the ride. It was also pretty busy here today. The weather was AMAZING and a lot of school groups were there. We waited almost exactly 1 hour for the ride.
  17. I had an awesome time at the park today... sorry that I don't have many pictures. I was pretty tired today. But first, I'd like to say a few things about The Dark Knight. I was pretty excited about the ride... Six Flags looked like it had an awesome project in the making. Waiting in line was awesome - the tension built up with the whole pre-show and everything... I was getting really excited for the whole thing! Then we sat down in the little subway cars (which have some nice legroom!) and the ride began. The car slowly chugged up the lift hill with some ominous-looking light bulbs flickering on and off. Then, the car accelerated up the lift and made a super sharp turn at the top after riders see a sign saying something along the lines of, "Subway not finished" or something... the rest was pretty much a blur. Because the car traveled so fast, everything in the ride was just plain information overload. By the time you recognized what you were seeing, it was gone. The ride also had some random sections of pitch black where nothing happened... which really took away from the whole experience. Because everything went by so quickly, I didn't feel affected by the ride at all. All of the theming went by so quickly that I wasn't able to be emotionally affected by what I was seeing. I didn't feel terror when the Joker's laugh was right next to me while I was speeding down the hallway with "HAHA" written all over the walls... I didn't feel affected when I saw his minions standing on a billboard with huge guns. The ride seemed unorganized and choppy, and I was extremely disappointed. And where was Batman? I would only reccomend to ride this if you haven't ridden it before and you want to know what it's like, or if the wait is under 10 minutes. Nice try, Six Flags, but it could've been much better. MAYBE put more trims on the beginning and the whole thing will be more enjoyable. Now to the photos... Thanks to these guys, Raging Bull looks 1 year old again! Empty brake run? Good job, ride ops! The Bull was totally awesome today. Into the Wild Southwest. Sorry! Not today! Let's ride American Eagle! Wait... no. I'd rather wait in a line for Raging Bull. How about some of the GOOD Batman? More V2 Crazy crooked shot! Off to V2 for some REAL fun We're outta here! That was disappointing! And this thing! I'm the Joker's minion! Bleh! Even more lines. Wait.. what? There's more lines? Oh my god. And then the crazy video kicks in. It was pretty awesome - creepy and unsetteling, but not too crazy. It'll make little kids not want to ride, though. The press-conference before (note - this is the best part of the whole ride) The Joker torments you by making everything quite blurry, too! We're almost to the pre-show! Nice giant billboard. Just a word of warning... the line may not seem long, but once you get inside the old theater, you're going to be eating your words. Here's the subway key! Theming... The entrance gate... And now to the Dark Knight! Here's where Splashwater used to be. Please don't tell me that SF is just going to leave that empty next year with no Dive Coaster. Demon is just okay... they were running the yellow train today aswell. I haven't seen the yellow train running in a while. Deja is nowhere to be seen. I hope it's getting much more love at its new home! Over to Viper, and then Raging Bull - nice new paint job! Whizzer! I love this ride... Walking into the park to get our season pass stuff...
  18. Now that this coaster's done, how's the new dive coaster coming along for 2009, SFGAm? I'll try to head down next Friday for some nice pictures.
  19. Yes it is - the little "Flash Pass" logo is underneath the ride description on this year's map. They really tied things up in the past month! When I was there for opening day, they had half the ride still unassembled in the parking lot. I'm always amazed at how quickly roller coasters go up.
  20. You will NOT need to buy a flash pass - since the weather won't be all that great, it should be very empty. However, if it does, go to Whizzer, and you'll see a building across the path that has "Flash Pass" signs all over it. You won't miss it. As for the weather, just ride rides when you can - SF closes the rides if the tracks are "too wet" for it to function. It took a downpour to shut Viper down, and lucky me - I got stuck on the brake run for 6 minutes two years ago. Check weather.com on Friday and go to the Hour-By-Hour forecast for Gurnee, IL. It'll show you when it will rain and when it won't be raining. From all of my visits to SFGAm, the site has been very accurate! Don't worry - a day at Six Flags in the rain is still a fun one. The park has plenty of indoor things to do, so don't freak out if it does rain.
  21. ^ I know what you're saying about demon, but what I meant to convey was that I wouldn't really care if they tore it down tomorrow and replaced it with something better.
  22. Do you have blonde hair and were wearing a TPR hoodie yesterday? I think I might have seen you while waiting in line for Revolution.
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