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  1. ^ Weird. I must have not been paying attention! I only noticed Raging Bull and Batman.
  2. Well, I decided not to take the camera this time (sorry!) I didn't have enough pockets to carry everything to avoid the new locker policy - more on that later. Dark Knight Construction While walking to the park, I saw tons and TONS of dark gray pieces of the Dark Knight coaster right next to Superman! Also, there's a big old eyesore of a giant grey metal box right in front of Superman (the building the ride will be in). The entire entrance to the ride is finished, and it looks VERY impressive! The big Gotham City Railway metro entrance is standing where the old theater used to be. Also, people who just rode Superman can sneak a peek at construction of the ride when walking down the exit path. I could see the lift and station track finished as well as bits and pieces of the rest of the ride already put together. American Eagle Retracking I have to say that I was impressed with the ride. It was running exceptionally well yesterday (though bumpy as hell!). The blue track is now being retracked on the portion from the station to the bottom of the lift, and the red one has already had the retracking done. Raging Bull's Paint Job Holy crap! Although it wasn't open yesterday due to high speed winds, the ride looked as good, if not, better than it did in '99 when it first opened. The paint was so shiny that when the sun reflected off of it, you couldn't even look at the ride! The painting still isn't completely finished (just small portions of the track need to be painted), but they'll be able to get that done on the weekdays. Deja Vu Demolition All that remains is a pile of blue supports and the bottom 20 feet of the back spikes. Across from the site, Splashwater Falls is gone - is the 2009 B&M Dive machine rumor true? I hope so! Food I decided to eat at Johnny Rocket's. Bad idea - I spent $15 for a burger, half-frozen fries and onion rings, and a small coke. Don't plan on eating in the park this season. Bring some hot dogs and a small charcoal grille - tailgating would be much more fun than eating here. Everything Else! • Whizzer was fun as always! Although the entrances into and out of the banked turns are pretty rough, the ride is a classic. • V2 and Viper were great - just how I remember them from last season. • Batman and Raging Bull have the new locker policies - $1 for a locker which is reserved for riders of the certain ride only. I didn't try out the system because I didn't have any loose items. • Demon can be demolished any time you want, Six Flags - no one rides it anymore, and it's painful. (Seriously! Every time I went, it was a walk on, and the corkscrews are torture!) • Superman didn't open until about 2:00 in the afternoon... I got one ride on it and it was fine. Then it E-Stopped later in the day. That's about it... I wish Raging Bull was open, and I do miss Deja Vu a bit. I guess I'll just have to wait until next time (Don't worry, I'll bring my camera next time as well!).
  3. Vista is amazing if you can shut off the things you don't need. My laptop (which was UPgraded to vista from XP) has been running amazingly. It just depends on the extra dough you spent if you customized for better graphics, memory, and processor speed. Anyways, back to the point. What kind of laptop do you have, and did you customize it?
  4. On the side note, Raging Bull was sitting pretty with a shiny new coat of paint on Friday, and American Eagle was testing! (Not that just burning it down would be any more trouble)
  5. Point of No return at Noah's Ark in the Dells... your body just resists going almost straight down a 100 foot drop with no restraints. I went on it twice, though
  6. Seeing how crowded the park is today has really made me glad that I didn't go this weekend.
  7. Good thing I bought a post card with the old park map on it on my last visit!
  8. I don't see why everyone's freaking out about height requirements. I'm pretty sure almost everyone on this site is probably over 48" tall. The rides are ready to go, so who cares about some typos?
  9. ^ I agree, but it will surely seem out of place in a more strictly "amusement" park (Six Flags) than it would in a "theme" park (Disney).
  10. Hey! Either Avatar or Spongebob will be my 25th coaster! I'm way too excited for this. They're also painting the floor around avatar.
  11. ^Jerk! I really wish they had left Ripsaw alone (aside from maybe a new coat of paint on the track) The blue station just looks way to carnival-ish. Oh well, I guess change is good.
  12. If you're talking about how fast-paced the ride will be, then no. But it probably is an accurate CGI, so this is how it should ideally turn out.
  13. Here's an article that came in today's paper. Also, Six Flags released a CGI of the ride! See the video by clicking here! The video is a little crazy, but the ride should be cool. Seems like Six Flags is going to pull off a pre-ride show - we'll have to see how well it turns out!
  14. I hope an angry mob of people maul Alex and Natt. This is why I'm probably going to go there a week after opening... with all of these TV stars coming, it will be a crazy house.
  15. Well, I'm definitely gald about hearing good things about this roller coaster - It would be such a disappointment if it sucked.
  16. I see it... they're in the red bus with the glove world ballon that's going straight down into rock bottom - cool! That's not a volcano - it's the vertical street!
  17. I'm pretty sure those are just where the metal brackets were bolted to the volcano. They'll probably cover them up with a sign or something, however.
  18. Wait, so if you have loose items, you HAVE to use them? And they cost $1-2 every time you use them? That's stupid. Unless you plan on re-riding a ride or the wait is almost 4 hours long, that's $1-2 extra dollars per ride!
  19. I have to say that I'm sad to see this ride go. I had been deathly afraid of it until I rode it two visits ago. The ride op gave my cousin and me the very last row at night, and the ride was INSANE! It wasn't rough or anything, it was just awesome. It's too bad that the ride was so unreliable... now was it Vekoma that screwed up or SF?
  20. It's so funny seeing people go to a water park at this time of year... while up here in the midwest, we're freezing our butts off! What's that? 3-6 more inches of snow today? Great...
  21. Ole updated the site a few days ago... here's what he said: from http://www.nolimitscoaster.de/ I think the whole all-in-one idea is great - it should save a LOT of time for us editors who like to see the progress in the simulator as we build the coaster.
  22. How was she ejected from the ride? Don't those boat rides have a collective lap bar? So this would mean that, unless those two people were the only ones in that row, the whole row would've fallen out.
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