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  1. Coolest. Invention. Yet. Too bad SF doesn't have this. I was also thinking, if you could bring your own DS, instead of having to buy a cartridge at the park, why not just use DS download-play? It would be a lot easier to not have to keep track of another game pack, plus it would also allow room for improvement and updates.
  2. I think this is an extremely great idea. This restaurant will allow people to have a nice dinner without constant babies crying or anything that detracts from the experience. Plus, who the heck is going to spend $125 on a meal for a kid who... 1. Won't fully appreciate the food, and probably won't like it 2. Won't remember the dinner after a few days
  3. You know I was thinking they are doing gap thing on purpose. Looks kinda cool to me. It looks like the wall behind the coaster is curved a bit - this is probably to prevent any warping of the panels if they were all one piece. I totally agre with you, haide - it looks pretty cool.
  4. ^Odd... I had gotten a QBot during FF and rode S:UF about 3 times. Although it was the 1st (maybe second) weekend of FF
  5. Does anyone know of an exact opening day? It seems like they're pretty much just going to be making adjustments to brakes, the lift, and adding scenery once the track is laid.
  6. May, sorry. >.< I think it's crummy that it won't be ready for opening day. That would've been totally in their capacity - this was definitely a project slopped down on paper to hold SF over until 2009. Also, when will Deja Vu be torn down? According to my sister who just drove by the other day, it's still standing tall.
  7. I'm pretty sure it's called Rock Bottom Plunge because of the "Glove World" episode. In order to get to Rock Bottom, you take a vertical drop right down into a giant pit (sort of like the first drop!) I have the direct webcam feed on my desktop sidebar, which makes it really fun to watch the progress! Looks like they just have to make the loop and finish off the first drop. It's not camp snoopy anymore, man.
  8. In order to get extremely nice quality video, the game captures the video one frame at a time which allows you to end up with a seamless, smooth, quality video The video is just as slow when I play it! It's the same scenario as with Fraps - you need to compress the video a bit before your media player can handle it. There's nothing wrong with the video - the program's processor for whatever video player you have is not fast enough. BTW, I've had Vista since it came out, and I've had no problems with NoLimits - just make sure you get the latest drivers for your graphics card.
  9. Aquatrax! Has construction even started on this thing yet? It's supposed to be ready for early rides somewhere around March 20th for people who bought season passes before November (I didn't... I always just wait for the passes to be mailed to me)
  10. bdstrom, that would be an "Immelmann." That isn't immelman. Immelman is a half loop and then into half corkscrew. Found mostly on B&M. But whatever that thing is called, heck, it's cool! Overbanked turn sounds like an appropriate name for this element. Half loop into dive loop. I'm really excited for all these expansions. My sister might be going to the University of Minnesota for college, so I'll have plenty of chances to go here!
  11. This happens with my computer sometimes when I run NL after using a lot of other programs (even though it's a gaming computer [Dell XPS M170]). Try restarting your computer, then running NL. This should do the trick.
  12. In order to get extremely nice quality video, the game captures the video one frame at a time which allows you to end up with a seamless, smooth, quality video - this is the weakness that Fraps and other screen recorders have. I recorded a roller coaster at my computer's full resolution, and I ended up with an amazing quality video that played a bit slow (because the video processor is not fast enough in windows media player), but once the video is compressed even the tiniest bit, you'll end up with some amazing video. Too bad the dumb thing has a giant watermark at the top of the screen. I don't think that's right - we've paid for this program.
  13. I'm hearing little pops and crackles in the sound... it's getting a little annoying - I didn't notice it in the recorded video, however. A few more updates found: -New look for the LIMs on wooden coasters -Updated catwalks on B&M inverted coasters (the evac. floor has cross-braces)
  14. After adding supports and scenery, you should consider importing it back into Google SketchUp and send it to Google Earth - you'd probably be the first to add a 3D rollercoaster to the program!
  15. Does the .avi export mean we'll be able to capture video of the ride without using other programs?
  16. This update was surely a great surprise, especially on my birthday! I'm glad MadData added the X-Car coaster as well as the mine train coaster. This just opens so many doors.
  17. I played that Virtual Jump Rope game at the Kalahari once - I thought it was a little weird to play, especially in an arcade full of people. It just looked like a giant mirror, and I felt like an idiot trying to play it. Also, that ride by Golden Horse looks like a carbon copy of Kumali at Flamingoland, no?
  18. I thought the ride was obnoxiously long. What could've been 3 or 4 really fun coasters were just jammed into one and made the ride extremely odd. Trust me, I'm one who loves to see new ideas and things, but this was just too much.
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