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  1. How are you designing the actual track on Inventor? I've tried making some track before, but I've only been able to create simple wild mouse-style track.
  2. Are you DUMB?!?? No matter how much we tell you to make a GOOD coaster, you keep making this stupid crap!
  3. Wow! I love the tropical Aqua/Tan/Purple color scheme you have going around the entire park. It's interesting, plus makes that classic "RCT2" candy/fun look pop out even more. I haven't downloaded the park, but from the pictures, it looks great with some really intricate scenery and some ingenious scenery integration (note the monkey totem pole!). Awesome job to everyone who worked on it!
  4. That's gonna be one BIG building, then! I hope they take some time to theme the outside of the building as well as the inside, so it's not just a big ugly grey box sitting next to superman.
  5. If anyone counts this as a new credit, I'm going to smack them on the head. ADMIN EDIT: Edited to remove the "internet slang."
  6. The Dark Knight coaster for SFGAm next year. WTF?!?? Unless the theming is drop dead amazing, this statement remains true for eternity.
  7. That's the first and only seat I ever got to ride in on Deja Vu - it was a great night in August this year that the wait was only 45 minutes, and in my opinion, the ride was really smooth!
  8. Six Flags Great America (4 Times) Park @ MoA (Once) I bet you're all pretty intimidated by this enormous list.
  9. Awesome awesome awesome! I'm sure this is going to be better than another SheiKra recreation I had downloaded on coastersims a long time ago. What program are you using for the scenery?
  10. Coastb, go to Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs > No Limits V1.6 > Remove
  11. That Radiator Springs ride looks like it will be really awesome! The scenery looks like it will be amazing, plus the track really utilizes the train with tight turns around dangerous cliffs and through dark tunnels.
  12. If you have a crappy coaster that you must post, turn off your computer.
  13. ^^SC's are way cooler than your typical 'carnival-style wild mouse'. They incorporate crazy overbanked turns and twisted drops.
  14. I heard that in its early years, Raging Bull vallied between the first drop and the turnaround - how long does it take to tow a train?
  15. DUDE! That kid in the front row of the coaster on the billboard has the same shirt as me!
  16. You never know, they might just build the whole ride above the Queue line, since it's going to be themed to the streets of Gotham City.
  17. I hope I can make it to Fright Fest this year, because this October on weekends is extremely busy for me.
  18. ^Of course, but I'm sure this new wild mouse will be much less painful than Ragin' Cajun. I've hurt my back a handful of times on a stupid bunny hop at the end. Also, they want it because the GP won't realize it's practically the same ride but indoors, but they can count it as a whole extra coaster.
  19. The model is a Mack Wild Mouse (Compact Park). It will be a clone of Walibi World's Flying Dutchman Gold Mine and Carrowinds' Ricochet. Carrowinds' Ricochet From what I've read, this is where it's going to be built.
  20. Mr. Cedar Point guy takes a trip to Lotte World and takes a ride on Atlantis Adventure. He goes to Intamin and says, "Hey! I really liked that Aquatrax in Lotte World, and we'd like one over at Cedar Point, but we don't want those weird looking trains. Oh yeah, we have to break some kind of record and include gimmick after gimmick." And thus, Maverick was born.
  21. Hopefully I'll make it to SFGAm for Fright Fest (Which I've never been to before), but if not, Probably SFGAm opening day or BGA/Seaworld if we go to Florida next spring.
  22. ^It's $7.5 Million that could've been used to build a way better coaster. From what I've read, this is where it will be built at SFGAm - between Superman and Theatre Royale. Sounds like a way to even out Superman's Lines.
  23. The model they're getting is a Mack Wild Mouse (Compact Park) So this is what they're getting: I love it. SFGAm fans wait 4 years for a good coaster, and all we get is another painful spinning coaster while at the same time other parks get B&M's, Intamins, GCI's, and other good roller coasters. The theming had better make the ride 10,000% better, otherwise I will be extremely disappointed.
  24. I agree. B&M Hyper seats are the most comfortable seats I've ever sat in, plus I get to dangle my legs! (which is a pretty uncommon occassion because of my height)
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