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  1. We could use another one in southern Wisconsin... The Dells are awesome, but only if you're planning to take a 2 hour drive from where I live. If not in southern Wisconsin, maybe in northern Illinois. Six Flags Great America is an easy place to get to - only an hour away. Anyways, a cedar fair park would be AWESOME! Not Disney - I'd rather have roller coasters than mostly dark rides and shows.
  2. Scorpion has had a perfect safety record and its typical for a coaster of its type to do that. You missed out on a good and awesome coaster. I wasn't concerned about the safety - it just sounded painful. I think I made too much of a deal of headaches: For Python, I hit my head on the harness on one of the corkscrews (vekoma coaster LOL) Anyways, the pain was over once I got off the ride. For gwazi, it was pretty rough and the headache was over by the time I got through the exit line. You know how your head hurts after riding a really rough ride? It wasn't exactly a headache.
  3. Six Flags Great America could TOTALLY use a new one. Their latest one was Ragin Cajun in 2004 (it turned out okay, more like a car crash than a roller coaster) Whizzer and Demon are getting VERY old and they should put a B&M or woodie in their place. I've also heard rumors that Iron Wolf has been repainted, but my question is WHY?!?? It's a terribly rough coaster and no one really rides it anymore. to IRON WOLF!!!
  4. Thanks! Yeah - I've noticed some of those turns at the end, but I just decided to go on to making better roller coasters. I'm also almost finished with a vekoma corkscrew coaster called "Poltergeist"
  5. Here it is: A Euro-Fighter. My first smooth coaster with semi-custom supports. It's not the fastest roller coaster, but it has many fun overbanked turns. Enjoy! Golfie p.s. I have finished a clone of Speed at Oakwood Theme Park - I just need to finish putting on the last of the supports. Expect to see it soon! Screen1.bmp Train heading out of the second overbanked turn. Veer.nltrack
  6. Yeah - I'm extremely excited about Raging Bull (since it got #9 on steel coasters golden ticket 2005) I'd never want to ride Kingda Ka or Top Thrill Dragster - those are just way too extreme. Plus I don't think my stomach would take the drop from over 400 ft. Golfie
  7. Same here - I'm not that far in the game yet, but I want to know soon. I've wanted to design roller coasters my whole life. Golfie
  8. Thanks, guys. I plan to tackle all of 'em at SFGA this summer (or hopefully spring) I heard that American Eagle and Iron Wolf got a new coat of paint! lol Anyways, thanks for your support.
  9. I couldn't wait to head over to Busch Gardens for the day - especially to see SHEIKRA! OMG Anyways, I rode my first upside-down roller coaster! (please don't laugh) Python - Extremely rough and it gave me a headache from smacking my head into the restraint. My advice is - don't wait in line for Python unless the wait is under 15 minutes. Besides, it's only about a 30 second ride. You go down, up, through 2 corkscrews, around, and you're done. Some great air time in the first drop, though. So then we headed over to Sheikra and I was like "OMG B&M Vertical DROP COASTER" I waited in line but chickened out - 200 ft. straight is a bit more intimidating in real life than in pictures. So, while waiting for my sister and dad to get off, we sat and laughed at all the people getting soaked in the splash section of the ride. BTW - they changed the little tubes on the back of the trains to these weird box-shaped things. The water splash is more like a hurricane now. We were watching scorpion go, but after hearing the constant "BAM! BAM! BAM!" of the trains going through the whole track, we decided to avoid riding. Once that was over, it was time for GWAZI. I'd never been on a GCA woodie before - and boy am I glad I went on this one. While riding, it looks like the track ahead of you will be VERY painful, but it's actually planned out so the ride is exciting and gets you all confused. You get a headache each time you ride it from the severe bumpiness, but it's well worth it. I even rode it 5 times in a row. We also went to Montu, which was great - the first loop was awesome and the underground parts were pretty cool. It was a bit amusing while waiting in line since the train got stuck for about 10 mins. on the lift hill. Cheetah Chase was a pretty fun coaster. I thought it would stink because of how rough "Ragin Cajun" is at Six Flags Great America, but it was a great and smooth ride - don't miss it if you go! There wasn't enough time to get to Kumba but I hope to come back next time we take a trip to florida. Busch gardens was great - if you go, make sure to stand at the bottom of the first hill of SheiKra and watch a few trains speed past you. It feels like an earthquake - see you next with: SIX FLAGS GREAT AMERICA, CEDAR POINT (maybe), and PARAMOUNT'S KING'S ISLAND (maybe) Golfie
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