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  1. ^ I totally agree. Without theming the this coaster will have, Wild Mouse coasters seem like "fillers" because they're so compact.
  2. I'm excited to ride in a little subway car... those are cute! However, that's one HELL of a queue line... I guess they're ready for large crowds and crappy capacity?
  3. Yeah, I'm not complaining, I'm just discussing. I could care less - the ride would still be awesome if it were in the middle of a cornfield with no paint job!
  4. ^Sorry you never watched Spongebob Andrew "I knew the first three seasons on DVD would come in handy some day!" C.
  5. ^ I agree, but from the background, too, I don't think they're following the whole "Rock Bottom" feel... if you check out a shot of the "Rock Bottom" episode, you can definitely tell the difference between the ride's backdrop and the actual background of Rock Bottom
  6. I know the tunnel testing sucked, but they would only be a problem if two trains were intersecting at that point. Otherwise, the clearence doesn't pose an issue. The brake after the station is the transfer track. If you look at other Euro Fighters, they use small segments of track that pivot on a single support axis. You're right about those supports, though
  7. I don't know many people younger than 14 years old who aren't at least 5 feet tall. Plus, I don't think the GP really cares as much whether or not they get the front row, just as long as they get on the ride.
  8. Q-Bot is amazing. I think SF should have a season-long Q bot that you can just pay for once for the whole season. That way you could skip the entire line to get the Q-bot each day, pick it up by showing them your ID (you've already paid for it on your first visit of the season), and returning it at the end of the day.
  9. ^Remember the episode where Patrick wins a new boatmobile? It has flames and such... I couldn't find the exact episode... but this one reminds me of it.
  10. Whoever told you that is CRAZY! Heartlining is a very simple thing to do. Just make sure when you're banking/shaping the track, you have "Heartline" checked on the "view" drop down panel. Just make the heartline smooth and straight when going into a turn by shaping the track around it. There's another step you can take (but don't worry about it for a while) where you smooth out the heartline even more to make it flow more smoothly into a turn. I'll show you a picture. Left - No Heartlining Middle - Simple Heartlining (making sure the line is straight) Right - Realistic Heartlining (smoothing out the node to make the track flow smoothly into the turn)
  11. UFO's and aliens scare the hell out of me... now I won't be able to sleep. Thanks.
  12. I started this the second I found out tri-rail track was availible for Euro Fighters in 1.7 - check it out! Note: Please comment! I want to see what you think about the ride! Kilauea - Copyright © 2008 Andrew C. Type: Steel - Sit Down Make / Model: Gerstlauer / Euro Fighter Designer: Adrenalyne Design Capacity: 640 Riders Per Hour Length: 1520' Height: 88' Drop: 82' Inversions: 3 Speed: 50 mph Duration: 1:00 Max Vertical Angle: 98° Trains: 3 trains with 2 cars per train. Riders are arranged 4 across in a single row for a total of 8 riders per train. Colors: Track is painted blue with yellow supports, trains painted red, yellow, or blue. I'll be working on a video soon for all of you folks without NoLimits. Keep an eye out! Kilauea.nltrack Here's the track - enjoy it!
  13. Dang... so many people are releasing Eurofighters now... I don't really want to send mine out now
  14. ^ While we're at it, is Superman at SFMM a roller coaster? Stop - it's pointless. It would make sense that the cars will be installed on Spongebob in the middle of next week. They're in the parking lot, and the station will probably be finished sometime next week, too.
  15. Ooh! Those cars are lookin' snazzy. I always like how smoothly blended the paint jobs on rides are.
  16. It's called pushing the seat down a little before they lock the seats so it's not up in your crotch when you ride it. The only thing I don't like about stand ups is the positive g's making your legs and feet feel like they're going to explode
  17. I love how intimate of a place this is now that these new expansions are taking place... The only pathways you can see are the ones in the foreground. How did they do it? The aliens helped them. o.0
  18. I just woke up at 12:00 today. Like kraken said, How long until SB or Avatar start testing would you say?
  19. The crane is in position! You know how big of coaster-stalking dorks we are? We're staying up past midnight to watch them put together a bunch of pieces of metal.
  20. Ah hah... it must have been part of a package deal or something. Looks fun - plus, they'll be able to change the ride program which might attract more customers... or they might have certain programs at certain times. That tower looks fun!
  21. I'm pretty sure it's an S&S tower (like Cedar Point's power tower) I honestly cannot wait for any of these rides to open - this was a triple hit for me. I've been waiting to ride a Gerstlauer Eurofighter, an Intamin Halfpipe, and a woah belly forever! This will probably just make my love of MOA even greater... unless the build team totally screwed up the track and made it extremely rough - that would suck. I'm having a tough time visualizing where the Splat-O-Sphere is going to be built... could someone maybe do a crude sketch on a webcam picture for me.... maybe just where the base for the tower is?
  22. This money will go towards the funds for the SFGAm dive coaster in 2009! Woo! I don't really think the TV or Radio ads are necessary. People pretty much know about Six Flags and don't need to be reminded about it while watching TV. I, for one, probably only have seen one of the many commercials they've ever aired.
  23. ^ The halfpipe is right in the center of the park as well as the splat-o-sphere. This will be a pretty cool centerpiece for the park.
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