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  1. Fantastic, I was just daydreaming about the possibility of a program designing roller coaster elements based on a train's speed and forces.
  2. I'm usually sad looking at coaster deconstruction photos, but this is one I'm happy to see.
  3. FINALLY, all of us near SFGam have been waiting for a decent roller coaster since Superman: Ultimate Flight in 2003. Not only is this a newer ride concept, but the layout is well-done and not ridiculously short (sometimes the case with new ride technologies).
  4. Looks like a "Loose Cobra" But quite a few jokes come to mind with that phrase.
  5. These are really neat. Makes me want to go to the hobby store and get my hands on some plastruct!
  6. Awesome! I just visited the mall as well last week for the first time since the big revamp two years ago. The halfpipe coaster was definitely worth the 6-hour drive alone.
  7. Nice work! I also just started to work with Newton2, but it's frustrating considering I'm using it on an 8-year old PC running Windows XP. The 3D view screen can barely keep up with me! One thing I've noticed is it's easy to make tracks with Newton2 that tend to be too large and drawn out. I guess it's just a matter of getting a feel and understanding of the g-forces involved in a more exciting ride. This program is a lot more enjoyable to use than the painstaking process of hand-building and checking the g-forces/smoothness of each individual element though!
  8. All the inversions had really nice shaping to them - I know how hard that kind of smoothness can be to achieve, especially with something complicated like a cobra roll. Great job on that aspect! The support work was also well done and the color scheme was chosen with a theme in mind. Very nice!
  9. Awesome. I saw that afterwards, but just wanted to be clear on things - thanks!
  10. What if we have one or two friends who aren't TPR members, are they allowed to come?
  11. Oh my god, do I see an Avatar coaster in the future?
  12. Exploded views, please! Very clean work, it's nice to see someone using Inventor in a way that's visually pleasing.
  13. If Atari had followed the SimCity example, we could destroy our parks using Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Ungodly Fires, Atomic Bombs, and my favorite - alien attacks. Unfortunately, that's not the case, so all people can do is close the park. Welcome to the real world, I guess.
  14. You put my name in it... thumbs up! The flowing lines of this layout really make it visually stunning. It's a neat concept
  15. I love seeing people put so much time into the post-production of their work. That's how you can tell a person is really into the project they're working on. I love the color scheme and layout of the entire site.
  16. Sheesh! I've seen the Atari community has made a HUGE leap with their custom stuff since I stopped playing RCT3. Nice job with the theming.
  17. Awesome pictures and video! My sister goes to college nearby, so Holiday World is like my second home park. I can't wait to hopefully visit and ride this at the end of summer - Holiday World is such a nice park.
  18. I love the elgant design of the elevator lift. The only thing I don't like is the drop... when they straighten out like that, you don't get a lot of airtime. But I'm excited. My sister goes to college about an hour away from Holiday World. This should take up some of that barren farmland sitting in front of Voyage.
  19. Unfortunately, I had to replace my laptop's hard drive a few weeks ago. I needed to reinstall Nolimits, but I need the track packager. It looks like the Gravimetric site is gone - does anyone know where I can snag some downloads of the track packager?
  20. I've been waiting for this for too long! I love the work you put into all your 3ds
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