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  1. Aww, I love Busch parks! This one is extremely colorful with a ton of plants. Some of the play areas look really dense with slides and things. Nice TR!
  2. I tried the Q-Bot system at Six Flags Great America last year during Fright Fest, and I was extremely pleased with it! I have to say that it surpasses Disney's fast pass system, mainly because you can reserve your spot from anywhere in the park (instead of having to go to the machine near the ride and figuring out what to do for the next hour [note: I was there MANY years ago, and I don't know if/how the system has changed]). The only improvement on the Q-Bot that could be made would be the ability to reserve two rides at a time instead of one (for the rides with longer waits). Also, SFGAm had a great capacity - instead of the 250-per-day paper flash passes, MANY MANY more Q-bots are availible. I don't think I'll ever spend another busy day there without a Q-bot.
  3. If the park is going to honor Rugrats at all, at least they should get a gold-plated statue for the show. What was it - one of the most successful cartoons ever?
  4. Yeah, but isn't retracking moreso to keep the ride safe and structurally sound rather than to make it more smooth? Smoothness can be a side-effect of retracking, but that's not the main purpose. (I'm just guessing)
  5. American Eagle at SFGAm is getting retracked in some places. Because it has a 99% chance of not making the ride any better, I say let me do the retracking - all I need is a box of matches!
  6. They're definitely using a more coral reef-type color scheme with Spongebob - it should look nice when it's done.
  7. I like how all of this is developing. As we all can see, the park won't be left bare!
  8. The swing ride looks much better with the graphics painted onto it. Don't get me wrong - I TOTALLY prefer the old kites and things, but at least Nick made it look pretty good.
  9. Montu at BGA Sheikra at BGA I wussed out... now I totally regret it!
  10. Just because the coverage of the whole project is not huge doesn't mean he's not working on it. Unless you're living with him or see the model's progress day by day, you don't have any grounds to criticize his work.
  11. I don't know what model it is, but it has been around for a LONG time - before Nick Universe, it was called the "Screaming Yellow Eagle". The park repainted and rethemed it for Nick Universe.
  12. I will definitely be heading to SFGAm a few times this summer (as always) and I will probably be going to MOA's Nickelodeon Universe within the first month it's open!
  13. Have you tried using browser editing to get rid of the object lines/dimension lines?
  14. I really like how all the theming is going. Plus, I'm totally in love with the Blue's Clues ride - I grew up with that show! The construction crew is in full gear right now for everything to be in ship shape for March 15!
  15. If we have to pay to use a locker (which we are REQUIRED to use), that will be the difference between me buying and not buying a season pass this year. Hopefully you won't have to pay and it will speed up the boarding process. Do the lockers lock?
  16. ^ I wasn't at the NCC, but I heard about Raging Bull getting a shiny new coating of paint! Hopefully they'll scrape all the gum off of the supports, too
  17. That was a fog machine (the American DJ Accu Fog 1000 by the looks of it) - the machine shoots fog in a ton of directions. Maybe they were demonstrating what fog machines they'll use on the ride.
  18. ^meh... I don't really mind - I could've cared less if Ghost Blasters was torn down along with Mystery Mine.
  19. ^As with any construction process, they'll probably replace the foliage after everything is finished.
  20. ^ I agree - it's pretty tough to see any of it from the webcam, so this will be a cool surprise as soon as someone heads to the mall!
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