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  1. Awesome work! I can't wait to see the end result when everything is textured - I really like your spiral design on the gyro tower.
  2. The new hyper coaster will probably either be the new 2-across-style B&M trains or the arrow hyper trains.
  3. ^Oh yeah - looks like they've already taken down one side of the curb trough.
  4. I don't like the host of the show. He's really obnoxious and annoying - but, nonetheless, I'll record it.
  5. ^This was probably made as an aesthetic choice which wouldn't cause the public to think it's some kind of dirty algae-filled water. The fountain will convey the same message, though.
  6. Those are for concrete to be poured into to make curbs. I'm pretty sure that's the entrance to the queue.
  7. Any news that the new trains will include more leg room? I remember last time I was there, the ride was uncomfortable and cramped... plus I've gotten taller since then.
  8. ^No worries, I'm on the same boat as you are. Just curious, have you had to do the following projects? - Puzzle Cube - Coffee Mug - Soap Dish - Desk Organizer ???
  9. I'm also in Project Lead the Way (I'm taking "Introduction to Engineering and Design") and you have done some really nice work! (Except you should hide your dimensions. Also, a rendering would be nice! Keep it up! Hopefully when you learn about stresses and structural integrity, you won't find that your train was a complete disaster P.S. Maybe you could make a tutorial on how to make roller coaster track on Inventor? I've been having trouble with it.
  10. ^I think the trains will be made to either look like a kind of shooting effect from a ball of slime or just a trail of slime.
  11. Luxor meets adventure dome. That's what it is. But I LOVE it! I'm a big fan of indoor parks.
  12. ^WOO! Thank god, I'll have at least a few more rides before it's potentially defaced for eternity. About the webcams being down: Don't you get it? They're shutting down the webcams because Intamin doesn't want to reveal their secrects of putting cars on a track. I don't know what that's supposed to mean, but it's the only plausible theory here!
  13. I'm fine with how Nickelodeon is sending the Eurofighter trains back for new paint - they were cool, but I'm sure they'll probably come back with something even cooler. I'm excited to see what that entrance for Spongebob will look like... maybe some kind of reefy/coral covered rock? The splat-o-sphere looks really awesome, plus this is definitely adds to the ride manufacturer's reputation - this thing was put up last week? And they're already giving soft openings one week later. I can't wait to see Avvy testing!
  14. In response to the whole prices issue, I definitely agree that $7.00 for one ride on Timberland Twister is COMPLETELY out of the question. However, out of all the times I have gone to MoA, I've always bought a wristband. The park obviously did this to increase wristband sales which is smart on their part. I'm not sure what I missed, but does anyone know what they're building near the first drop of Spongebob? Is it some kind of tunnel?
  15. ^That's what gave it its charm, though! Oh well... I guess it might be cool in its improved form. But if they just destroy all of the enclosures and paint the thing green, I'm going to be really disappointed. Also, it looks like they moved the train up on Splat-O-Sphere a little bit to hook up some electronics/cables(?)
  16. Woah! That's a really cool bridge-esque support design they have where the coaster jumps over the road!
  17. Woah! Hey... maybe they're covering all four sides of the tower with those panels to hide the inside mechanism of the ride? If that's the case, it might be a few more days before the ride is up. However, if they're only doing it on that one side, will a car still be able to travel on it?
  18. ^ I agree, even though the Camp Snoopy theme was dropped a few years ago. I am partially mad that MOA decided to go with Nickelodeon (because the shows have gone way down hill since when I watched it regularly). Oh well, as long as we get some new cool rides, I guess I'm fine with it.
  19. ^That's really odd. It would seem like building the ride first, then the building would be easier. Maybe they're doing that first to make weather less of a factor.
  20. Well, I think the park still looks great. Last time I was there was in June during which, I know, none of the new renovations have been made, but I think the park has only improved over the past few months. (Except for the tree swing. MOA butchered that thing with the new paint job)
  21. Quit being a bunch of downers. I think partially the reason why you guys aren't happy with the way it looks is because... 1. It's winter. During winter, the lighting from outside (as well as the sky) is GRAY. GRAY skies make everything look uglier. 2. Those webcams suck. Remember that the angle you'll be seeing the park from will be totally different from those webcams. Just don't go judging everything before you have a clear picture.
  22. Cool! Looks like we're going to get some vertical consruction on Splat-o-Sphere tonight.
  23. Make sure the scenery pack is compatible with your version of RCT3 (Soaked or Wild!). I have vista, and I haven't had any problems with RCT3.
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