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  1. I've been waiting and waiting for Funtown Pier to be rebuilt-but the owner won't do it because he can't get the 300-foot clearance?Doesn't he realize it's Funtown and not Great Adv.?I mean that Tower Of Doom was only like 200 feet ...... On the flip side of that-the people who bought beach houses there during the last 40+ years have no business complaining !You buy a house near a boardwalk and are surprised by summertime traffic,noise,and drunk tourists ?!?!? If Funtown is never rebuilt because of whiny "neighbors" I'm just afraid Casino Pier would be next.
  2. My oldest is Leap The Dips at Lakemont;I was there in 2002 when the ride had it's 100th anniversary.
  3. How accurate was the video?By that I mean it's using Schwarzkopf-style track and trains!Is that what Vekoma's gonna do-use Anton's old designs?
  4. They actually said that UT is the #1 export to US PARKS!! But strangely enough I've heard all the UTs in Japan actually are smooth(including the coaster that is like Great Adv.'s Viper).
  5. I think Intamin is capable of retro-fitting their old sky towers to do both:keeping the observation gondola while adding the "tracks" for the freefall gondolas.
  6. I think a "golden era" style park could survive and do well as long as they avoided being "landlocked" and being an "asphalt park":by that I mean it seemed a lot of the old-school parks were only like 40/50 acres at most,and every inch not used by a ride was paved over with unshaded concrete or asphalt.Granted these parks seemed to have every ride known to man,but they eventually ran out of space in part to suburbs going up around them.
  7. Because the Baltmore Inner Harbor rules and Six Flags America sucks. The Inner Harbor was better when Six Flags Power Plant was there !
  8. I used to love NCIS until they killed off Ziva -but that's just my opinion.
  9. Even being a longtime passholder it's been years since I've seen it that full with the exception of Fright Fest.
  10. I'm still pissed at myself for not ever getting on KD's King Kobra;when I went there in 1986 I spent all day riding Grizzly,Rebel Yell and the Haunted River,and I thought I would get to it "next time".
  11. There was a Discovery Channel show about coasters made about 10 years ago,and they mentioned a ride that had been designed called the Golden Gate Thunderbolt:it was a coaster that used the bridge as the support structure and theoretically went like 200 MPH.Any chance of CGA or KBF building it?
  12. There's also been a marriage and at least one proposal on Tremors, plus a proposal on Panic Plunge. Guy got her on the ride and at the last minute after her restraint was locked, he got off. She rode and when it came back down he was on one knee and asked her. When SFA got Wild One back in 1986 there was a wedding on it,and if I remember correctly the bride had actually been a ride op for the coaster a few years earlier when it was at Paragon Park.
  13. I'm glad the park is getting another chance.Is the "Horror Hostel" or whatever it's called still operating?
  14. My one and only experience riding a coaster in the rain was about 15 years ago on S:ROS at SFA.It had been cloudy all morning that day,but no real rain-until I got the front seat of S:ROS.There was some misty drizzle going up the lift hill,but by the time the train got to the first helix I and everyone started feeling the raindrops-and how!Me and the people behind me had thought it was hail at first!Fortunately we were able to get off before the thunder nd lightning came along.
  15. So basically the coaster would start off as the Crystal Beach Cyclone,turn into the original KI Bat,and end up as Drachen Fyre ?
  16. Offhand I would say El Toro overall,with an honorable mention to SFA's S:ROS-especially that ride's third hill .
  17. I for one do believe SFA would be better off building a train station near S:ROS and then adding flat rides in the open space near Batwing.
  18. Back in 1983 they DID try to turn it into a new section,but it only lasted for that season.The only ride I remember being out there was Pirate's Flight.I always thought they SHOULD re-try that idea-maybe there's zoning restrictions I don't know about.
  19. You're a real trooper. How did your head feel after marathoning Viper? Believe it or not it wasn't too bad-Viper was still sort-of new then and IMO the headbanging qualities on that ride were just appearing.
  20. no no . dorney park 2017 SFA can let it "Rust In Pieces" next to UltraTwister.
  21. Are they going to have a stunt show for HITP?And are they going to theme the train ride to Christmas?
  22. Believe it or not I've heard similar stories about Conneaut Lake Park!
  23. I think the "bending technology" might be along the lines of what B&M does and have all the trackwork done by machine. P.S.-What if they called it Snookie:The Ride ?
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