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  1. Although I wish Blue Streak could've been saved, this turn of events doesn't surprise me.On my one and only trip there 10+ years ago, almost all the buildings looked abandoned-or that they should have been. Any word on the carousel and Devil's Den?
  2. The only place I could think of Disney building another American park is New Orleans.The main reasons for this is if they could get the SFNO property for free/cheap and they have plans for another DisneySea-type park,and they could use New Orleans as a regular destination for their cruise line.
  3. What if the Miami Zoo started adding rides-you know,like SeaWorld and BGT? And Nashville/Memphis HAD Libertyland and Opryland IIRC.
  4. It wouldn't surprise me if that "What's In The Box" attraction was a rip-off of the old "Giant Man Eating Chicken" gimmick circuses used to have .
  5. I agree-usually I shy away from upcharge attractions,but the "control lab" looks like fun !!!
  6. Is SFA running Capital Railways during Fright Fest this year?Usually that's one of the better "haunts".....and I hope they keep Batwing .
  7. I agree-usually I'm a "front seat guy",but I found Blue Streak's last car to be better than the first. And as far as the ferris wheel goes,no matter where they put it,I just hope it has a working light package!
  8. I think Lakemont is finally taking steps in the right direction-the "pay as you go" would work here because Skyliner,LTD,and the miniature train are the best rides.And with all that "new" green space available,how about some trees and an antique carousel with band organ?
  9. In no articular order:carousels with real band organ;ferris wheels with working light package;swinging pirate ships;and falling stars(AKA DaVinci's Cradle).
  10. One rumor I heard when DCA was being built was that it was getting a rebuilt Cyclone Racer.
  11. I love that picture of the sky ride gondolas decorated as jack-o-lanterns;I wish more parks did that (that means you Great Adv. !).
  12. 1980-KD Haunted River 1980/81-WDW Big Thunder Mountain 1982-KD Grizzly 1986-KD Shockwave 1999-Great Adv. Medusa & Houdini 2006-Great Adv. El Toro 2008-Great Adv. The Dark Knight 2008-KD Dominator Honorable Mentions-although both places didn't have much in the way of rides,I got to go to EPCOT and the SF Power Plant during their inaugural seasons. And From my home park of SFA: 1982/83-Rainbow Falls(Zoomazon),the wave pool and various flat rides(IIRC the only original ones left are the High Seas pirate ship and Pirate's Flight) from when the Wildlife Preserve changed into Wild World. 1986-Wild One 1999-Joker's Jinx & Two-Face 2000-S:ROS
  13. Whatever happened to Great American Scream Machine's trains? IIRC at least one train was sent to SFOG for Ninja/Bluehawk,the other(s) I'm not sure.
  14. I'm surprised the Geauga Lake fanboys haven't tried to get SF to buy it back .
  15. Usually Sundays tend to be the slowest non-holiday weekend day.Most times I've done so there's been relatively short lines or even walk-ons.
  16. If SF buys Marineland the first ride they build should be a next-generation suspended coaster with floorless trains that is situated on the same hill as Dragon Mountain and called something like "Pegasus".
  17. Technically Shades Of Green WAS a Disney built & operated hotel that was called something like the "Disney Golf Inn" IIRC but was given over to a civilian-run group that operates hotels for the American military(they also run the Hale Koa in Honolulu). On a side note,I've never stayed a Disney hotel YET(fingers crossed big time) but The Contemporary is on my "bucket list".
  18. IIRC Michael Jackson used to rent out both DL & Magic Kingdom on such a regular basis they gave literally him his own room at the DL Hotel & Contemporary Resort.
  19. There are only 2 ways I can think of: 1-win the lottery and buy your own rides or..... 2-join TPR or some other coaster/park fan group.Over the years I've gotten notices/offers etc. to be part of the filming of various commercials and tv shows(like that "Coaster Wars" or whatever it was on Travel Channel) from TPR and some other groups.
  20. I love that "display case" of damaged phones !!I think every major park-especially the SF ones-should have one and make people look at it before people enter the park.
  21. On the recently locked post,SFA's JJ & S:ROS were mentioned,and I agree-it's been like 10+ years since I've seen the "overflow switchback" areas even close to being used. And I'll give an honorable mention to Great Adv.'s B:TR.It's still a popular ride but it seems like the "city park" switchback is rarely used nowadays.
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