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  1. My favorites are at WDW Magic Kingdom and BGW.I'll also give honorable mentions to Waldameer(the train goes in/around RF 2's structure) and SFA(mostly for if/when they use it for Fright Fest).
  2. Lived In:Maryland,Florida,Oklahoma,Hawaii Passed/Traveled Thru:Virginia,N & S Carolina,Georgia,Texas,New Mexico,Arizona,California,Delaware Rode Coasters In:Maryland,Virginia,New Jersey,New York,Pennsylvania,Florida.
  3. What If Arrow had used computer-assisted designs and larger loops BEFORE Tennessee Tornado?
  4. Daemonen. Tastes Great or Less Filling?
  5. That's exactly what I thought when I first heard the story.Either that or they will ship it off to La Ronde or SFA.
  6. The Justice League were kidnapped, and the ride was delayed while the construction workers rescued them. Maybe the Justice League put their equipment in a locker and they lost the key.
  7. Another Marylander here.Anybody ever been to SF Power Plant or The Enchanted Forest?
  8. 1-Six Flags America-3 miles 2-Adventure Park USA-about 60 miles 3-Kings Dominion-about 100 miles.
  9. I'm amazed by that line for Blue Streak;hopefully more people start showing up on the full-price days.
  10. That Thunderhawk film is amazing!Now if they would only let people stand up and turn around on it !!!
  11. Is this dueling piano act a "test run" for other SF parks?I'm asking because I think it could/should work at other parks-namely SFA(at the Saloon restaurant in Coyote Creek) and Great Adv.(at Best Of The West).
  12. That Parkside Pavilion looks fantastic-are any other Cedar Fair parks(Kings Dominion )going to get one?
  13. I agree!! There was this one time at band camp where we.... Yeah, I'll stop there. I can't remember the name of the park,but I remember seeing a trip report where there was a German wooden coaster that had a cut-out of a naked woman sitting above the entrance to the tunnel.
  14. I wish I could make it up there-that $10 wristband is a good deal for all-day rides on Blue Streak(especially with recent track work).Any idea if the park will go to being open daily during the summer?
  15. I'm not sure how secret these are,but I'll give a "shout out" to The Monkey Jungle,Parrot Jungle,and Miami Metrozoo.I haven't been to Florida in years,but these were fun attractions;of course this was back before Animal Kingdom was built.
  16. You use the "street view" feature of Google Maps to "walk around" parks that you know are gone(like Geauga Lake) or already have a season pass to(Great Adv.).
  17. Batwing has a 30 minute wait when there's five people in line. Even ride OPs are worn out from the uninspiring walk back there. Build a path from Coyote Creek. Going through Whisltestop with the WWloT construction detour is more exercise than I care to do. It should be quicker but it isn't. Can I get a sky ride? Can I a get a SKY RIDE! From between the fountain and the water slides to the back between WWloT and Superman. Make em clear and call them WW invisible jets. Talk about cheap low thrill upgrade. You could tell the kids about the struggle. How about SFA does like WDW and builds a full-circuit multi-stop sky ride?Have one station in the waterpark,another near Batwing and a third near Wild One.
  18. In Japan there was a TOGO stand-up that ran one sitting train and one stand-up one.What if that were done to B&M stand-ups?One ain could be standing,another would be sitting and BACKWARDS !
  19. I guess turning Hurricane Harbor into some sort of Great Wolf-type place is out of the question.
  20. SFA had one too back when it was "Wild World":It was called Cinema 180 and from my recollection it was where the entrance to Coyote Creek is now.
  21. While it does seem odd that Lakemont would close for the summer(especially since it's Leap The Dips' 115 anniversary),people are only missing out on Skyliner,LTD,and the miniature railway. PS-It would be hilarious if Lakemont got Knott's Boomerang!!
  22. How about WDW and SFA?Then we would finally have Disney's America !! And how about Knoebel's or Kennywood combined with Conneaut Lake?
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